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PGT Tour — Live Poker is a different ball game :)

Posted by Vishwajit Patil on 2012-10-29 at 12:00 AM

[FONT=”Comic Sans MS”]Hi Guys !!!

Finally made up my mind to pen down my thoughts, as it is my first blog very anxious on how it will be read …

With a heavy baggage of excitement, nervousness and hopes I reached Goa to attend the PGT Oct Tour, I had already decided to play the first 2 tournaments and if the results were promising was going to try the Main Event.

[B][SIZE=”4″]5k Rebuy Tourney:[/SIZE][/B]

It started pretty well for me … so many familiar faces which I have seen on fb, PokerGuru home page were there on the first day of the tournament .. A total 164 entries marking the highest no. of players so far in a live poker tourney was all thrilling just to be part of it..

I started pretty well … the table was slow people were playing mostly tight poker, I started to open up with a wide range of hands, couple of time continuation bet would work on the flop and the opponent would fold putting few more chips in my stack, I made a pretty decent I was almost the chip leader until 35 people were left with a healthy stack of 80-90 k before I blew it by calling JJ with my A10 where I lost half of stack and my concentration as well :(I tried to re-build the stack but failed to do so finishing 19th in the 5k event.

[B][SIZE=”7″][SIZE=”4″]7k Bounty Tournament[/SIZE]:[/SIZE][/B]

I promised my self not to repeat the mistakes I did yesterday before taking the seat at the tourney, to my surprise Adi “Intervention” our mentor was at the same table along with “Mastermind” Aditya Agarwal, with both pro’s on the table I started a little tight by folding first couple of hands.

I managed to double up against Mastermind with pocket 10’s and flopping a full house on the flop itself was a east pot for me ..
Later I slow played my Ace Quads against a full house against a player getting me a big pot and my first bounty as well…

Things started going well again with a decent above average stack.. Before the round 5 break with less than 50 people in the tourney I was easily among the top 10 stacks..

I was leaving for the break when to my surprise the dealer said to me ” Sir kal bhi aapke pass accha stack tha aaj bhi hai .. play well n all the best”
I again promised my self to play the best I could but was thrown out of the tourney on 27 position ..

What I learned is live poker is completely different ball game, you need to be very attentive on the table, before starting a hand u need to see what is ur position, what is your opponents stack, how much is your own stack, how much is in the pot the blind the antes, is he stealing the pot, after a raise on the turn how much is he left with, how much is in pot now, it gets so confusing at times when your are not concentrating.. I realized there is so much yet for me to learn and unlearn ..

To end the blog with a quote from one of my favorite movies “The Greatest Game Ever Played”

[B][I]”There’s only two kinds of players — those who hold on to their nerves and go on to win championships, and those who don’t.” [/I][/B]

Hoping to hold on my nerves the next time I see you ..


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Vishwajit Patil

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