Lew sets a new Guinness World Record!

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      In the far corner of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure tournament room Team PokerStars Pro Randy “nanonoko” Lew attempted to set the Guinness World Record for number of hands played in eight hours while remaining profitable. With just 17 minutes to go, Lew had played more than 23,000 hands without a break with a profit of $8.91. As the end neared the numbers changed again. Team Online manager Dustin Iannotti whispered “Thirty-seven tables. Twenty-two thousand one hundred twenty-four hands. Plus $37.43.”. Lew played constantly for the period of 8 hours and didnÂ’t even drank a single drop of water nor went to the bathroom.

      When he was down $1,200, He jumped up to $5/$10 to make up the difference. It wasn’t a contest of small-limit poker. It was a contest of stamina and profit-making. Iannotti had brought Lew two bottles of water when the world record attempt started. Lew paid them no attention. He sat with his ankles crossed behind him refusing bathroom breaks, food, or sustenance of any kind.

      Slowly, with just a few minutes to play, Lew knew that to complete the record with the required profit, he had to start shutting down tables. So he did, one at a time, until only one remained. Of course, with one table open Lew picked up aces and had to play them in a three-way pot.

      “Don’t play that hand!” someone called from the crowd.

      “Too late,” Lew mumbled.

      The aces held, and a couple of hands later, the marathon was over. With $7.65 in profit and 23,493 hands played, Lew had just set the Guinness World Record.

      Here’s the final tally:

      Hands: 23,493
      Hours: 8
      Hands per hour: 2936.63
      Hands per minute: 48.94
      Seconds per hand: 1.23
      Hours of live poker (at 30 hands per hour): 783.10
      FPPs earned: 22,784
      Profit: $7.65

      When Lew finally stood, he stretched his arms above his head, wiped his eyes, and looked out across the room. All around him were PCA players. Lew by then had already achieved to set a new Guinness Record. Lew would be back among the main event players on Monday. It was the first time in eight hours he had looked away from the screen for more than a second. He was exhausted in a way that no one else could fully appreciate.

      Congratulations Lew!

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      Rajat Agarwal

      What a machine! It will be exciting to see him play the Main Event.

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