A8s, 26bb, hit tp, get min raised otf

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      Poker Stars $1.00+$0.25+$0.10 No Limit Hold’em Tournament – t600/t1200 Blinds + t125 – 9 players – View hand 2002219
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      UTG: t21691 M = 7.42
      UTG+1: t23395 M = 8.00
      Hero (UTG+2): t33972 M = 11.61
      MP1: t8250 M = 2.82
      MP2: t30154 M = 10.31
      CO: t8404 M = 2.87
      BTN: t19225 M = 6.57
      SB: t17174 M = 5.87
      BB: t7604 M = 2.60

      Pre Flop: (t2925) Hero is UTG+2 with A 8
      , Hero raises to t2448, , MP2 calls t2448,

      Flop: (t7821) K T A (2 players)
      Hero bets t3000, MP2 raises to t6000, Hero raises to t31399 all in, MP2 calls t21581 all in

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      why did you shove?…i would have just called his reraise..

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      Aditya Sushant

      F pre, F now

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      Arjun Parmar

      fold pre and/or to the 3bet on the flop…

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      Board: TsAcKc
      Equity Win Tie
      MP2 27.56% 24.84% 2.72% { Ah8h }
      MP3 72.44% 69.71% 2.72% { TT, ATs+, KTs+, QJs, ATo+, KTo+, QJo }

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      thanks for the math icecold (range needs to wider imo) and others for advice.. shoved to get value from weaker Ax, fd, pair (lesser than A) plus gutterballs..

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      hmm i think u just turned ur hand into bluff…but i dont think calling is a good idea as we are OOP and we cant really call any further street when faced with heat….so fold here IMO….maybe 3b frequency preflop helps here a lot…i mean all 2 pair type hand will 3b here pre maybe ….

      And i also dont think that he rasies on the flop with anyone AX lower than A8

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      opening pre with intention of calling shorties is fine.
      I like check calling here OTF and check shove blank turns better. As played fold flop after his raise.

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