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3-Bet: Hellmuth Makes Five-Way Chop in Mega Millions XXI, Galfond Starts Playing at RIO & Livingston Wins CPC High Roller

Phil Hellmuth, Phil Galfond & Matt Livingston - 3-Bet
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  • Namita Ghosh August 31, 2019
  • 3 Minutes Read

Two tournament reports and a significant announcement by Run It Once founder Phil Galfond form part of this update.

The Mega Millions XXI Quantum $1 Million GTD recently played out at The Bicycle Casino in Los Angeles, and the same would have gone mostly unreported had poker legend Phil Hellmuth not made it to the nine-handed final table at the event. There were two deals made on the final table and Hellmuth was part of the first, courtesy which he collected $95,693 for a fifth-place finish after a five-way chop. Another deal between the last three players saw Triet Nguyen winning the title for $167,549, which included a $5,000 seat into the WPT Legends of Poker Main Event.

Poker pro Phil Galfond has worked diligently these past three years to develop Run It Once (RIO) Poker from the ground up. Looking to improve the site`s traffic, Galfond is now ready to don a different hat as far as his role at RIO is concerned. In his latest blog-post ‘Let’s Play Some Cards’ dated August 26, Galfond announced that he has finally been given permission to play on his own site. As the first non-anonymous player on RIO, Galfond will be seen actively playing across different stakes and will live-stream all the action as well. He has announced a slew of other promotional giveaways for users who play against him.

Wrapping up this feature is the tournament report from the 2019 Colorado Poker Championship (CPC) where Matt Livingston bested 49 entries in the $2,500 High Roller to win $40,300.

Phil Hellmuth Part of A Five-Way Chop in Mega Millions XXI

Part of the 2019 WPT Legends of Poker tournament series currently underway at The Bicycle Casino, the Mega Millions XXI Quantum $1 Million GTD kicked off on August 16 and logged in a massive 5,750 entries through an equally staggering 30 starting flights. The nine-handed final table was redrawn on August 27 and headlining the field was none other than the 15-time bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth himself.

Phil Hellmuth finishes 5th in Mega Millions XXI
Phil Hellmuth finishes 5th in Mega Millions XXI

The final table saw two different deals come into play. The five final players that included Hellmuth agreed to a five-way chop that saw each of them lock up a payout of $60,000. Hellmuth eventually finished fifth for $95,693.

The last three players went ahead to make another deal that awarded Triet Nguyen with the title. Nguyen banked $167,549 that includes a $5,000 seat into the upcoming WPT Legends of Poker Main Event.

The tournament allowed players to buy-in for as little as $160 or $500, or take advantage of the Quantum Tournament format and enter directly on Day 2 for $3,700. The large entry field helped the tournament stride well past the advertised guarantee with the final prize pool reaching $1,647,125.


Final Table Recap

It took nearly two hours for the final table to lose its first player, and that distinction fell upon Pogo Simityan who left in ninth place. Eric Wu, Alex Tran, and Alex Tran were eliminated in quick succession collecting payouts for places eighth to sixth respectively.

The last five players held over 10 Million in chips and decided to put in a further $12,000 each, adding $60,000 and the $5,000 WPT Main Event seat up top while revising the top five payouts.

Poker icon Phil Hellmuth was the first one from this group to bust in fifth place after his ace-queen lost out to Joo Park’s ace-king. Hellmuth flopped a pair of queens, but Park turned an ace-high straight to eliminate Hellmuth.

After Vuong Do’s elimination in fourth place, the three finalists decided to chop the remaining $60,000, with Nguyen payout out an extra $1,000 to the other two players so that he could claim the $5,000 seat into the WPT Main Event. Joo Park collected a third-place payout, and Jose Mendoza finished runner-up, while Nguyen was declared the champion.

Triet Nguyen wins the Mega Millions XXI
Triet Nguyen wins the Mega Millions XXI

Final Table Results (USD)

  1. Triet Nguyen – $167,549*^#
  2. Jose Mendoza – $145,266*^
  3. Joo Park – $138,985*^
  4. Vuong Do – $92,825*
  5. Phil Hellmuth – $95,693*
  6. Todd Kriesman – $42,745
  7. Alex Tran – $33,670
  8. Eric Wu – $26,390
  9. Pogos Simityan – $20,240

*denotes heads-up deal

^denotes three-way deal

Phil Galfond Gets Permission to Play & Stream on Run It Once (RIO) Poker

Poker pro Phil Galfond’s Run It Once (RIO) Poker went in for a ‘public beta’ launch in February this year after a prolonged delay. Galfond has in his latest blog-post ‘Let’s Play Some Cards’ dated August 26, announced that he has finally been granted permission to play on the site.

Phil Galfond joins RIO as player
Phil Galfond

“I’ve become the first non-anonymous player on Run It Once Poker. If I’m at your table, I won’t know who you are, but you’ll see my name and avatar,” Galfond wrote.

Usually, site owners and employees are legally prohibited from playing on their own sites, but Galfond seems to have succeeded in gaining the go-ahead from the regulators to play for real-money on RIO. According to Galfond, by joining RIO as a player, he will now also be able to live-stream his gameplay.

“The main reason I’m excited to start playing is so that I can finally join our loyal StreamRs in streaming my play on Run It Once. As some of you know, I’ve dabbled in streaming a few times, but since I want to put all of my energy into growing Run It Once Poker, it hasn’t felt like the best use of my time to stream exclusively on other poker sites when there is so much work to be done,” Galfond said.

Promotional Giveaways

Galfond has announced several sops for RIO users who play with him. He announced that during his first week of streaming, the site will run daily giveaways and promotions. Anyone who wins 100 big blinds or more from Galfond in a single hand will win an extra €20 on top of what they have already won from Galfond.

Micro and small-stakes players can also take advantage of the various bounties offered on playing against and beating Galfond. “I plan to spend plenty of time at the micro and small stakes tables, so if you grind those stakes, be sure to take full advantage of bounties that will be worth more than my stack!” Galfond added.


Resizeable Tables

In his blog, Galfond also revisited the changes brought in to the site in its May update. He highlighted that the site now allows players to resize tables. In addition to resizing tables, they can also tile, cascade, or go for the ‘apply size to all tables’ option.

He has listed out some of the other features that were rolled out, including finalized hand-history formatting, hand-history downloads, and multiple hotkey updates. Also, new table backgrounds, new Splash the Pot visuals, new card options, and table layout options have been introduced to the client informed Galfond.


Matt Livingston Wins Colorado Poker Championship High Roller For $40,300

The 2019 Colorado Poker Championship (CPC) crowned local resident Matt Livingston as the champion in its $2,500 buy-in High Roller. It took 15 hours of work for Livingston to claim the title and he was suitably rewarded with a cash prize of $40,300.

This year, the event attracted 49 entries (50% more attendance than last year) that helped generate a prize pool of $115,150 prize pool. The top five places were paid.

Livingston used the chip advantage well and exploited the bubble stage to accumulate over 1 Million in chips. He ultimately defeated Danny Gonzales heads-up to win the title.


Final Table Recap

Rich Dixon, Anthony Martinez, and Thomas Heine were the first three eliminations on the final table and went out in places ninth to seventh respectively.

The money bubble lasted for two levels, and Livingston was ultimately responsible for bringing the tournament into the money when he eliminated Erik Macias in sixth place.

Shortly after that, Mansour Alipourfard (5th place) and Bobby Opila (4th place) were relegated to the rail in quick succession.

The three-handed play saw Livingston holding over 70% percent of chips in play. Before long, Jon Cohen became short-stacked and jammed with . Livingston woke up with ace-jack and made a relatively easy call, eliminating Cohen in third place.

Coming into the heads-up play, Livingston started out with 1,617,000 in chips against the 343,000 of Danny Gonzales. The match lasted for 25-minutes, and in that time, Livingston extended his lead to 10-to-1. Gonzales managed to win a double up but ultimately lost out after Livingston hit a straight with against his .

Matt Livingston wins CPC High Roller
Matt Livingston wins CPC High Roller

Final Table Results (USD)

  1. Matt Livingston – $40,300
  2. Danny Gonzales – $28,790
  3. Jon Cohen – $20,730
  4. Bobby Opila – $14,970
  5. Mansour Alipourfard – $10,360


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