Spew in MM shootout (or did I run into top of his range?)

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      Poker Stars $3.00+$0.30 No Limit Hold’em Tournament – t100/t200 Blinds + t25 – 6 players
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      Alen-gricko (SB): t7844 M = 17.43
      marekelps (BB): t5536 M = 12.30
      Timberwol815 (UTG): t7755 M = 17.23
      dorememi (MP): t14490 M = 32.20
      kovalenkoAce (CO): t4763 M = 10.58
      Hero (BTN): t9612 M = 21.36

      Pre Flop: (t450) Hero is BTN with 9 :club: K :club:
      , Hero raises to t440, , marekelps raises to t1320, Hero raises to t9587 all in, marekelps calls t4191 all in

      Flop: (t11272) 6 :club: 5 :diamond: 2 :diamond: (2 players – 2 are all in)

      Turn: (t11272) A :heart: (2 players – 2 are all in)

      River: (t11272) 6 :heart: (2 players – 2 are all in)

      Final Pot: t11272
      marekelps shows Q :diamond: Q :heart: (two pair, Queens and Sixes)
      Hero shows 9 :club: K :club: (a pair of Sixes)
      marekelps wins t11272

      Villain was 22/18/14(3b) over 91 hands.

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      If you think he has a very wide 3bet-folding range, you could do it, But its still spewy, cause we just turn our crap hand into a huge bluff to steal a small pot When we are sitting pretty comfortably.

      Look to get max value out of premiums from such players.
      And we have 50BBs, so hardly any reason to spew off like this.

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      he put in 1320 off his 5500 stack, he is short to begin with and then he 3b (instead of shoving) on 28bbs and tht too rly big. Also since he is in bb he will peel a lot of hands which he wudnt want to 3b/f, which more polarizes his range, on this stack he will hv it more often that not. Real spewy.

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