Staking Issues: Jonathan Karamalikis and Brendon Rubie!

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      Jonathan “MONSTER_DONG” Karamalikis in his recent forum post has publically called out the recent winner of the 2012 Aussie Millions opening event, Brendon Rubie, for unethical behaviour in not honouring staking agreements and multi-accounting when playing online.

      Karamalikis posted an account of his experiences in staking Rubie that began two years ago when Rubie lost around $125,000 online playing $25/$50 HU PLO. After Brendon won the Melbourne champs later that year, he choosed to stop their staking arrangement and go on his own money.

      During the $100k at Aussie Millions in 2011, an acquaintance of them stated through a text message that he would buy 10% of each of their buyin but was unable to pay immediately because he was busy. Jonathan says ”We both accept his stake however this left Brendon $10,000 short of a buy in for the tournament and did not have the money available to play. I lent him the $10,000 and said I would just get the money from the acquaintance”. Both of them failed to cash in that tourney.

      Karamalikis alleges Rubie refused to honour debts totaling $42,000, eventually paying just $16,000 of the withstanding amount. The issue is further clouded with details of online poker account hacking and missing bankrolls. Karamalikis also recalls a particular episode where Rubie was playing under a different username against him online and using his inside knowledge of KaramalikisÂ’ play to take advantage of the game.

      The opening event 2012 Aussie Millions in Melbourne was won by Brendon Rubie for $200,000 under JonathanÂ’s stake. Next Day Brendon pays Jonathan half of the $200,000 and said he wanted to go on his own action. Brendon still owes Jonathan still $32k from BWIN and $10k that Jonathan gave during Aussie Million 2011.

      Jonathan further said “Like a child that has just finished watching an episode of The Sopranos, he tells me that I have 24hrs to accept his offer to which he will be putting in writing for me to formally accept. Despite any two-bit moron knowing that a contract signed under duress is null and void, I agree to his ultimatum, accepting that $16/42k is better than $0/42k.

      I still feel I am entitled to other 26k, as does almost everyone I have spoken to about the situation. I called Brendon today at 1pm asking him if he still does not want to negotiate as I will be releasing a public statement on our dealings together. I said that I would happily take the rest of the BWIN funds to make everything go away even though I feel as if IÂ’m being ripped off.

      The last thing I want out of this is to have a public **** fight, however he has not left me with a choice and I feel I have to warn people about dealing with Brendon in the future”.

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