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PGT October

Posted by Arjun Parmar on 2012-10-30 at 12:00 AM

hey guys hows it going? hope you guys are doing good at the tables.

last week was the PGT October with the all new schedule set by PG team. Earlier the event were 5K FO, 12K Bounty an the 25K ME with sattys for all the three events. After the changes made the schedule has been something like this 5K Re-entry, 7K bounty and the 30K ME and also instead of the regular sattys the PG team added feeder stattys for the 6K MS for the ME.

it was really awesome to see the amount of players that had turned up for the PGT as soon as the changes were made. The number of runners were double to what i had seen in the last PGT. The 5k re-entry saw a total of 164 runners given an unbelievable value for the top three spot also the 7k paid very well to the winners as it saw 110 runners in total, the ME had 85 – 90 runners.

I didnt have a very good run in the 5k n 7k but over all it was a lot of fun. Saw many good n bad hands saw awesome beats met everyone again from the PGMP and also celebrated Adi’s birthday. all the PGMP members from the first batch had contributed and gave adi a nice and a much needed gift (hope you liked it adi).

So now its time to get back to the daily routine at work. Planning to start fresh in online poker and also in live cash game here in my town. Since i dont get much time to play durning the week i am going to sit n make a nice time table for both live n online and start grinding and working on my game again. Will keep you guys updated if i have any good deep runs. Thats it for now.

Cheers tc and keep doing the damage on the tables 🙂

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Arjun Parmar

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