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Baazi Poker Tour: Series-Opener ₹15K Kick-Off Registers 257 Entries; Avadh Shah Leads Final 13

Avadh Shah
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  • Arpit Jain 9 months ago
  • 20 Minutes Read

What a phenomenal night it has been! The PokerBaazi LIVE poker room onboard the gorgeous Casino Pride 2 was buzzing with action on the return of the Baazi Poker Tour (BPT). The first tournament on the schedule of this six-day long series was the ₹15,000 buy-in Kick-Off event, which commenced at 6 PM on Wednesday. By the time the late registrations got over at the end of level seven, the tournament had logged in 257 entries, smashing its advertised guarantee with a prize pool collection of ₹36.23 Lakhs!

The starting field has been trimmed down to just 13 players with a late rush of eliminations witnessing over 20 eliminations in the last 90 minutes of play on Day 1. These remaining finalists have been sent off to catch some sleep before the action resumes at 3 PM on October 10, where they will play down to a winner.

Headlining the 13 survivors is Avadh Shah, who bagged the most massive stack of 616,000. He juggernaut his way to the top of the chip counts towards the end of the night, especially after he brought about the double elimination of Shravan Chhabria and Ashit Sharma. Primarily an MTT specialist, Shah had notably won Spartan Poker’s The Millionaire, back in August 2018, for ₹25 Lakhs.

Avadh Shah
Avadh Shah

Trailing Shah is the PPL MoneyMaker eighth-place finisher, Charush Bhatia, who bagged an equally impressive stack of 609,000. Shah and Bhatia are the only two players sitting with over 600K in chips.

Other notables who also advanced to the final day include Yohan Patel (3,82,000), Sahil Chuttani (188,000), IPC ₹10K Freezeout third-place finisher Manas Kalita (185,000) and Anant Purohit (130,000).

Another standout performer was PokerGuru Ambassador Laksh Pal Singh, who was looking like a strong contender to make it to the final table but ultimately became the last player to fall out on Day 1. He picked up an impressive 14th place finish for ₹51,100.

Laksh Pal Singh
Laksh Pal Singh

All the 13 survivors are assured to take home at least ₹51,100, but it’s a top-heavy structure that will reward the champion with a ₹8.52 Lakhs cash prize along with the beautiful BPT crown!

The PokerGuru Live Coverage team will once again be onsite to bring you all the latest updates, from the first deal to the winning moment – so don’t forget to check back!

End of Day 1 Chip Counts

Time: 05:31, Level 18 (Blinds 6,000/12,000, Ante 12,000)

PlayerChip Count
Avadh Shah6,16,000
Charush Bhatia6,09,000
Abhijeet Shetty4,50,000
Yohan Patel3,82,000
Gangadhar Raj2,93,000
Saumil Krishnani2,68,000
Prithviraj Ganganna2,63,000
Mohammad Azhar2,42,000
Sahil Chuttani1,88,000
Manas Kalita1,85,000
Shawn Jose1,73,000
Anant Purohit1,30,000
Ranjit Negi58,000

List of Payouts of Players Who Finished in the Money on Day 1

Time: 05:06, Level 18 (Blinds 6,000/12,000, Ante 12,000)

14thLaksh Pal Singh₹51,100
15thSunit Warraich₹51,100
16thDhawal Kawatra₹43,500
17thAshit Sharma₹43,500
18thShravan Chhabria₹43,500
19thMeherzad Munsaf₹38,000
20thSiddharth Karia₹38,000
21stPuneet Dua₹38,000
22ndHimanshu Laul₹34,100
23rdVinod Megalmani₹34,100
24thAnuj Manocha₹34,100
25thAayush Agrawal₹30,100
26thDebashis Bal₹30,100
27thSajal Gupta₹30,100

Sahil Chuttani Doubles Up Saumil Krishnani

Time: 04:30, Level 18 (Blinds 6,000/12,000, Ante 12,000)

Saumil Krishnani open-shoved with pocket tens and picked up a caller in Sahil Chuttani who tabled pocket eights. The pocket tens stayed ahead on the rundown to get Krishnani a healthy double up!

Saumil Krishnani
Saumil Krishnani

Laksh Pal Singh Eliminated in 14th place (51,100)

Time: 04:25, Level 18 (Blinds 6,000/12,000, Ante 12,000)

PokerGuru Ambassador Laksh Pal Singh’s were up against Manas Kalita’s pocket queens. The board ran and Kalita managed to dodge the King to eliminate Singh in 14th place.

Laksh Pal Singh
Laksh Pal Singh

Dhawal Kawatra Eliminated in 16th Place (43,500), Sunit Warraich Eliminated in 15th Place (51,100)

Time: 4:30, Level 18 (Blinds 6,000 – 12,000, Ante – 12,000)

Sunit Warraich moved all-in on the button with Ace-Jack and came up against pocket eights. Two queens and two sixes landed on the board and that marked the end of Warraich’s deep run in 15th place.

Just before Warraich ‘s elimination, Dhawal Kawatra was relegated to the rail in 16th place.

Sunit Warraich
Sunit Warraich

Double Elimination of Shravan Chhabria (18th for 43,500) & Ashit Sharma (17th for 43,500)

Time: 4:25, Level 18 (Blinds 6,000/12,000, Ante 12,000)

Ashit Sharma, who was on last night’s PPL The MoneyMaker final table and finished sixth place for ₹3.90 Lakhs, shoved all-in with . Shravan Chhabria called with . Avadh Shah jumped in with a call as well, holding . The board blanked out and Avadh’s pocket queens brought about the double whammy – eliminating Sharma in 18th place and Chhabria in 17th place respectively.

Meherzad Munsaf Eliminated in 19th Place (38,000)

Time: 04:04, Level 17 (Blinds 5,000/10,000, Ante 10,000)

Meherzad Munsaf open-shoved with pocket fours only to run into Shawn Jose`s pocket sevens. The board ran ending Munsaf’s deep run in 19th place.

Meherzad Munsaf
Meherzad Munsaf

Siddharth Karia Eliminated in 20th Place (38,000)

Time: 03:55, Level 17 (Blinds 5,000/10,000, Ante 10,000)

Young Gun Siddharth Karia moved all-in for 85,000 holding and got one caller in Gangadhar Raj who called off with . The board ran and Karia was eliminated in 20th place.

Siddharth Karia
Siddharth Karia

Puneet Dua Eliminated in 21st Place (38,000)

Time: 03:51, Level 17 (Blinds 5,000/10,000, Ante 10,000)

With the flop open Puneet Dua moved all-in holding and Abhijeet Shetty called tabling . The turn and the river were no help to Dua who is the defending BPT champion from the inaugural series and only two days back finished third in the PPL High Roller. He exits in 21st place worth ₹38,000 in prize money.

Puneet Dua
Puneet Dua

Himanshu Laul Eliminated in 22nd Place (34,100)

Time: 03:49, Level 17 (Blinds 5,000/10,000, Ante 10,000)

Yohan Patel moved all-in holding and action folded to Himanshu Laul who was down to his last 5,000 in chips and called with . The board ran and Patel took down the pot eliminating Laul in the process.

Himanshu Laul
Himanshu Laul

Vinod Megalmani Eliminated in 23rd Place (34,100)

Time: 3:55, Level 17 (Blinds 5,000/10,000, Ante 10,000)

Tournament regular Vinod Megalmani’s deep run ended in 23rd place. His elimination hand was a standard 10BB shove with but unfortunately for him the cutoff woke up with . The pocket pair held through on the blank board ending his run in 23rd place.

Vinod Megalmani
Vinod Megalmani

Aayush Agrawal Eliminated in 25th Place (₹30,100), Anuj Manocha Out 24th (₹34,100)

Time: 3:49, Level 17 (Blinds 5,000/10,000, Ante 10,000)

Players are falling fast and we have just witnessed two eliminations taking place seconds apart from each other. In the first, Aayush Agrawal hit the rail in 25th place with Anuj Manocha following him out in 24th place.

Debashis Bal Eliminated in 26th Place (₹30,100)

Time: 03:42, Level 17 (Blinds 5,000/10,000, Ante 10,000)

Siddharth Karia shoved from the middle position with and Debashis Bal called with . The community cards brought and Karia doubled-up with his flopped pair of deuces, as Bal exited in 26th place.

Debashis Bal
Debashis Bal

Sajal Gupta Eliminated in 27th place (30,100)

Time: 03:39, Level 17 (Blinds 5,000/10,000, Ante 10,000)

Sajal Gupta had lost a huge pot before the money bubble when his lost to a player’s and was auto all-in with . Two more players limped in and checked through the board . Gupta lost the pot and his tournament life in 27th place.

Sajal Gupta
Sajal Gupta

Devendra Singh is the Bubble Boy

Time: 03:29, Level 16 (Blinds 4,000/8,000, Ante 8,000)

Following almost 45 minutes of edge-of-the-seat action which saw several close calls – at least 5 times shorter stacks were able to find double-ups, further prolonging the hand-for-hand play. The money bubble finally burst when Manas Kalita moved all-in on the button with 20,000 and Devendra Singh, who was in the small blind, jammed with his last 17,000.

Devendra Singh
Devendra Singh

The Kick-Off Event is One Elimination Away From the Money

Time: 2:57, Level 16 (Blinds 4,000/8,000, Ante 8,000)

We are just one elimination away from the money. Only 28 players remain in the field and 27 places are to get paid. The tournament clock has been paused with hand-for-hand play underway.

Arjunn Agrawal Eliminated by Mohammad Azhar

Time: 02:20, Level 15 (Blinds 3,000/6,000, Ante 6,000)

Mohammad Azhar opened to 15,000 and action folded to Arjun Agrawal in the big blind who ripped it in for 66,000 with . Azhar called with pocket eights and took down the pot on the runout .

Arjunn Agrawal
Arjunn Agrawal

The Money Bubble is Looming

Time: 02:14, Level 15 (Blinds 3,000/6,000, Ante 6,000)

The playing field has whittled down to 36 participants and the race to finish in the money has intensified. Notables who are still in contention include Laksh Pal Singh, Yohan Patel, Shawn Jose, Puneet Dua, Sahil Chuttani and Meherzad Munsaf.

Raghav Bansal Relegated to the Rail

Time: 02:07, Level 15 (Blinds 3,000/6,000, Ante 6,000)

Short-stacked Raghav Bansal was left with just 2.5 big blinds and his run has just ended. Bansal moved all-in with from the hijack seat and Aayush Agrawal moved all-in over the top with . The board ran s2] and Agrawal’s better kicker won him the pot.

Raghav Bansal
Raghav Bansal

Kabir Uppal Gets Unlucky to Bust

Time: 1:43, Level 14 (Blinds 2,000/4,000, Ante 4,000)

Kabir Uppal has been eliminated after a bad beat. Uppal was the player at risk with against Dhawal Kawatra’s and the latter hit two pairs on the board to eliminate the former.

Dinesh Kumar Eliminated by Saumil Krishnani

Time: 1:29, Level 14 (Blinds 2,000/4,000, Ante 4,000)

Dinesh Kumar was running on fumes after doubling up Shawn Jose and it was only a matter of time before he would be forced into making a move. It came sooner than we anticipated. Dinesh Kumar’s pocket nines were up against Saumil Krishnani’s . The community cards brought and Krishnani took down the pot busting Kumar in the process.

MoneyMaker Runner-up Shawn Jose Looks Primed For Another Deep Run

Time: 1:20, Level 13 (Blinds 1,500/3,000, Ante 3,000)

Just a day after finishing runner-up in the PPL MoneyMaker ₹1Cr GTD tournament, Shawn Jose looks primed for another deep run. With roughly 40 players remaining from a starting field of 257 entries, Jose is sitting with 120,000 in chips. A sizeable part of this came from a double up from Dinesh Kumar moments ago.

It was a preflop all-in showdown where Kumar moved all-in for 31,500 with and Jose made the call with . The runout brought no succor for Kumar and with that Jose doubled up!

Shawn Jose
Shawn Jose

Sreekanth Narayan Eliminated

Time: 01:08, Level 12 (Blinds 1,500/2,500, Ante 2,500)

A player in middle position opened with and Sreekanth Narayan jammed from the cutoff holding . The board ran out eliminating Narayan.

Sreekanth Narayan
Sreekanth Narayan

Kunal Patni Gets a Brutal Beat

Time: 00:45, Level 12 (Blinds 1,500/2,500, Ante 2,500)

The Adda52 Team Pro Kunal Patni was just eliminated from the Kick-off event and from the details narrated to us by him, the bust out was especially brutal. Patni is seems moved all-in from UTG with pocket aces and Mohammad Azhar in the big blind looked him up with pocket Jacks. Patni was an over 80% favorite to win the pot before Azhar turned a set.

Kunal Patni
Kunal Patni

Sreekanth Narayan’s Stack Flushed

Time: 00:30, Level 12 (Blinds 1,500/2,500, Ante 2,500)

Sreekanth Narayan has just lost a massive pot to Dinesh Kumar. Narayan’s lost out to Kumar’s when the latter rivered a flush.

The First-Ever Game Changer Champion Prashanth Sekar Exits

Time: 00:40, Level 12 (Blinds 1,500/2,500, Ante 2,500)

The first-ever Game Changer champion Prashant Sekar was just seen walking towards the exit. Talking about his elimination hand he said, “I had , the opponent had jacks and he won.”

Sajal Gupta Takes Chips Off Debashish Pal

Time: 00:25, Level 12 (Blinds 1,500/2,500, Ante 2,500)

Debashish Bal led out for 3,500 from the cutoff and Sajal Gupta looked him up in the big blind. Bal fired another bet on the flop and snap came the call from Gupta. The turn and saw a motion replay with Bal leading out and Gupta calling. At showdown, Gupta tabled and Bal mucked his cards.

Sajal Gupta
Sajal Gupta

Rohit Jinwal Busted by Dhawal Kawatra

Time: 00:25, Level 12 (Blinds 1,500/2,500, Ante 2,500)

It was a preflop all-in showdown between Rohit Jinwal and Dhawal Kawatra.

Rohit Jinwal

Dhawal Kawatra

The board blanked out eliminating Jinwal. Around 67 players presently remain in the tournament.

Siddharth Karia Scores a Double Up

Time: 00:02, Level 11 (Blinds 1,000/2,000, Ante 2,000)

Young Gun Siddharth Karia was short-stacked and jammed for around 11,500. The action folded to Himanshu Laul in the small blind who made it 25,000 to call – enough to get the big blind to fold.

Siddharth Karia

Himanshu Laul

Karia completed his flush on the rundown for a much-needed double-up.

Siddharth Karia
Siddharth Karia

Prize Pool & Payouts Announced!

Time: 00:01, Level 11 (Blinds 1,000/2,000, Ante 2,000)

Shortly after the players returned from the dinner break, the Tournament Director made the announcement everyone was waiting for – the prize money distribution. At 257 entries, the Kick-Off easily smashed it’s advertised guarantee with the total prize pool collection touching ₹36.23 Lakhs!

The top 27 places will get paid with a min-cash good for ₹30,100, while the lion’s share worth ₹8.52 Lakhs is reserved for the eventual champion!

Here are the complete payouts.


Notable Chip Counts After Dinner Break

Time: 23:55, Level 11 (Blinds 1,000/2,000, Ante 2,000)

Only 94 runners from a starting field of 257 entries remain in contention. Wilson Yomso (133,000), Sahil Chuttani (90,000) and Nishant Sharma (86,000) are presently the top stacks, while Raghav Bansal (75,000), Alok Birewar (52,000) and Abhinav Iyer (24,000) are among the many notables still in contention.

Wilson Yomso
Wilson Yomso
PlayerChip Count
Wilson Yomso133000
Sahil Chuttani90000
Nishant Sharma86000
Ashit Sharma86000
Rubin Labroo80000
Vivek Rughani76000
Raghav Bansal75000
Kunal Patni56000
Alok Birewar52000
Anup Palod40000
Puneet Dua39000
Jasven Saigal32000
Abhinav Iyer24000
Sunil Shah29500
Anant Purohit27000
Myron Pereira18000
Sanket Sanganeria14000
Nadeem Basha10000

Haider Madraswala Eliminated by Rohit Begwani

Time: 23:27, Level 10 (Blinds 800/1,600, Ante 1,600)

Rohit Begwani moved all-in on the button and Haider Madraswala made the call in the big blind at the risk of elimination.

Rohit Begwani

Haider Madraswala

The board ran and Begwani’s seven-high kicker came into play eliminating Madraswala.

Haider Madraswala
Haider Madraswala


Watch the Live Stream of the Feature Table Below:

Aditya Sardana Eliminated by Sahil Chuttani

Time: 23:10, Level 10 (Blinds 800/1,600, Ante 1,600)

Players are dropping fast and the most recent elimination was that of Aditya Sardana. We reached the action just in time to see Sardana all-in at the risk of his tournament life with Sahil Chuttani contemplating a call. Chuttani eventually made the call with and Sardana showed . Just when it looked like Sardana would double-up, the board gave Chuttani two pairs, ending Saradana’s run.

Sahil Chuttani
Sahil Chuttani

Faiz Alam Doubles Up Via Jeeran Jain

Time: 22:56, Level 9 (Blinds 600/1,200, Ante 1,200)

Most of the chips that Jeeran Jain had won off Kushal Zaveri were taken off him by Faiz Alam. Jain had limped in and action folded to Faiz Alam who moved all-in with . Jain made the call and tabled a better . The runout was not without its share of drama but in the end, Faiz took down the pot after rivering three-of-a-kind sevens.

Saumil Krishnani Chipping Up

Time: 22:48, Level 9 (Blinds 600/1200, Ante 1200)

In a battle of the blinds, Saumil Krishani just took down a 50K pot after winning a flip holding vs on the rundown !

Kushal Zaveri Eliminated by Jeeran Jain

Time: 22:45, Level 9 (Blinds 600/1,200, Ante 1,200)

We reached the table with two players on their backs. Kushal Zaveri’s pocket jacks were up against Jeeran Jain’s pocket aces. The board ran and that was the end of Zaveri’s journey in the kick-off event.

The event is down to 117 players now.

Series-Opener ₹15K Kick-Off Event Registers 257 Entries

Time: 22:32, Level 8 (Blinds 500/1000, Ante 1000)

What a smashing start to the series! Coming back after a hiatus of a little over 3 years, the BPT series-opener logged in 257 entries in the ₹15K Kick-Off Event. There are approximately 125 players left in the running and it looks like Yohan Patel (133,000) is leading the lot with Arjunn Agarwal (112,000) hot on his heels.

Yohan Patel
Yohan Patel

Here are some notable chip counts.

PlayerChip Count
Yohan Patel133000
Arjunn Agarwal112000
Shagun Jain100000
Sajjan Barnwal96000
Anup Palod54000
Nishant Sharma48000
Kunal Patni45000
Sahil Agarwal36000
Dhaval Mudgal32000
Vivek Rughani32000
Ashish Munot30000
Raghav Bansal30000
Meherzad Munsaf29000
Siddharth Karia29000
Jasven Saigal27000
Shravan Chhabria23000
Sumit Sapra22000
Laksh Pal Singh20000
Ankit Wadhawan17000
Faiz Alam16000
Archit Khandelwal15000
Yuvraj Singh15000
Abhinav Iyer15000
Akshay Nasa13000
Devang Yadav13000
Aditya Sushant12000
Kavish Kukreja12000
Deepak Bothra10000
Romit Advani8400
Vaibhav Sharma7000

Play will continue till level 18 today before the bags are brought out. Day 2 starts at 3 pm tomorrow.

Ankit Wadhawan Eliminated by Nishant Sharma

Time: 21:55, Level 8 (Blinds 500/1,000, Ante 1,000)

It was a clash between two tournament regulars where Nishant Sharma eventually came out on top. He opened, Rubin Labroo called and Ankit Wadhawan jammed with . Sharma called with pocket sixes while Labroo folded. The board ran and just like that Sharma’s pocket sixes busted Wadhawan.

Wilson Yomso Gets Lucky on the River & Wins a Massive Hand, Aditya Sushant Eliminated

Time: 21:35, Level 8 (Blinds 500/1,000, Ante 1,000)

India’s first WSOP bracelet winner, Aditya Sushant will have to wait to win a BPT title. Sushant was extremely short and was auto all-in in the big blind. Wilson Yomso opened to 2,700 and Puneet Dua called. On the flop , Dua announced all-in with for two pairs and Yomso made the call with . Dua was looking good on the turn but the river paired up the board getting Wilson a better two pair. Sushant walked out after showing .

Aditya Sushant
Aditya Sushant

Vivek Singh Hits the Rail

Time: 21:25, Level 7 (Blinds 400/800, Ante 800)

With the flop open , and four players involved, an unknown player bet 2,500 and Vivek Singh raised it to 8,500. The other two players folded, and the initial raiser moved all-in. Singh called with for two pairs and the player tabled for a flush and a gutshot straight draw. The turn completed his straight and Singh busted the event on the brick river. With re-entries and late registration open till the end of the current level, he still has a window of opportunity to get back in.

Muskan Sethi Eliminated by Vidwath Shetty in Classic Cooler

Time: 21:07, Level 7 (Blinds 400/800, Ante 800)

The GPL India rivalry has spilled over to the BPT as we recently witnessed the two Team Managers – Delhi Diehards Manager Muskan Sethi and Bengaluru Hackers Manager Vidwath Shetty face-off. Shetty opened 4X preflop holding pocket aces, and the action folded to Sethi, who jammed with pocket kings. Shetty made the easy call and won the pot on the dry board.

Muskan Sethi
Muskan Sethi

Shagun Jain Eliminates Both Vivek Rughani & Wilson Yomso

Time: 21:01, Level 6 (Blinds 300/600, Ante 600)

In what turned out to a monster pot with two eliminations, Wilson Yomso opened UTG and Shagun Jain made the call on the button. Vivek Rughani defended his big blind to make it three-way to the flop .

Yomso c-bet – Jain called – Rughani shoved. Yomso called before Jain shoved over the top. Yomso called at the risk of elimination.

Vivek Rughani

Wilson Yomso

Shagun Jain

The next two streets blanked out and Jain raked in the massive pot with his set eliminating both Rughani and Yomso at one go.

Shagun Jain
Shagun Jain

WSOP Bracelet Winner Abhinav Iyer Knocks Out Pankaj Kothari

Time: 20:53, Level 6 (Blinds 300/600, Ante 600)

India`s first solo WSOP bracelet winner Abhinav Iyer is in the house and looks determined to make a deep run. Taking a positive step in that direction he recently eliminated Pankaj Kothari. The hand in question saw him opening for 1,400 and an unknown player called. Next to act Pankaj Kothari shoved for 5,400 and action folded back to Iyer who made the call. The other player folded making it two-way on the showdown.

Abhinav Iyer

Pankaj Kothari

The board ran and Iyer took down the pot eliminating Kothari in the process.

Abhinav Iyer
Abhinav Iyer

Maria Kirloskar Done For the Day

Time: 20:46, Level 6 (Blinds 300/600, Ante 600)

Wilson Yomso opened preflop for 1,500 and short-stacked Maria Kirloskar, who had only 1,300 behind, made the call. Next to act Deepak Bothra shoved over the top and Wilson called.

Maria Kirloskar

Wilson Yomso

Deepak Bothra

The board brought both Yomso and Bothra a King & Queen pair – and they chopped the pot while Kirlosakar hit the rail. As told to our crew, she is not planning to re-enter again.

Maria Kirloskar
Maria Kirloskar

Abhishek Goindi Hits the Rail

Time: 20:35, Level 5 (Blinds 200/400, Ante 400)

Abhishek Goindi has just been eliminated on Table 19. The action saw Aida Edalat from the UTG open with and Goindi jammed from UTG+1 with pocket fives. The small blind called with pocket eights and UTG who had one queen in her hand called. The flop brought a queen in the window, winning Edalat the pot, eliminating Goindi who prompt re-entered.

Abhishek Goindi
Abhishek Goindi

Ratul Steves Takes Down a Pot; Dhaval Mudgal Eliminated

Time: 20:40, Level 5 (Blinds 200/400, Ante 400)

Ratul Steves, who was in the big blind just won himself a juicy pot from a player in UTG. With the board open Steves led out and that was enough to get the opponent to fold.

Dhaval Mudgal was also seated at the same table was incidentally eliminated just a few hands before. He has since re-entered.

Ratul Steves
Ratul Steves

Prabhat Kiran Mukherjea Sends Himanshu Laul Packing

Time: 20:31, Level 5 (Blinds 200/400, Ante 400)

We reached the action in time to see Prabhat Kiran Mukherjea’s pitted against Himanshu Laul’s . The board ran and Mukherjea took down the pot leaving Laul with just 1,500.

And as expected, Laul was seen vacating his seat soon afterward.
Himanshu Laul
Himanshu Laul

Haider Madraswala Eliminated by Vivek Singh

Time: 20:17, Level 5 (Blinds 200/400, Ante 400)

Vivek Singh opened the pot for 2,500 and next to act Haider Madraswala moved all-in for 9,100. The action folded back to Singh who made the call tabling . Madraswala showed and it was off to the races. The board ran and Singh turned a pair to eliminate Madraswala.

Madraswala is not done for the day yet and informed us that he is considering a re-entry.

Notable Chip Counts At The End Of The First Break

Time: 20:06, Level 4 (Blinds 200/300, Ante 300)

Here are a few notable chip counts at the first break of the night. We will bring you a more comprehensive list as the play progresses. As this tournament allows for unlimited re-entries, the dynamics of the game can change at any given point, so stay tuned for all the latest updates.

PlayerChip Count
Arsh Grover32,000
Muskan Sethi25,000
Deepak Bothra20,000
Archit Khandelwal19,000
Vivek Rughani18,100
Tanay Hargunaney16,000
Madhav Gupta13,000
Vidwath Shetty12,000
Myron Periera9,000
Maria Kirloskar8,200
Aditya Sushant8,000
Abhinav Iyer4,000

Anup Palod’s River Shove Gets Vineet Kumar To Fold

Time: 19:55, Level 4 (Blinds 200/300, Ante 300)

We reached the action on the flop . Vineet Kumar bet 3,600. Anup Palod check-called to see the turn . Palod checked again, but Kumar kept the pressure on by firing a bet of 6,700. Palod called to see the completing the board and here Palod immediately moved all-in for around 14,000. Kumar went into the tank and Palod said, “kuch nahi hai” to which Kumar replied, “kuch nahi hai to kya hai?” Kumar eventually folded and Palod said, “I had a queen.”

Vineet Kumar
Vineet Kumar

Rajat Sharma on Bullet No. 2

Time: 19:25, Level 3 (Blinds 100/200, Ante 200)

Rajat Sharma has just made a re-entry in the opening BPT event. Sharma’s met with Aditya Kumar’s and the board ran .

Deepak Bothra vs. Shagun Jain

Time: 19:20, Level 3 (Blinds 100/200, Ante 200)

With the board open , Deepak Bothra moved all-in against Shagun Jain who tanked for sometime before calling. Bothra turned over and Jain mucked his hand.

The tournament has already touched 173 entries and counting.

Raman Gujral Eliminated Early

Time – 19:20, Level 3 (Blinds 100/200, Ante 200)

Raman Gujral was one of the early eliminations today. Gujral who held pocket nines raised from the hijack for 600. The player on the button 3-bet to 2,000. Gujral called. After the (rainbow) flop, Gujral checked, his opponent bet 2,300. Gujral made it 10,000 to call leaving only 1,500 behind. The hijack moved all-in and Gujral called only to discover the bad news – Gujral’s pocket nines were outmatched by his opponent’s pocket jacks, sending him out to the rail. Since the event allows unlimited re-entries, he has already bought in again.

Raman Gujral
Raman Gujral

Cards Are In The Air!

Time: 18:30, Level 2 (Blinds 100/200)

Day 1 of the ₹15K Kick-Off is now underway! With starting blinds set at 100/200, approximately 130 players have already registered for the event. Starting stacks are 15,000 with 30-min levels.

Some of the notables present are Nishant Sharma, Vivek Rughani, Kunal Patni, Ashish Munot, Rajat Sharma and the two WSOP bracelet winners – Abhinav Iyer and Aditya Sushant.

₹15K Kick-Off Underway at PokerBaazi LIVE
₹15K Kick-Off underway at PokerBaazi LIVE

Welcome to the Live Coverage of the 2019 Baazi Poker Tour – ₹15K Kick-Off Day 1

Time: 18:00:00

What a great time to be a poker player! Its been a year of amazing comebacks starting with the return of the India Poker Championship (IPC) and the announcement of the much-awaited third season of the Poker Sports League (PSL)! Now joining this list is the ever-popular Baazi Poker Tour (BPT), which is returning to the shores of Goa after a nearly three-year-long hiatus.

Baazi Poker Tour

Accompanying BPT on this glorious comeback is the PokerGuru live reporting team! After being away from the live coverage scene for about 18 months, PokerGuru will now be a part of all the exciting action at the BPT and will bring you all the nail-biting and high-octane action as it unfolds.

Today marks the start of the six-day series, and we have Day 1 of the ₹15K Kick-off Event.

However, to bring you seamless coverage of the BPT, we will be taking a break from our regularly scheduled features such as the Daily Majors, This Week in Poker, and more. This will be a short sabbatical till the series comes to an end, but soon after that, we’ll be back with a BANG with a plethora of new updates and much more!

Stay tuned on this page for all the updates!

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