Living in Cambodia and playing poker

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      Vann Sum

      IÂ’ve been living in Cambodia for about a year now and IÂ’m loving it. The cost of living is cheap. You could find a nice apartment for as low as $200/mth or if you prefer a hotel, Riverking Poker Club can help get you discounts on hotels. Girlfriends are plenty. Liquor prices are low, better than back in the states. Many bars that are full with lots of ladies. If youÂ’re not the bar type then there are clubs like Pontoon, NOVA, or Saint Tropez that are mainly packed with tourists. You could easily play poker and make $20-$40/day and pay for your cost of living and still have money to party. Phnom Penh Riverking Poker Club is a good place to stop by if youÂ’re newly visiting Cambodia. They can help direct you to places of where you want to go.
      Riverking Contact: +855 97 66 38 233. Facebook: .
      The guys running the Riverking poker room are all from the states who have lived in Cambodia for a while. TheyÂ’re friendly and very helpful.

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      Vann Sum

      $2-$5 game. I raise in cutoff with QQ and get 3 callers. Flop comes 8 6 4. Everyone before me checks and I make it $45. One of the locals check raises me to $125. I don’t think he’s got much and if I shove he probably folds. So I call knowing he’ll probably ship turn. Turn is blank and he ships. I call, river blank and he shows 77. +$500 for the session and I get to enjoy the rest of my night.

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