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      For no limit hold em lovers…we will be starting a few tables in the casinos starting November 12th, 2010. I think I can hook you guys up with free rooms and free air travel. Also I’ve been organizing home games for the past 2 years. Blinds 100/200, minimum buy-in 5k and max 20k. 1INR = 1.6 NPR. If any of you guys come here email me @

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      Was good talking to you on phone karma. Looking forward to playing in Nepal and will be posting my experience in this thread, hope to be there on the 12th.

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      Hey Adi

      Did you manage to play in Nepal, how was the experience?

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      Even I await feedback about how the action and organising was there……pls post when u get time…….

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      played at casino of Kathmandu..year ago at casino Nepal….Good place to play other games like blackjack etc…

      played PLO with 4 guys..

      In my opinion Goa is far better place to play poker than Kathmandu…. Best place to play poker in Asia is definitely Macau..

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      Thanks for this input.

      Casinos in Nepal have always suffered this problem that locals were not permitted to enter them. I have been vising Nepal from 1982 till 2000 on a regular basis for all of 18 years. I do not know what changes have taken place in the 10 years after that but all I know is that all casinos are running and that the traffic has reduced to them because of the quality fallign down. I hope things improve.


      I was in Kathmandu last weekend along with Adi and few other players from Delhi. Yak & Yeti opened the first poker room in Nepal in their ‘Casino Royale’. The casino paid for the flight tickets and arranged the rooms in their hotel. They had one 500/1000 table going there for 3 days comprising of 3-4 of us from India (incl. Adi and me) and rest from Nepal (incl. Karma).

      All in all it was a good and exciting start for poker in Nepal. It was good action over the weekend with sessions stretching to 18-20 hrs (Average stacks for the Sunday game were about 3 lacs). They charge 3% rake for this game with 5k cap. The only dampener was the govt. enforcing the rule of disallowing locals from entering any casino, which resulted in fewer than expected turnout for the weekend. However all the casinos are in talks with govt to sort it out and hopefully once the issue is resolved we can see poker really taking off in this city.

      The casino is thinking of having a poker bonanza thing sometime in December and should come up with the promotional stuff soon. I know Adi will also want to share some of his own experiences from Kathmandu as well.

      PS: Karma – thanks bro for all the help with local stuff 😉 Hope to see you again at the tables soon.

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      Nepal to Host Mahjong Poker Championship From June 1st-5th

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      Silver Heritage Group Plans New Casino Resort at Indo-Nepal Border; Plans AU$25 Million IPO

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