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APPT Cambodia 2023: Asish Kumar Ghosh Finishes 3rd in Mini High Roller & Makes Day 2 in Mystery Bounty Alongside Ashish Munot & Mohit Bohra

Asish Kumar Ghosh, Ashish Munot, Mohit Bohra
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  • Naman Sharma May 11, 2023
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On the fifth day of the 2023 Asia Pacific Poker Tour, staged at the illustrious NagaWorld Phnom Penh in the Kingdom of Wonder, Cambodia, Team India put forth a stellar performance. The team achieved two final table finishes and secured four ITM scores, demonstrating their formidable prowess at the poker table.

Asish Kumar Ghosh led the charge with a laudable third-place finish in the $2K Mini High Roller, banking $16,567, closely followed by Abhinav Iyer, who secured a commendable fifth place in the $100K APPT National, pocketing $12,982.

Adding to Team India’s robust performance, Vishal Ojha, Gokul Raj, Young Gun Shardul Parthasarathi, and Vinay B all landed in the money in the $100K APPT National.

Furthermore, three Indian representatives, Asish Kumar Ghosh, Ashish Munot, and Mohit Bohra, successfully advanced to Day 2 of the $550 Mystery Bounty via flight Day 1B, maintaining the momentum for Team India.

While the Indian contingent displayed impressive performances, international players also achieved notable victories.

China’s Wei Guo Liang clinched the top spot in Event #13: $2K Mini High Roller, securing $35,498. Singapore’s Andy Li outperformed in Event #6: $100K APPT National, bagging $33,199. Additionally, China’s Yinfei Xiao triumphed in Event #17: $300 Short Deck, winning $2,290.


Asish Kumar Ghosh Finishes Third in the $2K Mini High Roller For $16,567; China’s Wei Guo Liang Wins PokerStars Spadie Trophy

In an electrifying display of skill and strategy, China’s leading poker maestro, Wei Guo Liang, masterfully navigated the competitive 68-player terrain in the two-day marathon Event #13: $2K Mini High Roller. With unmatched prowess, Liang clinched the prestigious event, securing a hefty $35,498 prize and his inaugural PokerStars Spadie trophy. The runner-up, USA’s ace player Jin Woo Kim, put up a formidable fight, finishing with a commendable $25,487.

Wei Guo Liang
Wei Guo Liang


Liang’s victory further embellishes an already impressive poker career, punctuated by over $1.53 Million in recorded live tournament earnings. His accolades include two coveted WSOP bracelets and a slew of other notable wins. Just a few months ago, in March, he bagged the ¥20K NLH Classic Event at the 2023 Tiger Poker Cup Season 1 in Beijing, adding another $58,112 to his impressive tally.

“Absolutely very happy to win this event. This win is different from my previous wins because for the first time, I am representing CIPT (Chinese International Poker Team) and to show how strong Chinese players are in poker. I did have luck and cards on my side too. When I was down to around 20 bb, I doubled up with pocket Queens against pocket Eights. Several hands after, I won another double up with Ace-King trips aces against the chip leader’s pocket Queens.” – said Liang after the win.

Representing Team India, Asish Kumar Ghosh showcased a remarkable performance in the $2K Mini High Roller event. Despite starting Day 2 with the second-shortest chip stack among the nine Day 1 survivor, Ghosh displayed a strategic prowess that saw him fiercely compete at the final table. Although he narrowly missed the top spot, his commendable third-place finish resulted in an impressive payday of $16,567.

Asish Kumar Ghosh
Asish Kumar Ghosh


The Mini High Roller, with its $2,000 buy-in, garnered considerable attention, drawing in 68 ambitious participants. The collective efforts of these hopefuls generated an attractive prize pool of $121,366.


Final Table Results (USD)

  1. Wei Guo Liang – $35,498
  2. Jin Woo Kim – $25,487
  3. Asish Kumar Ghosh – $16,567
  4. Emil Ukalaev – $12,501
  5. John Perry – $9,709
  6. Grant Gardner – $7,525
  7. Hao Tian – $5,947
  8. Valeriy Pak – $4,612
  9. Konstantin Generalov – $3,520


Asish Kumar Ghosh, Ashish Munot & Mohit Bohra Among 38 Survivors on Day 1B of the Mystery Bounty

Fresh off his third-place finish in the $2K Mini High Roller, India’s Asish Kumar Ghosh swiftly plunged into the $550 buy-in Mystery Bounty. Displaying impressive tenacity, Ghosh is poised for another deep tournament run, wrapping up Day 1B with a substantial stack of 282,000 – the seventh-largest among the 27 contenders who’ve advanced to Day 2.

The 2023 POY frontrunner, Ashish Munot, isn’t far behind, securing the ninth-largest stack, an impressive 262,000. Meanwhile, Mohit Bohra, the champion of the $300 6-Handed Hyper Turbo, has also made it through to Day 2, albeit with a smaller stack of 10,000.

Asish Kumar Ghosh, Ashish Munot and Mohit Bohra
Asish Kumar Ghosh, Ashish Munot and Mohit Bohra


Day 1B of the $550 Mystery Bounty witnessed a competitive field of 174 players, with only 27 managing to advance to the next stage. China’s Bin Zhang emerged at the top of the day-end counts, boasting an impressive stack of 526,000.

Bin Zhang
Bin Zhang


As the action unfolds on Day 2 today (Thursday, May 11), all 38 remaining players can look forward to guaranteed payouts. There’s also an air of suspense and anticipation surrounding the largest mystery bounty, a tantalizing sum of $7,700, which the players hope to secure.


Abhinav Iyer Finishes Fifth in the $100K APPT National For $12,982; Singapore’s Andy Li Wins PokerStars Shard Trophy

In a riveting display of skill and strategy, Singapore’s Andy Li overpowered a field of 314 players in Event #6: $100K APPT National, securing his maiden PokerStars Shard trophy along with a substantial $36,687 first-place prize. Thanks to a heads-up deal, Korea’s Minwoo Kang also walked away with a lucrative runner-up payout of $33,199.

Andy LI
Andy LI


The heads-up phase was a hard-fought battle, initiated with an ICM deal that guaranteed Kang and Li $33,199 and $32,687, respectively. Yet, the remaining $4,000 and the prestigious PokerStars Shard trophy were still up for grabs, ensuring the competition remained fierce.

The clash between Kang and Li was nothing short of electrifying, with the chip lead exchanging hands multiple times and both players grappling with numerous all-in situations. This high-stakes face-off stretched over two and a half hours, with an astonishing twelve all-in showdowns taking place before a victor was determined.

Andy Li and Minwoo Kang
Andy Li and Minwoo Kang


Ultimately, it was Andy Li Xueyan who emerged triumphant. The decisive moment came when Li went all in with , and Minwoo Kang put his tournament life on the line, calling with . The board revealed , with Li’s two pairs securing him the remaining $4,000 and the coveted PokerStars Shard trophy.

“I’ve never been all in twelve times, heads up, and in the end, it was pure luck because we both had only 5 big blinds each. This is my first win since 2017, so it feels good. When it was down to three-handed, I had a very good position over the two aggressive players; if I had been in between them, it would have handcuffed me. I also know the person to my right; this was his first tournament. He is a cash game player, so there was a lot of opportunity for me to steal; that helped a lot as well.” – said Li after his victory.

Eight Indian players made it to Day 2 of the APPT National, but not all could cross the money line. Sameer Agarwal and Somashekar KM left empty-handed, whereas Amit Kaushik faced hard luck, money-bubbling the event.

Five Indian collected pieces of the money pie, out of which the country`s first solo WSOP bracelet winner, Abhinav Iyer, ran deepest, earning $12,982 in fifth place.

Abhinav Iyer
Abhinav Iyer


Vishal Ojha (26th for $1,820), Gokul Raj (43rd for $1,250) and Vinay B (46th for $1,250) posted their second in-the-money run at the series. And Young Gun Shardul Parthasarathi (33rd for $1,404) crossed the money line for the first time in the series.

The $800 buy-in APPT National saw 314 entries from three starting flights gathering a guarantee-crushing $219,298 prizepool. The top 47 finishers boarded the money bus, banking at least $1,250.

Final Table Results (USD)

  1. Andy Li – $36,687*
  2. Minwoo Kang -$33,199*
  3. Choi Hun Tae – $20,351
  4. Chien Chih Weng – $16,469
  5. Abhinav Iyer – $12,982
  6. Eric Wasylenko – $9,912
  7. Mateusz Kaczmarek – $7,281
  8. Cheng Zhang – $5,351
  9. Vincent Ferrafiat – $4,386

* denotes a heads-up deal


Indonesia’s John Hendri Headlines the $10K Super High Roller Final Table

The biggest buy-in tournament on the APPT Cambodia 2023 schedule, the $10K Super High Roller witnessed 22 bigshots join in the action, and it was Indonesia’s John Hendri who ended thirteen levels of Day 1, proceeding in a flamboyant style, bagging away the biggest stack worth 1,663,000 (104 big blinds).

Day 2 action is underway today (Thursday, May 11), and the top four finishers will take home a return on their $10K intention, with the winner guaranteed a big-fat paycheque worth $86,939.

Final Table Chip Counts

  1. Jhon Hendri – 1,663,000
  2. Xixiang Luo – 1,381,000
  3. Josh McCully – 742,000
  4. Yuhang Chen – 628,000
  5. Tia Hao – 562,000
  6. Pete Chen – 230,000
  7. Chang Yu Cahng – 156,000
  8. Chen Fu Wei – 138,000


Side Event Updates

China’s Yinfei Xiao bested the 29-entry field in Event #17: $300 Short Deck, bagging away his first-ever PokerStars Spadie trophy and $2,290 in prize money after agreeing to a heads-up deal with Russia’s Lev Kydatov (2nd for $2,457).

Yinfei Xiao
Yinfei Xiao


The Short Deck event final table also featured Li Fang (3rd for $1,234), Seongho Cho (4th for $892) and Feng Qu (5th for $722).


Keep following PokerGuru for more updates from the APPT Cambodia 2023!

Content & Images Courtesy: So Much Poker

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