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      Arsh Grover

      Hey Guys, I’m looking for some staking in the upcoming MicroMillions. Due to BRM I’m pretty restricted on the events I can play. I’ll be listing 2-3 MicroMillions Packages.
      I’m pretty confident about my game. I’ll be going all out in the upcoming MicroMillions and hopefully shipping something.

      Will be making a seperate thread tagging investors where I’ll post all the bust/important hands and other stuff.
      Selling 50% of my First Package.

      MicroMillions Package 1 – (First Weekend)

      MicroMillions-002: $11 NL HoldÂ’em, $150K GTD
      MicroMillions-004: $5.50 NL HoldÂ’em [Turbo, Zoom], $75K GTD
      MicroMillions-006: $2.20+R NL HoldÂ’em [Turbo], $25K GTD
      MicroMillions-011: $11 NL HoldÂ’em [6-Max], $100K GTD
      MicroMillions-014: $3.30+R NL HoldÂ’em, $50K GTD
      MicroMillions-019: $4.40 NL HoldÂ’em [4-Max], $30K GTD
      MicroMillions-020: $2.22+R NL HoldÂ’em [3x-Turbo, Saturday Special] $150K GTD
      MicroMillions-022: $8.80 NL HoldÂ’em [Progressive Super-Knockout] $100K GTD
      MicroMillions-023: $3.30+R NL HoldÂ’em, $125K GTD
      MicroMillions-027: $1+R NL HoldÂ’em [3x Turbo, Sunday Spark], $40K GTD
      MicroMillions-028: $5.50 NL Holdem [6-Max], $40K GTD
      MicroMillions-032: $11 NL HoldÂ’em [Sunday Storm Special Edition], $300K GTD
      MicroMillions-034: $5.50 NL HoldÂ’em [6-Max, Turbo, Shootout], $50K GTD

      I will be playing the above 13 events which have a total combined GTD Pool of $1235K GTD (1.2m+)

      I’m taking 5x buyins for Rebuys/Addons.
      All unused Rebuys/Addons will be added back to the total winnings.

      If I end up going deep in a tournament, I might not register for the next tourney due to obvious reasons.
      Any tournament I don’t play, the buyin will be added to the total winnings aswell.

      Total Buyins = 119~130 (@1.09 MU)
      1% = 1.30$
      5% = 6.50$
      10% = 13$
      Selling 50% Total

      A Clean rail will be kept with all the bust hands and I’ll use tournament parser if the investors want it that way.
      Will play if I sell 40%+ of it! Go Big or Go Home. Let’s do this Guys.

      Pokerstars Screen Name – BigggTymeR (India)

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      Arsh Grover

      20% Harshit Gangwar res
      30% Remaining

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      Arsh Grover

      20% Harshit Gangwar res
      20% Nitin Jain res
      10% Remaining

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