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      What’s a good starting strategy for tournaments where you can rebuy?

      Coz mostly just shove with almost anything in the first few hands.

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      There is a Rebuy King on the site whose comments will be highly appreciated however the general strategy is to see flops with suited high cards and go all in on draws without the odds cos you can rebuy. If you hit your draw great or rebuy and wait for the next spot.

      Dont go all in on all hands wait for the cards there will be more than one who will call your all in with AA,KK etc than in a normal tournament.

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      rebuy tournaments are basically designed to use the rebuy period to build up a stack and an image which u can use to ur advantage once the rebuy period ends. I would suggest playing very loose and aggressive during the rebuy period, I wouldnt even mind calling an allin with a decent suited connected hand like 89ss or TJss early on to show people u r willing to gamble, this will get u a lot of action during the rebuy period. Optimum strategy wud be to gamble and get an eary dbl up and then try and see as many cheap flops as u can for rest of rebuy period (i wud start min raising with a very wide range if folded to me range like 22+ A5+ A2ss, KT+, k2ss+ 23ss+89o+46ss+), I would also continue to play my hand aggressive during rebuy period on flopping any piece of the flop ex draw, pair etc.
      hope this helps

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