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Poker Club in Kolkata, West Bengal – Best Offer in Town !!

Posted by Moyukh Kumar on 2016-07-06 at 12:00 AM

Hello !

My name is Moyukh Kumar, I am and have been a Poker enthusiast for almost 10 years now, but have been limited to only house games in the City of Joy.
The exponential growth of poker fans in the city and the country as a whole is a heart warming sight for a Poker-enthusiast like me. With the opening of Poker Clubs in the city, the craze and awareness of this wonderful game is likely to see a mammoth rise.
Along with my childhood friend and now my partner in crime, Soumojit Saha, I am opening up a new haven for Poker enthusiast in the city and outside.
Double Aces, our club, is coming with a bang from 17th July 2016 from 5 PM onwards to woo the Poker-artisans of the City of Joy with its never-before offers. We are located near Deshapriya Park.
Starting with a modest 2.5K table for now, with higher stakes to be played on demand, we offer the following to our customers:

1. Rake Offer – 3.33%
2. Buyin Offer – 5th Buyin is on the house always
3.Tourney Offer – Monthly Tourney to be organized for the players with the top 9 buyin’s in the month, with zero entry fee and Cash prizes upto 15X times of buyins played.

This is to request your help and support to spread the word so that the Poker enthusiasts in the city and all over the country can play more and take this game to newer heights in the days to come.

We can be contacted @ 9830615699 / 9903266000 / 9051501080 & [email][email protected][/email].

Thanks & Regards

Moyukh Kumar

Double Aces Team

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Moyukh Kumar

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