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Andrea Ricci Champions 2021 WSOP International Circuit Main Event in Rozvadov For €236,489

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  • RUPAM THAKUR September 15, 2021
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Italy’s Andrea Ricci (cover image) decimated a 912-entry strong field in the 2021 World Series of Poker (WSOP) International Circuit Main Event at King’s Resort, Rozvadov, to win his first WSOP gold ring and a career-best €236,489 (~$291,882). Ricci won a fiercely contested heads-up against fellow countryman Simone Lombardo, who banked a runner-up prize worth €146,004.

Andrea Ricci recorded live earnings have shot up to $699,527 after the win.

The €1,700 buy-in Main Event with a 912-entry field crushed its €1 million guarantee. The top 95 places took a stab at the €1,342,920 prize pool with a min-cash worth €3,656.

Ciprian Paunescu was eliminated on the money bubble in 96th place, opening the floodgates of eliminations.

Mihai Stinca ended up bubbling the final table in tenth place for €15,965,

The nine finalists and tenth-place finisher Mihai Stinca also received an entry to the 2021 WSOP Europe €10,300 Main Event scheduled to take place in early December.

The final table began with Andrea Ricci holding the chip lead and the only million-plus stack.

Final Table Chip Counts

  1. Andrea Ricci – 100,85,000
  2. Sami Karli – 68,10,000
  3. Aliaksandr Shylko – 67,30,000
  4. Simone Lombardo – 64,75,000
  5. Vincent De Neve – 64,10,000
  6. “Mr. Bond” – 33,75,000
  7. Ahmad Achegsei – 21,75,000
  8. Mourad Tounnouti – 21,35,000
  9. Uri Gilboa – 13,85,000


Final Table Recap

The final table started with a bang, with Sam Karli almost immediately falling out in ninth place. On a board reading , Karli moved all-in with . The chip leader Andrea Ricci snap-called with for a full boat. The river blanked out for Karli.

During level 29, Ahmad Achegsei was knocked out in eighth place after his collided with Simone Lombardo’s .

Soon after that, “Mr. Bond” was eliminated in seventh place by Andrea Ricci. The short-stacked Uri Gilboa followed suit in sixth place.

During level 31, Mourad Tounnouti was sent to the rails in fifth place. His lost the advantage to Simone Lombardo`s as the runout favored the latter.

Aliaksandr Shylko was next on the chopping block and collected the fourth-place payout after being eliminated by Andrea Ricci.

Vicent De Neve went out in third place after his three-bet jam with got looked up by Simone Lombardo holding a better .

Simone Lombardo (23,800,000) held a marginal chip advantage over Andrea Ricci (21,000,000) at the start of the heads-up match, and with the stacks so deep, the finale turned into a lengthy and fiercely contested battle.

Ricci gained the massive chip lead when he hit a one-card flush against Lombardo’s set of eights, and the final hand didn`t take too long after that. The action saw Ricci ripping it in with and Lombardo called off with . The board gave Lombardo a straight, but Ricci took down the title with his rivered full house.

Andrea Ricci
Andrea Ricci


Final Table Results (EURO)

  1. Andrea Ricci – €236,489
  2. Simone Lombardo – €146,004
  3. Vincent De Neve – €104,359
  4. Aliaksandr Shylko – €79,943
  5. Mourad Tounnouti – €63,334
  6. Uri Gilboa – €49,329
  7. “Mr. Bond” – €35,943
  8. Ahmad Achegsei – €24,565
  9. Sami Karli – €19,459


Content & Images Courtesy: PokerNews

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