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Play Texas Hold’em Poker In Kolkata

Posted by Poker Team on 2013-02-12 at 12:00 AM


First let me introduce myself. I have been playing Poker since a very long time. I always travel different places and casinos to play Poker. I have also played a lot of in-house games organized by friends and family. India is a place where you can find a lot of poker players from every corner of the country.

Although Poker is very popular in India, it is not completely legal in a lot of places to open casinos, Kolkata is one of them. Although a lot of people argue it is legal in the state of West Bengal, which it may be, but there are a lot of legal staples to go through. So people with money enough to start a casino rather choose easier places like Goa and Sikkim over Kolkata.

So despite having a lot of skills and will to play, players are left with options to either spend a lot of money and visit casinos or not play at all. You can play it online but those with experience in know that Poker is a game of skill and a lot of that skills require physical presence of players. For example, the best technique of bluffing and countering a bluff can not be done with satisfaction while playing online.

So to overcome all these issues and enjoy Poker continuously, I have came up with an idea. I will host/organize a [URL=”http://pokerteamkolkata.blogspot.in/”]No Limit Texas Hold’em poker game[/URL] every week/month (based on demand) in Kolkata. I may also throw games on any occasional festival or if I see the demand is high. So if you are in Kolkata you can continuously enjoy playing this game and also win a lot of money if you are really good at it.

Below I am listing the general terms and rules:

1) All games will be minimum buy-in of Rs. 1000 and maximum of Rs. 10000. Games with higher stakes are also available on request.
2) One Re-buy will be allowed.
3) Small blind will be Rs. 25 and and Big blind will be Rs. 50. Ante will be i.e., Rs. 10 and will apply ones the game goes over 1 hours and will be increased to Rs. 15 after 2 hours. The game will be No-Limit. The Small blinds and Big blinds will be increased to increased to Rs. 50/100 after 2 hours of play but will only apply if each of the players in game have at least Rs. 1000 left with them.
4) Poker Chips, Playing Decks and Gaming Mats will be provided by me. Complimentary Cold Drinks will also be provided for free.
5) The house/I will take 10% of all buy-in transactions.
6) I may act as dealer and not play myself most of the time to maintain a friendly environment in the game. Though its not necessary.
7) There are maximum 10 players allowed to play in a game. The entry is first come, first serve basis.
8) The game is invitation-only and players not invited to the game will not be accepted inside.
9) In-game language will be English.
10) Cheating is strictly dis-allowed and liable to strong actions.
11) All players are requested to maintain a professional gaming environment.
12) The payment mode will be cash only and not other mode of payment applies.
13) No Alcohol allowed. Drunk players will not be accepted inside.

*Please note all rules of official Texas Hold’em poker applies.

Venue of the game is not pre-fixed and will be decided once we have required no. of players. Date and place will decided and sent to you.

Email me at [email][email protected][/email] or visit [url]http://pokerteamkolkata.blogspot.in/[/url] for more information and registration.

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