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Team India Qualifies For World Championship in Peru

Team India Qualifies For Nations Cup
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  • Attreyee Khasnabis November 7, 2019
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Taoyuan City in Taiwan has been playing host to the 2019 International Federation of Match Poker (IFMP) Asian Nations Cup since November 5. Day 2 of the second stop in the 3-leg series played out on November 6, where Team India once again emerged as the highest-scoring team, securing a berth in the World Championship that is to be held in Peru this December! They will be playing the three other teams who made it in the top four of the points tally for the Asian Nations Cup today.

Team India had finished in fifth place in the previous edition of the IFMP Nation’s Cup that had taken place in Ireland in March 2019. Having qualified for the upcoming edition of the IFMP World Championship, the Indian contingent will get a second shot at bringing the prized cup back home when they make their way to the Latin American country of Peru in December.

Team Ukraine had edged past defending champions Team Ireland in March to become the new IFMP World Champions. Both teams have once again qualified from the European leg of the event.

Having ended Day 1 at the top of the table, Team India was geared-up for another day of nail-biting action yesterday. Despite starting out as the leaderboard topper, the team hit a slight bump on their ‘Road to Peru’ as Team Korea took charge of the points leaderboard in the first session. Persevering forward, the Indian squad fought their way back to the top and held on to the lead till the end of Day 2.

After two sessions of play, comprising of a total of 300 hands, had been conducted, Teams India (1,575.5 points), Singapore (1,530.5 points), Australia (1,521.5 points), and Taiwan (1,517 points) secured the top four places, respectively.

In fact, host nation Taiwan was in a neck-to-neck race for the fourth berth with Israel. Taiwan managed to beat Israel to the punch, qualifying by a difference of just one point!

Team Taiwan
Team Taiwan

Korea’s Lim Yohwan had taken hold of the top seat from the get-go, but ultimately, lost it to Team Hong Kong’s Jackie Cheuk Kit Chu who ended the day in pole position with 79,009 points.

Team India’s Aditya ‘Bitti’ Agarwal had started the day as the top-ranked individual performer with 49,822 points. He dropped out of the top ten in the first session (150 hands). Following the completion of 200 hands, Agarwal had bounced back in the top and was placed sixth with 38,307 points. The next 50 hands saw Agarwal dropping to 35,258 points, though still hanging on to the sixth position. At the end of Day 2, however, Agarwal was yet again out of the top ten. But this time around, Team India captain Gaurav Gala had clawed his way into the top ten and finished the day on a high note, placing eighth on the leaderboard for 41,633 points.

All nine teams will return for two more sessions of play on November 7. The top four teams will be battling for the Asian Nations Cup trophy, while the bottom five will slog it out for the one remaining berth to the World Championship that takes place in Lima, Peru starting December 2.

The top five teams from the Asian Nations Cup will join Teams Spain, Ireland, Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Germany, and Lithuania, who had advanced from the European Nations Cup, which was held in September, this year.

Next up on the ‘Road to Peru’ is the America’s Nations Cup, which is scheduled to run from November 26 to 29.


Team India Ends Day 2 in Pole Position

Two sessions of 150 hands each played out on Day 2 of the IFMP Asian Nations Cup on November 6.


Team Standings After Session 1 (150 Hands)

9Hong Kong-103337652.5


Team India had begun the day at the top of the leaderboard with 287 points. The first session of play saw Team Korea overtaking India to take the lead with 847.5 points. India was placed second with 788.5, with the hosts, Team Taiwan rounding out the top three places with 765 points.

Team Korea was simultaneously dominating the individual standings as well, with Lim Yohwan (96,499 points) and Hong Jinho (60,929 points) grabbing the top two spots on the player’s leaderboard. ‘TINFUTRAJANO’ from Team Philippines was in third place with 49,400 points.


Team Standings After 200 Hands

9Hong Kong-81808911.5


Fifty hands later, Team India was back in the driver’s seat with 1,056 points. Korea was only 13.5 points behind with 1,042.5 points in the bag. Team Australia held the third spot with 1,030.5 points.

Team Korea was still dominating the individual rankings with Yohwan (92,383 points), Jinho (60,929 points), and Lee Gyeong Byeong (50,001 points) occupying the top three spots. Filipino ‘TINFUTRAJANO’ was pushed down to fifth place with 39,351 points. After a dull start, India’s Aditya ‘Bitti’ Agarwal made his way back in the top 10 and was placed sixth on the player’s leaderboard with 38,307 points.

Aditya 'Bitti' Agarwal
Aditya ‘Bitti’ Agarwal


Team Standings After 250 Hands

9Hong Kong-816541193.5


Team India (1,311.5 points) held on to its lead after 250 hands and was steadily pulling ahead of Team Singapore (1,280 points) who were in the second spot. Team Australia was still in third place with 1,269.5 points. Team Korea had plunged to the sixth position, behind Team Taiwan (4th with 1,263 points) and Team Israel (5th with 1,259.5 points).

Despite the drop in rankings, Korea’s Yohwan (78,118 points) and Jinho (60,929 points) continued to occupy the top two positions on the player’s leaderboard. Team Hong Kong’s Jackie Cheuk Kit Chu had leapfrogged his way into the top three with 57,972 points. Agarwal was still in sixth place with 35,258 points.


Team Standings At the End of Day 2

9Hong Kong-1009841413.5


Team India clung onto the lead in the last 50 hands of play and for the second day running, came out on top with 1,575.5 points. Teams Singapore (1,530.5 points), Australia (1,521.5 points), and Taiwan (1,517 points) were the other three teams to qualify for the World Championship.

Hong Kong’s Kit Chu had raced to the top of the individual rankings by the end of the day, dethroning Yohwan from the lead with 79,009 points. Team Japan’s Takuya Ohgai came in second with 61,722 points, while Korea’s Jinho held on to the third spot with 60,929 points. Indian captain Gaurav Gala finished in eighth place with 41,633 points.

Gaurav Gala
Gaurav Gala

Agarwal and Gala headlined Team India’s performance on Day 2 and ensured the team’s qualification for the World Championship. All nine teams will return to the felts today with the top four teams competing for the Asian Nations Cup, while the bottom five teams will fight it out for the final berth on the ‘Road to Peru’.

Content & Images Courtesy: IFMatchPoker/Indian Match Hold ’em Sport Confederation

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