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      Hi i was talking with a few of my friends regarding some prop bets and then i got offered a bet to make SUPERNOVA this year.I have a week(ie until september ends) to consider it/negotiate on it.I am not a VPP churner that most cash and SNG players are.Most of the friends i was talking to are all low to mid stake PLO grinders and almost everyone of them is a supernova.

      On the other hand my lifetime VPP count is nt even 40k.This year VPP count stands at 19k.I predominantly used to play MTT and they r no way VPP churners like cash or SNG.After some time in poker I moved my priorities to my other interests and since then i rarely get time enough to play a decent long MTT session.Whenever i get time i mostly play cash live/online.

      Reason i post this here is to get the general view of people here on what odds seem to be fair enough to give it a shot.I do understand chasing NOVA takes a lot of effort and clearly some bankroll lest to lose all ur BR chasing the race.

      Like i said i have a week to consider so its predominantly a 80K VPP race in ~90days…converting to around 15000$ in rake.
      Hoping someone could help me find the correct odds i can lock the bet on.thx in advance

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      Aditya Kumar

      You make 2222 VPP/month on average but now you will have to make 26,666 VPP/month. Which is 12x more then normal.

      Don’t take anything less then 1:25

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      @Aditya: 25:1 sounds steep.

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