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APL Road Series Vol. 3: India’s Sumit Sapra Finishes 3rd in High Rollers For ₹25.65 Lakhs

Sumit Sapra
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  • Namita Ghosh November 26, 2018
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The 2018 Asia Poker League (APL) Road Series Vol. 3 is now in the books. The series played out at the Pro Poker Club in Ho Chi Minh City and was choc-a-bloc with many seasoned faces from the Asian circuit making an appearance at the series.

Team India’s performance at the series was headlined by Abhishek Paul who picked up two scores. He won the Hyper Turbo Event for VND 34 Million (₹1.05 Lakh) and made a deep run in the VND 8 Billion GTD Main Event with a 27th place finish (VND 53,470,000 – ₹1,61,712). Fellow countryman Sumit Sapra closed out the series in style with a third-place finish in the High Rollers event for VND 849,230,000 (~₹25,65,728).

Taking down the High Rollers was Korea’s Eunho Kwon who topped the field of 141 runners to win VND 699,250,000 (₹21,16,323) after a three-way deal with Sapra and Tanaka Masatoshi.

Sapra is a very active player on the Asian circuit and the results are starting to show. He has a number of cashes in High Roller tournaments, the most notable of which is his title victory in the PokerGuru Tour Season 2 Six Max High Roller in 2012 followed by his fourth-place finish in the 2017 WPT India ₹100K High Roller for ₹11.54 Lakhs.

Indian-origin player Dhainesh Chainani was another notable in attendance at the series. Chainani finished 12th in the KO Bounty 2 for VND 11,150,000 (₹33,721).

The showstopper at the series was undoubtedly Quang Nguyen for winning the Main Event for VND 1,61,87,50,000.

The other side event winners include Hwang Sang Yeon (DeepStack Open – VND 361,340,000), Le Ngoc Khanh (Super Deepstack for VND 384,980,000), Duy Ho (6-Max Turbo- BB Ante for VND 67,460,000), Tran Huy Hoang (Hyper Turbo 2 for VND 74,650,000), Ang Boon Seng (KO Bounty 2 for VND141,300,000), Lee Keun Woo (NLHE Turbo 2 for VND 152,370,000), Sam Teck Choon Ng (NLHE BB Ante 2 for VND 136,480,000) and David Battersby (NLHE BB Ante 3 for VND 154,470,000).

2018 APL Road Series Vol.3 Winners

2018 APL Road Series Vol. 3 Winners

High Rollers

The High Rollers was the biggest buy-in event at the series with 141 entries coughing up the VND 33,000,000 buy-in to enter through one of two starting flights.

The opening day of the event saw the field narrow down to 69 players and Sumit Sapra was sixth in chips among the survivors with a stack of 648,000, while Malaysia’s Sam Ng held the biggest stack of 1,096,000.

Korea’s Eunho Kwon took top honors at the event, collecting the first-place prize money of VND 699,250,000. Kwon managed to cut a three-way deal with Tanaka Masatoshi, who eventually finished runner-up for VND 749,250,000, and Sapra, who finished third for VND 849,230,000.

Sapra kept the railbirds back home updated with constant updates on his progress on social media. Sapra held a stack of 850,000 when the field had whittled down to 50 players. With only 24 remaining in the field, he was going strong with a stack of 800,000.

Sumit Sapra
Sumit Sapra

The bubble burst when Dinh Xuan Dinh eliminated Qi Ziansheng with for a straight over the latter’s on the rundown .

The best 18 finishers took home a piece of the VND 74,880,000 prize money and featured the likes of Dinh Xuan Dinh (10th for VND 100,530,000), Kwok Ting Shum (11th for VND 100,530,000), Nguyen Hoang Anh (15th for VND 87,190,000) and Nguyen Van Dong (16th for VND 74,880,000).

Start-of-the-day chip leader Sam Ng had a tough day on the felts and failed to cross the money line.

Tran Thanh Vinh (9th for VND 114,680,000) bubbled the final table.

Final Table Recap

The final table saw its first elimination with Nguyen Hoa Thinh bowing out in eighth place.

Following Thinh to the rail was Nguyen Chi Thinh who moved all in from the hijack with king-ten suited only to be called by big blind Kwon who held ace-jack. The board ran seven-eight-four-queen-six relegating Thinh to the rail in seventh place.

Tzai Wei Phua went out next when he moved all in with pocket threes and Linh Tran moved all-in over the top with pocket nines. The rest of the table folded to make it a two-way showdown with Phua looking to catch lightning in a bottle. The board steered clear of any surprises with four-eight-deuce-ten-five and Phua was out in sixth place.

Despite sending Phua to the rail, Linh Tran couldn’t continue much longer and ended his run in fifth place. Phong Vu Hai joined the rail in fourth place bringing play down to three-handed action.

The final three players were quick to cut a deal and play picked up pace thereafter. India’s Sumit Sapra went out in third place but took home the biggest pay cheque of VND 849,230,000 (~₹25,65,728) in the event.

Sapra took to social media to declare his finish. “Cashed for 27K USD after a 3-way deal. Lost AJ to 89, pfai for all the chips and pretty much the title,” Sapra wrote.

Eunho Kwon won the title for VND 699,250,000 (₹21.16 Lakhs), while Tanaka Masatoshi finished runner-up for VND 749,250,000 (₹22.67 Lakhs).

Eunho Kwon
Eunho Kwon- Winner of High Rollers

Final Table Results (VND)

1.Eunho Kwon – VND 699,250,000*

2. Tanaka Masatoshi – VND 749,250,000*

3.Sumit Sapra – VND 849,230,000*

4.Phong Vu Hai – VND 258,500,000

5.Linh Tran – VND 201,050,000

6.Tzai Wei Phua – VND 168,230,000

7.Nguyen Chi Thinh – VND 145,660,000

8. Nguyen HoaThinh – VND 129,450,000

(* Denotes 3-way deal)

Super Deepstack

The two-day long Super Deepstack registered 142 entries creating a prize pool of VND 1,377,400. Local player Le Ngoc Khanh won the event for VND 384,980,000. Interestingly, the lights went out before the finale was reached owing to a typhoon. The event was completed under mobile flashlights.

Le Ngoc Khanh
Le Ngoc Khanh- Winner of Super Deepstack

Nguyen Duc Hai (3rd for VND 143,940,000), Do Hoang Long (5th for VND 67,490,000) and Ying Chang Chen (6th for VND 56,470,000) all scored the event, while the final table was bubbled by Nguyen Tien Thanh (9th for VND 38,500,000).

Six Max Turbo – BB Ante

The Six-Max Turbo was the only short-handed event in the series. With 44 entries, the event generated a prize pool of VND 341,440,000 with Duy Ho emerging as the champion! Ho had quite the series having finished fourth in the Main Event for VND 521,080,000. However, he did considerably better this time around as he cracked a heads-up deal with Tzu Chieh Lo (runner-up for VND 112,000,000), to eventually take home VND 67,460,000 in first-place prize money.

Duy Ho
Duy Ho- Winner of 6-Max Turbo BB Ante

Final Table Results (VND)

1. Duy Ho – VND 67,460,000*

2. Tzu Chieh Lo – VND 112,000,000*

3. Hung Sheng Lin -VND 80,000

4. Jerome Bradpiece – VND 34,730,000

5. Phan Hoang Tu – VND 27,320,000

6. Junhy Young Ki – VND 20,490,000

(* Denotes Heads-up deal)

No Limit Hold’em BB Ante 2

The top nine places, out of 67 entries, were assured payouts in the No Limit Hold’em BB Ante 2. Grabbing the lion’s share of the VND 389,940,000 prize pool was Sam Teck Choong Ng who emerged victorious and banked VND 136,480,000.

Sam Teck Choong Ng

Sam Teck Choong Ng- Winner of NLHE BB Ante 2

Final Table Results (VND)

1.Sam Teck Choong Ng – VND 136,480,000

2. Julien Tran – VND 77,980,000

3. Lee Chin Yong – VND 47,770,000

4. Kim Hyung Suk – VND 34,120,000

5. Yuen Kin Yuk – VND 26,320,000

6 Tran Xuan Truc – VND 20,470,000

7. Tran Thi Thanh Nhan – VND 17,550,000

8. Qixue Zhi – VND 15,660,000

9. Le Nguyen Duy Lam – VND 13,650,000

No Limit Hold’em BB Ante 3

David Battersby emerged as the winner of the No Limit Hold’em BB Ante 3, after defeating Norbert Koh in the heads-up play. Battersby banked VND 154,470,000 for his win, while Koh pocketed VND 88,270,000.

David Battersby
David Battersby – Winner of NLHE BB Ante3

Final Table Results (VND)

1.David Battersby – VND 154,470,000

2. Norbert Koh – VND 88,270,000

3. Kwok Ting Shum – VND 54,070,000

4. Tran Uy Thanh – VND 38,620,000

5. Edmund Eng – VND 29,790,000

6. Xiaosheng Zheng – VND 23,170,000

7. Don Mishra – VND 19,860,000

8. Nguyen Huu Huan – VND 17,650,000

9. Go Mori – VND 15,450,000

No Limit Hold’em Turbo 2

The No Limit Hold’em Turbo 2 attracted 77 entries resulting in a prize pool of VND 448,140,000. Lee Keun Woo was crowned the eventual champion and pocketed VND 152,370,000 in prize money.

Lee Keun Woo
Lee Keun Woo – Winner of NLHE Turbo 2

Final Table Results (VND)

1.Lee Keun Woo (Polalife) – VND 152,370,000

2. Mai Hoang Giang – VND 87,390,000

3. Vu Hung Cuong – VND 54,670,000

4. Pasi Heinanen – VND 36,970,000

5. Lee Hoang Long – VND 28,070,000

6. Wang Yi – VND 22,410,000

7. Nguyen Thien Thanh – VND 19,720,000

8. Mitchell Minh Nong – VND 17,930,000

9. Cao Hoang Anh – VND 15,240,000

KO Bounty 2

Ang Boon Seng outlasted 93 entries to take down the KO Bounty 2 and collected VND 141,300,000 and 8 bounties (VND 2M each).. Indian-origin player Dhanesh Chainani finished 12th for VND 11,150,000 (₹33,721).

Ang Boon Seng
Ang Boon Seng – Winner of KO Bounty 2

Final Table Results (VND)

1.Ang Boon Seng – VND 141,300,000

2. Toh Liam Tong – VND 84630,000

3. Phan Anh Khiem – VND 53,460,000

4. Lim Koon Ting – VND 34,520,000

5. Yong Sun Park – VND 26,730,000

6. Nguyen Tien Thanh – VND 21,160,000

7. Terence Yeo – VND 17,820,000

8. Pham Thanh Dat – VND 15,590,000

9. Hung Sheng Lin – VND 14,130,000

Hyper Turbo 2

Overcoming a field of 52 entries, Tran Huy Hoang claimed the trophy and top prize of VND 74,650,000 in the Hyper Turbo 2 event.

Tran Huy Hoang
Tran Huy Hoang Winner of Hyper Turbo 2

Final Table Results (VND)

1.Tran Huy Hoang – VND 74,650,000

2. James Morrison – VND 44,390,000

3. Yuen Kin Yuk – VND 27,240,000

4. Hwang Sang Yeon – VND 19,170,000

5. Michael Kim Falcon – VND 15,130,000

6. Pasi Heinanen – VND 12,110,000

7. Dao Ngoc Nam – VND 9,000,000

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