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Poker last week…

Posted by Arturo on 2012-10-14 at 12:00 AM

Last week I played around 17 tourneys ranging 3 to 16 BI, ROI% – 425.6, ITM% – 35.3, which includes 2 Final tables 4th in 3 big, and 9th in 16 big. Had pretty good deep runs in many of tournaments I played last week which boost my confident, the only sad thing is that, still I didn’t manage to ship any MTT.
PGM-1 is going to end in this month , still lot to learn, as I am very far from good player’s as pointed by some of Top pros, I have to work very hard towards my game and thinking towards some typical situation in MTT’s, I am trying best to get into reading the mind of pro’s by reviewing HH’s and some training videos.
My schedule is now something like this from last month, my playing session starts from morning 11.3 till 16 big ends, night is study time I was giving 2 hrs for studying the game which includes reviewing my,adi and some other pro’s HH, watching training videos, and reading forums. Now its become habit on daily basis. I have figured out my ranges are not wide enough + I hardly bluff in MTT. Also I figured that I am still not comfortable towards multi tabling. Any suggestions are welcome towards multi tabling are welcome, thinking about buying Table Ninja, don’t know yet should I or not.
Hope I will meet everyone at PGT,

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