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PGT and Nepal Trip

Posted by Aditya Agarwal on 2011-12-22 at 12:00 AM

PGT started with a 5k rebuy satellite to the 50k highroller event, we ended up giving away 7 seats from a field of 20 players. I kept rebuy cheap and even managed to win a seat. Tournament itself didn’t go well and I was the 2nd player to bust in a field of 30 players. I opened KK utg to 525 at 100-200 and got 3 bet to 2k on button, I made it 5600 and got called. Flop was QJ4ss I checked and opponent bet 2k which I check raised to 5800 and called off a shove and was obv showed QQ for top set. The event had lot of good players and was looking real forward to doing well in this, we even gave away a 90k watch to the winner. Samay and Johaness (pretty sure he is dutch and had come down for pgt) ended up getting heads up and played for the longest time, no one was making it easy for the other. Johaness is an online player and had won his seat to PGT main on PokerStars and he gave good resistance to Samay, who is an excellent young player and has recently done real well in the bigger cash game and was the eventual and well deserving winner and has a brand new watch to show off his win.
2nd event was the 5k rebuy event which was fun and I ended up being in for a lot and somehow managed to final table and get 4th to even make a small profit. Rahul Raju got 3rd, Johaness managed another runner up performance to KC who after chopping heads up with Johaness took the PGT trophy home.
Main event was fun with a lot of dead money, we ended up getting 77 players and were down to 3 tables by first break. I busted soon after when I lost a flip with 77 to Hussain’s AJ. Amant ended up taking down this event, his 2nd win since he got here to go along with his ipc win for 3.75 lacs in 15k event.
The last event was a 10k turbo with 1 re-rentry, this event was by far the most fun I have had playing poker. I was allin almost every other hand and ran super hot to build a huge stack which I was able to take to the final table. Final table took a little bit of time, I hadn’t won any hands on the final table for a long time, people getting knocked out and I got shortstacked 3 handed and had to shove A5hh and ran into Pulkit’s 88, who ended up winning the event.
We are finalizing the direction we want to go in and subsequently planning our schedule for PGT next yr, this should be done by year end when we will be making formal announcements, as always our primary focus is going to be making it the best value for all our players.
After PGT, a bunch of us headed up to Kathmandu for the opening of their poker room. Overall it was a good experience, the weather was a bit cold but the Hyatt property (where they hv the poker room) was excellent and the service for the players was by far the best thing about playing there. Although its a new set up the dealers are well trained and the cashier/floor were all well experienced in casino business and new what they were doing. Since locals are not allowed they were lot of group of players from different places, the biggest group was from Kolkata. They ended up running 3 tables of 200-500 with 1 real deep table along with 1 500-1k table which ran occasionally and was super deep. It was a good experience and I somehow ended up winning 50k despite having mostly all loosing sessions with exception of one. They are planning another event sometime in 2nd-3rd week of Jan, I am almost certain I will be going down for that one as well, since the games are definitely way softer than in Goa. Now I am just taking it easy in Goa and wrapping up all the work which needs to be taken care of before going back to Kol right after New yrs.

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Aditya Agarwal

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