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3-Bet: Nirath Rean & Martin Ryan Win WSOP Circuit Rings, Dan Smith Commits $1.14 Million For Charity Drive

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  • Namita Ghosh December 1, 2018
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The 2018 World Series of Poker Circuit (WSOPC) has been the hub of poker action this past week with various stops running at different venues. The WSOPC Planet Hollywood saw its $2,200 High Roller crown a winner in Nirath Rean who outlasted 97 other runners to stake claim on the title and $58,802 in prize money. Even as Rean walked away with his maiden WSOPC gold ring, Martin Ryan continued his dominance at the series. Ryan topped the $400 NLHE Monster Stack at the 2018 WSOPC Harrah’s Cherokee, to win his eighth WSOPC gold ring along with$70,226 in prize money.

Two Indian-origin players picked up scores at these WSOPC events. Ankush Mandavia (6th for $10,511) final tabled the WSOPC Planet Hollywood $2,200 High Roller, while Abhijit Ghosh (117th for $631) min-cashed the WSOPC Harrah’s Cherokee $400 NLHE Monster Stack.

Our third report features poker pro Dan Smith, who has announced that he will be leading a charity fundraiser for different causes and will also match up to $1.14 Million of the total amount raised by the charity drive.

Nirath Rean Wins 2018 WSOPC Planet Hollywood $2,200 High Roller

Besting 98 entries, Nirath Rean took down the $2,200 High Roller at the 2018 World Series of Poker Circuit (WSOPC) Planet Hollywood for $58,802. This is Rean’s maiden WSOPC gold ring, although he’s a regular at the WSOP and boasts of $292,542 in live earnings that includes a 22nd place finish at this year`s WSOP Main Event.

Indian-origin player and 2016 WSOP $5,000 NLHE (30-min levels) bracelet winner Ankush Mandavia was among the notables at the event and scored a sixth place finish for $10,511.

Though Day 2 of the event saw many seasoned players, a number of them hit the rail in quick succession. Rean came into the final table with the third-biggest stack holding 400,000 in chips, while Rok Gostisa was leading the lot with 670,000 and Yeray Mesa De Armas was second in chips with 550,000.

The bubble burst with the elimination of Jess Yaginuma who saw his ace-eight improve to one pair on the board but was still behind De Armas`s queen-seven that flopped two pair.

Dylan Wilkerson (12th for $4,094), Alex Condon (11th for $4,094), and Sean Jazayeri (10th for $4,094) were all eliminated in quick succession forming the nine-handed final table.

Final Table Recap

Early on the final table, Malki Yaron Zeev got all his chips in the middle from the button with ace-three but ran into big blind Ankush Mandavia’spocket fives. The board blanked out and Mandavia won the pot to eliminate Zeev in ninth place.

Colin Dentan was next sent packing in eighth place when his ace-king suited couldn’t hold up against Yeray Mesa De Armas`sking-queen suited that found a queen on the flop and improved further to three-of-a-kind when another queen landed on the turn.

Several hands later, De Armas eliminated Daniel Barry in seventh place with his queen-three suited staying ahead of Barry’s eight-five suited through the rundown.

Ankush Mandavia who was by now the short-stack 3-bet shoved all-in from the small blind with jack-eight suited, but he couldn’t match up to big blind Daniel Mijac’s pocket jacks, and exited in sixth place.

Yeray Mesa De Armas who had dominated the final table action for long then saw his run cut short in fifth place when his nut flush was defeated by Joseph Cheong’s flopped full house.

Not long thereafter, Daniel Mijac was railed in a coin flip with his pocket sevens failing to hold on against Rean’s ace-king. The board ran and Rean who had paired his king on the flop, spiked another pair on the river to collect the pot, eliminating Mijac in the process.

Several hands later, Rok Gostisa moved all in from the small blind for his last 120,000 and Cheong called from the big blind. Cheong tabled against Gostisa’s . The board ran and Gostisa was bounced out in third place.

Rean kept building his lead through the heads-up match with Joseph Cheong till finally he opened to 62,000 from the small blind and was called off by Cheong from the big blind. The flop brought and both players checked through to the turn. Cheong checked again while Rean led out 60,000, prompting Cheong to call. The appeared on the river and Cheong checked again. Here, Rean moved all in for 2.4 Million. Cheong tank-called and pushed all-in for his remaining 200,000. Rean tabled for a flopped set of ace and took down the pot as Cheong turned over the .

Nirath Rean
Nirath Rean – Winner of 2018 WSOPC Planet Hollywood $2,200 High Roller

Final Table Results (USD)

1.Nirath Rean – $58,802

2. Joseph Cheong – $36,348

3. Rok Gostisa – $25,876

4. Daniel Mijac – $18,796

5. Yeray Mesa De Armas – $13,924

6. Ankush Mandavia – $10,511

7. Daniel Barry – $8,085

8. Colin Dentan – $6,333

9. Malki Yaroon Zeev – $5,049

Martin Ryan Wins 2018 WSOPC Harrah’s Cherokee $400 NLHE Monster Stack

The $400 NLHE Monster Stack event at the 2018 World Series of Poker Circuit (WSOPC) Harrah’s Cherokee pulled in a total 1,166 players making for a prize pool of $384,780. As the field narrowed down over the subsequent days of play, seven-time WSOPC gold ring winner Martin Ryan emerged as the last player standing and won his eighth gold ring along with $70,226 for his efforts.

The 57- year old has been on a winning sizzle this year with three titles so far in the current WSOPC season.

“I’m promising everybody I have to stop because back home in Trinidad they need me.”Ryan said, “I run a game,” he explained.

Ryan had ended Day 1 fourth in chips and continued to chip up on Day 2. Right before the bubble, Ryan scooped a massive pot and there was no looking back him thereafter.

When the unofficial ten-handed final table kicked off, Ryan was the chip leader with a massive 8,800,000 in chips. Eventually, Ryan defeated Forrest Raleigh in the heads-up play to win the title.

A total of 61 survivors returned for Day 2 and the money burst midway through Day 1. 117 runners took home a piece of the prize money and the first player to be eliminated in the money was Indian-origin player Abhijit Ghosh (117th for $631). Stephen Song (63rd for $1,050), Zachary Smith (65th for $958) and Maurice Hawkins (116th for $631) were among the other notables who picked up scores at the event.

Final Table Recap

Eliminations on the final table came in fast with Kevin Davis going out in ninth place, while John Richards was out in eighth place. Mike Bennett made his way out in seventh place.

Following Bennett to the rail was Ian Holt who had come into the 10-handed final table with the second biggest stack of 8,665,000 but couldn’t make it far.

With Holt leaving in sixth place, the field whittled down to the final five players. Soon thereafter, Marshall White and Christopher Underwood were also eliminated in fifth and fourth place respectively.

The elimination of Brandon Waller left only Forrest Raleigh and Ryan in the running. Ryan proved unbeatable for Raleigh with the former taking home the title.


Martin Ryan
Martin Ryan – Winner of WSOPC Harrah’s Cherokee $400 Monster Stack

Final Table Results (USD)

1.Martin Ryan – $70,226

2. Forrest Raleigh – $43,372

3. Brandon Waller – $32,229

4. Christopher Underwood – $24,241

5. Marshall White – $18,458

6. Ian Holt – $14,221

7. Mike Bennett – $11,086

8. John Richards – $8,738

9. Kevin Davis – $6,965

Dan Smith Readies For Charity Drive

Dan Smith is undoubtedly one of the biggest names within the poker fraternity and he has a big heart too.

Dan Smith
Dan Smith

Last year, Smith had spearheaded a charity fundraiser that raised more than $4.5 Million for various worthy causes. In alliance with Daily Poker Sports team Tom and Martin Crowley, Smith offered to put up $1 Million in a matching drive for the event which received an incredible response.

In an attempt to recreate the success of last year`s charity drive, Smith has announced that he will match up to $1.14 Million this year. Joining him in the efforts will be other notable poker players, including Stephen Chidwick.

Additionally, 10 charities chosen by Smith will be the recipients of the donations this year, including Raising for Effective Giving (REG), Hellen Keller International’s Vitamin A Supplementation Program, GiveDirectly, StrongMinds.com, the Animal Charity Evaluator Effective Animal Advocacy Fund, The Good Food Institute, the Machine Intelligence Research Institute, the Massachusetts Bail Fund and the Malaria Consortium’s seasonal malaria chemo-prevention program. Moreover, grants will be provided to GiveWell for further distribution to charities it chooses.

Since anyone can donate any amount that they desire, Smith hopes that last year’s 714 contributors will be eclipsed by at least a 1,000 this year. He adds that “no amount is too small” and that everyone should “make as much of a contribution as you can afford.”

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