Rockets Anniversary Series 20K Diamond Deepstack Live Updates

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      Poker Guru

      Follow the live updates from Rockets Anniversary Series 20K Diamond Deepstack on this thread.

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      Arpit Jain

      The INR 20K Diamond Deepstack Omaha event attracted a total of 28 entrants and saw 5 re-entries out of which 10 players are still in the running for the title.

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      Arpit Jain

      The organisers have decided to pay the top 5 places and here are the complete payouts of the event:
      1st place: 2,34,000
      2nd place: 1,60,000
      3rd place: 1,00,000
      4th place: 70,000
      5th place: 30,000

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      Arpit Jain

      Chip Counts
      Here are some of the chip stacks at the start of the final table

      Sameer Chaturvedi: 80,000
      Shravan: 53,000
      Anudeep Srinivas: 50,000
      Vinod M: 42,500
      Vidwath Shetty: 41,500
      Sahil Agarwal: 38,000
      Muskan Sethi: 17,000

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      Arpit Jain

      Sahil Agarwal eliminated by Shravan Chhabria
      Preflop action saw Anudeep Srinivas leading out and Shravan re-raises the bet. Sahil Agarwal pushes all-in with 7d Js 9h 8d and Anudeep lays down his hand. Shravan instantly calls with Ac Ah Ad 4c. The board ran the Js 9c 4d 4s 6h and Shravan takes down the pot with his three-of-a-kind eliminating Sahil from the event.

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      Arpit Jain

      Muskan Sethi bubbles the event
      Action preflop saw Mukan moving all-in with Ah As Qd 2c and gets the call from Anudeep who tables Kh Js Kd 3c. The board ran the 7s 3d Ks 5c 7c and Anudeep takes down the pot with his full house making Muskan the bubble of the event.

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      Arpit Jain

      Anudeep Srinivas places 5th (INR 30,000)
      Action preflop saw Anudeep moving all-in holding Ah Kh 5s Jc and gets one caller in Vidwath Shetty who tables As Ac 7c Jh. The board ran the Ad 7d 5d 10h 8d and Vidwath rakes in the pot with his set of Ace’s eliminating Anudeep from the event.

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      Arpit Jain

      4 handed chip counts, Shravan dominates with a massive chip lead

      The players have just left their seats for a short break and here is a quick look at the current stacks
      Shravan Chhabria: 1,72,100
      Vidwath Shetty: 91,400
      Vinod M: 54,600
      Sameer Chaturvedi: 13,500

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      Arpit Jain

      Sameer Chaturvedi takes the 4th spot (INR 70,000)
      An all-in pot between Sameer (As Ad 5h 4c) and Vinod M(Qd Qs 6h 8d) saw the board Qh 10c Kh 2d Qc 7d and Vinod hits a four-of-a-kind of Queen’s to take down the pot eliminating Sameer in the 4th place.

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      Arpit Jain

      3 way deal agreed upon
      The remaining three players have agreed upon a deal which pays everyone according to their current chip stacks.
      Here are the payouts:
      Shravan Chhabria: 2,00,000
      Vinod M: 1,60,000
      Vidwath Shetty: 1,34,000

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      Arpit Jain

      Vidwath Shetty eliminated in 3rd position (INR 1,34,000)
      Action preflop saw Vidwath leading out and gets a 3-bet from Vinod which puts Vidwath all-in. Vidwath makes the call showing Jd 10d 9s 7d and Vinod tables Ah Kh 5c 7h. The board ran the 3c 5h 7s Ac 6s and Vinod takes down the pot with two pairs eliminating Vinod from the event in 3rd place for INR 1,34,000

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      Arpit Jain

      Vinod M finishes runners up (INR 1,60,000)
      On the Ad 5d 6c flop, Vinod leads out with 16,000 and gets the call from Shravan. The turn card arrives the 10c on which Vinod makes a pot size bet. Shravan 3-bets it which puts Vinod all-in and he calls.
      Shravan: Ac 5c 2c 5s
      Vinod: 7c Qd Kh 9c
      The river card shows 7d and Shravan takes down the pot with two pairs. Vinod finishes 2nd and collects the decided INR 1,60,000 for his finish.

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      Arpit Jain

      Shravan Chhabria Takes Down INR 20K Diamond Deepstack Omaha Event

      The INR 20K event saw 28 entrants and outlasting them all is tournament regular Shravan Chhabria. Shravan says he feels humbled and blessed for having a great series and says he could’nt ask for more. On his win he quotes, “
      Shravan pockets INR 2,00,000 and claims the winner trophy of the Diamond Deepstack event. PokerGuru would like to congratulate Shravan and all the other players who made it in the money.

      This concludes our coverage of the Rockets Anniversary Series. Till next time…

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