Isildur1 back with a splash – up close to $400k since yesterday!!

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      With the PLO nosebleed action hotting up over the past few days, a notable absentee was the normally ever present Viktor “Isildur1” Blom, leading to the usual speculation over the fortunes of the opinion dividing Swede. Any speculation over his solvency seem to have been at least temporarily answered as he put on a tour de force performance in three short sessions in the past 24 hours. The young phenom took on and beat tough opposition in Ben “Sauce123” Sulsky, Rui “PepperoniF” Cao and Ilari “Ilari FIN” Sahamies out of a combined $382k in around 2000 hands of play.


      Interestingly, Blom chose to ply his trade at the lower stakes of $25/$50 and $50/$100, shunning the $100/$200 and $200/$400 tables which have been running of late. Probably a sensible move knowing Bloms tendency to lose control when his back is against the wall. However, on this occasion he need not have worried as he relieved his opponents of a combined 27 buy ins at $25/$50 and a further 25 buy ins at $50/$100, no mean feat in under five hours of play.


      Isildur1 started his session yesterday afternoon multi-tabling $25/$50 PLO against his regular foe Sauce123 winning $137k in around 1100 hands played over 2.5 hours of intense action – Sauce was certainly left licking his wounds as he had not long previously taking a $230k battering from Rui “PepperoniF” Cao. After taking a five hour break from play Blom returned to the tables and set about eroding some of PepperoniF’s days profit, winning $115k from him in a little under 800 hands of play in 80 minutes of $50/$100 PLO action.

      Rui “PepperoniF” Cao

      Blom was back again this morning and in under 200 hands of $50/$100 PLO he took the wind out of Ilari “Ilari FIN”‘s sails taking over $130k from him during their brief encounter.

      “Ilari FIN”‘s

      It will be interesting to see if Isildur1 sticks to these lower limits as he pads out his bankroll or if he is willing to risk his hard fought dollars at the higher limits. He certainly seems to prefer the lower limits in the ring games but perhaps we will soon see him trying his luck at the $100/$200 HU tables?

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