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      I have started playing poker seriously from May 18th of this year. I deposited $11 on Poker Stars. In a month, by June 20th or so, it went up to $28. Most of the wins came from AA and KK and there was someone to call my all ins at least 60% of the time. But after this, for a week it was all low. Nobody to call my raises and if someone did call my raise, I would have to quit on my hand later as I would have nothing good on flop or turn. I lost some $3 in this week. Later, I made a deposit of $11 on Full tilt. It has been a week of on / off play. I made up to $17 on FTP.

      What I am not able to understand is, that low week on PS, is it my fault (i mean, was I playing badly? if I was playing badly, I should be losing money on FTP, right? ) or is it just variance in poker or is it that PokerStars is getting tougher and I just got lucky in my 1st month? I know my questions do seem silly but please understand that I just started.

      After this low week, I was considering playing SNGs and MTTs. But I somehow prefer the Cash Games. But again I have read on many forums that cash games are getting full of regulars and MTTs are the ones that are fishy. How much of it is true? Or is it advisable to play a mix of the all the three variants? When I started, I intended to slowly build bankroll and play at mid stakes in cash games. Is it still feasible?

      If PS is getting tougher for cash games, then what other sites are good?

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      what stakes do u play on ps?…. with ur bnkrol i suggest u play $1 45 ppl sng’s….if ur a semi decent player u’ll make money faster and u cn play higher stakes in no time…
      dnt dep small amounts to various sites……that will do more harm dan good……i m also a micro stakes player so i know what ur trying to do….imo ps is best site to play r8 now….best of luck man

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      I play micro stakes on PS and FTP. I have $100 in my neteller account. But I have not deposited more than $15 in any poker site. Right now I have accounts in PS, FTP and Titan. I love PS and FTP. And btw that was very good advice, not to make small deposits in various sites. Thanks :). You really read my thoughts there haha…

      And what learning material do you suggest? I just read articles and watch videos on free poker training sites and they seem to have helped me with my cash games. Are they enough for SNGs too?

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      for sng’s there are sum.sites that have good softwares like sng wiz etc…..but u dnt really need those softwares upfront as dey cost a lot….read some good materials online and u’ll be good……maintain a good bankroll management and ur set. when u have enough dough use pokdrtracker 3 or HM2….

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