open-ender.. no fe.. now what?

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      Think I should have c-bet smaller there? (around 700ish) then I can jam to a min raise.. sizing it so that I get fold equity..

      Poker Stars $1.00+$0.10 No Limit Hold’em Tournament – t75/t150 Blinds – 9 players – View hand 1785291
      DeucesCracked Poker Videos Hand History Converter

      braki74 (UTG): t4309 28.73 BBs
      Winston353 (UTG+1): t5601 37.34 BBs
      yulgon1702 (UTG+2): t2565 17.10 BBs
      The_Elite191 (MP1): t8760 58.40 BBs
      Vollrich (MP2): t5925 39.50 BBs
      machniotis (CO): t7975 53.17 BBs
      Hero (BTN): t5982 39.88 BBs
      Ollima11 (SB): t3400 22.67 BBs
      hakka_futmen (BB): t10628 70.85 BBs

      Pre Flop: (t225) Hero is BTN with 5 :diamond: 4 :spade:
      , The_Elite191 calls t150, Vollrich calls t150, , Hero raises to t888, , The_Elite191 calls t738, Vollrich calls t738

      Flop: (t2889) 3 :spade: A :club: 6 :diamond: (3 players)
      The_Elite191 checks, Vollrich checks, Hero bets t1111, The_Elite191 raises to t2222,

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      You are in a very bad spot here. Firstly you raised to 888 with a marginal hand. The moment you are reraised, the villian is pot committed and not folding no matter what. ( i think he has AK or a good ace at the minimum ). If you fold here, you have another 4000 ish remaining – well tough spot, I would fold here.

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      I would at least wait for 78s type hand to make this squeeze, although the idea is correct. Also I prefer to be deeper while making such squeezes.

      implied odds wise, you are roughly getting the odds to make the call. Its a gamble here.

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      As Roll said, I would wait for a better hand to make such kind of play. The idea is good to punish the limpers but the stack is not good enough, neither the hand.

      Also I would like to point out this….. in 1$ tourneys in stars…once somebody limps…. it would be difficult to make them fold unless you shove on their faces. So we should play hands which are good enough to play post flop. Suited connectors for such plays should be 89 97 or better…. with at least 60 BB deep.

      Well since the hand played like this…. I would shove…and take a chance. If I hit the straight , I would have a very good stack at this blind to go very deep in the tournament. Also there is a good chance that he might fold weak aces A9 A8…. since it is such a dry board and you raised 888 preflop…he wouldn’t think you are on a draw. But he probably would call as he has AJ or AQ since he called so big. Its a catch22 lol.

      I wouldnt have raised 888 preflop in first place as 2 good stacks already limped. Given this flop….I would check and take a free card.

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      Result.. well I gambled and shoved.. he called with A9o.. (he was going nowhere after that min raise – even calling with A2o imo) ..I didnt connect.. understand the pre-flop mistake… any thoughts on c-bet sizing..

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      i guess the final decision was a pot odds related,,(u almost had no fold equity, once he reraised(i personaly though he had a-6,3,, ),and it was a 2.5 -1 call ,(considering him all in) ,,so it was correct for the 8 outer.
      abt the decision on the flop,,its a tricky spot,,,for me in this scenario,,i usually take atleast 1 of my oponent to have a a-x hand ,,and after calling my preflop reraise (888,,i guess tht was a bit fishy, looked like a desperate button squeez ..:P,),,he’s not gonna fold to my cont. bet,,,i wud have prob. checked my way here ,.and hope to catch my hand..:D
      cont bet,..,, some1 calling 888 with ace rag oop is not going anywhere on tht flop. rest should fold with half the pot size too,,depending on your image..but i wud have preferred the check road../?/

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      Aditya Sushant

      Cant stress enough on how bad pre is..its a $1 donkament. i wud just ditch this and not even limp such crap even with lotta limps ahead of me. U cant bet smaller than this. As it is, cbet is <

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      Donkab0mber – As played I dont think folding flop is the best idea, He is getting about 2.5:1 (Implied) .
      Also these Micro donks are so ridic bad/spewy that I think you can profitably Jam here ..

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      Aditya Sushant

      Calling is def bad, u’d hav put in half ur stack and are jst hoping to bink ott. And them being ridic bad/spewy is the reason a jam is bad here. He’s almost never folding to the jam with the line he’s taken and almost always has at least Ax here. Fold and move on, u’ll still hav 20ish bigs.

      Oh and again do dump it pre in the future

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      Oh and again do dump it pre in the future

      will do.. Thanks all..

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