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Former Adda52 Team Pro Amit Jain Opens Up On His Reasons For Parting Ways With Adda52, Highlights of His Term With the Brand & Future Plans

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  • Attreyee Khasnabis December 26, 2018
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India’s leading online poker brand Adda52 has always boasted of a talented line-up of Team Pros which includes the likes of World Series of Poker (WSOP) 2018 bracelet winner Nikita Luther, banker-turned-poker player Kunal Patni, software engineer and online regular Tarun Goyal and Bollywood star Minissha Lamba. But the brand’s longest-running pro till yesterday was Amit Jain (cover image).

WSOP 2017 bracelet winner Aditya Sushant and Jain started their journey as Adda52 Team pros together in 2014. The very first Adda52 Team Spades comprised of Jain and Sushant, who were later joined by Patni and Muskan Sethi. While Sushant and Sethi eventually left the brand in 2016, Jain stayed on and eventually became the oldest running Team pro at Adda52.

In social media shared on December 25, Jain announced his decision to part ways with Adda52. “After 5 healthy and amazing years of working together adda52 and I have mutually decided to part ways,” wrote Jain in his post.

Displaying his maturity and humility as a player and a role model for the Indian poker community, Jain got to the core of the issue and elaborated, “The main reason behind this decision was that I personally don’t think I was doing justice to my duty of being a brand ambassador or a top notch poker player anymore and nor am I able to travel as much for poker as I used to 4 years back which is why I got in touch with Mohit sir and explained the same to him.”

Jain has enjoyed a fruitful collaboration with Adda52 which saw him winning several accolades and posting impressive scores during his tenure with the brand both online and live, including winning the $ 440 NLHE 1 (for $13,980 – ₹9,79,089) at the 2015 APT – Asian Poker Series Philippines and the ₹75K High Roller (for ₹2,494,800) at the 2017 Deltin Poker Tournament in Goa. He even final tabled the 2018 World Poker Tour (WPT) India Main Event (7th for ₹1,111,000).

Despite enjoying a successful run with the brand, Jain felt that he wasn`t doing the role justice which prompted his wish to part ways with the site, and we are sure it wasn’t an easy choice to make.

The cash game specialist recently spoke to PokerGuru, and following are the excerpts from the interview.

Tell us a little about your long-standing association with Adda52? How did it come about and how was the association?

My association with Adda52 has been very positive. I remember vividly, back in December 2013, Rajat Agarwal from PokerGuru, who is a good friend of mine, had called me and asked me if I would be interested in becoming an Adda pro and if he could forward my number to the Adda52 team as they didn’t have my details. I was super excited, but I also thought that it would be a long shot. After a month or so Mohit Bansal from Adda called both me and Sushi [Aditya Sushant] and our negotiations went on for a week or so. Then it happened (Amit Jain`s announcement as Adda52 Team pro) just one day before the big IPC January tournament. It was super-duper exciting and surreal to be the first pro to be signed by an Indian poker site and to become the second sponsored player from India after Intervention [Aditya Agarwal].

What would you say were the highlights of this four-year long association? What are the things that you will miss most?

The highlight of my term with Adda has to be PSL (Poker Sports League), followed by the seminar I held in Hyderabad and my interactions with Anuj [Gupta] and the Adda pro team. We were really a close bunch of friends and we had some crazy times together.

What was the reason behind parting ways with Adda52?

With my kids growing up I have been unable to travel internationally as much as I used to say 4 years back. Back then I would travel 7-8 times a year but now it’s only once and that too for the WSOP. Additionally, I have also moved on to cash games, so my MTT-game is nowhere close to where I want it to be to call myself a pro. Also, I’m currently facing some personal issues as well.

Taking all that into considerations I just felt like I wasn’t doing justice to Adda or myself or the community. I feel like someone more deserving currently should get my place. When I explained this to Anuj Gupta in Goa during the WPT, he wasn’t too keen on letting me go. While that was very nice of him, but I genuinely felt like it was the right thing to do.

Will you be open to taking up a sponsorship by any other poker operator sometime in the future?

To be honest, not for now. If I ever feel that I’m willing to give in the commitment that this job deserves and if I feel that my game is where I want it to be, then I will get in touch with Adda52 first.

For now, it’s going to be either Adda52 or my own venture, if that ever happens. But, as the saying goes, never say never!

Do you think that this parting of ways with Adda52 will impact your poker career?

Not really. I don’t think it will make much of an impact because I was anyhow not doing much for Adda per se, since the last year I have completely moved on to cash (games). I think this will continue.

In your social media post announcing your resignation from the Adda52 pro team you had stated that you were not able to travel much. Are you planning to go to the WSOP in Las Vegas next year?

I won’t be travelling much for poker. As for WSOP 2019, I’m still not sure.

Are there any other future plans you would like to share with us?

I intend to play live cash games and online MTTs (now on all sites lol) and take it easy.

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