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WSOP 2019: Aditya Systla Finishes 14th in Salute To Warriors Event (~₹4 Lakhs)

WSOP Event #71 Day 2 Wrap Up Cover Image
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  • Attreyee Khasnabis July 4, 2019
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Hosted in honor of the United States armed forces, Day 2 of Event #71: SALUTE TO WARRIORS – $500 No-Limit Hold’em saw 287 runners return to the fray. Following 16 levels of play, only eight finalists remained in the running.

Two Indians had carried their stacks forward to Day 2, and among them, Aditya Systla ran the deepest. Systla narrowly missed the final table after losing a crucial hand to Lu Chen, ultimately finishing 14th for $5,819 (~₹4 Lakhs). This was Systla’s career-first WSOP score and also his personal best live score to date.

The other Indian who had made it to Day 2 was Sachidananda Sivakumar. He was eliminated early into the day, placing 141st for $865 (~₹59,552).

After Taehyung Kim (9th for $9,486) elimination, the play was halted for the day.

Former Airman Taylor Carroll bagged the overnight chip leader amassing 68 big blinds (13,525,000) by the end of the day’s play. He even told tournament officials, “I mean it’s got to be a vet [veteran] that wins it.”

Play will resume on July 5, as July 4, which is the American Independence Day, will be a rest day for the remaining players.


Event #71: SALUTE TO WARRIORS – $500 No-Limit Hold’em – Day 2

Out of the two Indians who had bagged up for Day 2, Aditya Systla came back with the larger stack of 310,000 (62 big blinds) in comparison to his compatriot Sachidananda Sivakumar who had 70,000 (14 big blinds) in chips.

Unsurprisingly, Sachidananda Sivakumar‘s run came to an early end on Day 2 as he busted out during level 21, finishing 141st for $865 (~₹59,552).

Aditya Systla fared much better than his fellow countryman. He had kicked off Day 2 seated alongside the likes of two-time WSOPC ring winner Sean Troha and tournament regular David Dao. Not much was reported of his journey through the early levels of the day, but his stack followed a steady upward trajectory with each passing level. By the time the final three tables were redrawn, he was sitting with 900,000 in chips.

Aditya Systla
Aditya Systla

Soon after that, he eliminated Reda Bouaboula during level 27. Bouaboula’s were cracked by Systla’s , eliminating Bouaboula in 25th place for $3,741.

In the next level, Systla locked horns with Brazil’s Luiz Ferreira. The latter’s were no match for Systla’s which bettered to three-of-a-kind nines on the board . Ferreira walked out in 22nd place for $3,741.

Luiz Ferreira
Luiz Ferreira

Once the field was down to the last two tables, Systla’s stack had crossed the 2 Million-mark (2,400,000) in chips. In fact, he held the sixth biggest stack among the remaining 17 players. However, by level 30 his stellar run had come to an end.

The hand in question saw Lu Chen making a raise to 300,000 and Systla 3-bet all-in for 1.3 Million. Chen tanked for some time before deciding to call.

Lu Chen

Aditya Systla

Systla was a 67% favorite to win this hand pre-flop, but the rundown turned the odds in Chen’s favor who flopped a pair of nines. Chen, who had left the table out of frustration, mentally prepared to be eliminated, came back just when the turn was opened and was pleasantly surprised. The river sealed Systla’s fate as his dazzling run came to an end in 14th place for $5,819 (~₹4 Lakhs).

Other notables who also finished in the money included Ben Yu (42nd for $2,523), Arkadiy Tsinis (60th for $1,788), Robert Cheung (117th for $945), David Oppenheim (118th for $945), Mike Sexton (142nd for $865), Jaswinder Sanghera (161st for $803), Ashish Gupta (172nd for $803), and Vinny Pahuja (259th for $699).

Following the elimination of Pete Forsstrom in 10th place for $7,387, the nine-handed final table was convened.


Final Table Chip Counts

1. Taylor Carroll – 13,000,000

2. Susan Faber – 6,350,000

3. Dean Yoon – 6,000,000

4. Uriah Grossglauser – 4,300,000

5. Taehyung Kim – 3,500,000

6. Kulwant Singh – 3,300,000

7. Jose Annaloro – 1,900,000

8. Chris Canan – 1,800,000

9. Jordan Knackstedt – 1,700,000


Final Table Recap

The first elimination on the final table was of Taehyung Kim when his ran into Chris Canan’s which improved to three-of-a-kind nines on the board . Kim exited in ninth place.

Following Kim’s elimination, the play was halted for the day, with Taylor Carroll emerging as the overnight chip leader with 68 big blinds (13,525,000). He will lead the remaining eight players to the final day on July 5.

Taylor Carroll
Taylor Carroll

Final Day Chip Counts

1. Taylor Carroll – 13,525,000

2. Susan Faber – 7,280,000

3. Dean Yoon – 6,845,000

4. Chris Canan – 6,105,000

5. Uriah Grossglauser – 3,655,000

6. Kulwant Singh – 2,225,000

7. Jordan Knackstsedt – 2,050,000

8. Jose Annaloro – 1,265,000

Content & Images Courtesy: World Series of Poker

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