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APPT Macau 2018: Lin Wu Wins Main Event; Team PokerStars Pro Aditya Agarwal Finishes Runner Up For Career-Best ₹1.57 Crores

APPT Macau 2018
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Former professional gamer, China`s Lin Wu emerged victorious at the Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) Macau 2018 Main Event to stake claim on his first major title, the trophy, the HK$3,095,000 (~US$394,452) top prize and a PSPC Platinum Pass worth an additional $30,000.

Team PokerStars pro Aditya Agarwal came within striking distance of his first major live title and at one point, during the heads-up match, he had all but clinched it but a brutal river kept him away, and alas the opportunity passed. Agarwal can`t complain as he picked up quite a few lucky breaks along the way to eventually cash in a career-best ₹1.57 Crores in prize money.

“I played World of Warcraft professionally and my friends from online introduced me to poker,” said Wu when asked how he got into the game, in the post win interview.

“WoW is similar to Poker, with psychological competition. When I was playing WoW I wasn’t making lots of money. Playing poker I can make more,” confirmed Wu through the aid of a translator.

Today, on its final day, the series wrapped up several High Roller and side events, namely, the APPT High Roller (Shot Clock, Unlimited Re-Entries) that was taken down by Taiwan’s James En-Ching Chen who banked HK$4,021,000 along a PSPC Platinum Pass. India’s Raghav Bansal finished 18th for HK$218,000 (~₹18.07 Lakhs).

Rainer Kempe won the APPT High Roller (Single Re-Entry) for HK$1,203,000, Tak Chung Yan took down the $3,000 NLH (One Entry Per Flight) for HK$153,800, Ke Sun shipped the Turbo Edition of the Main Event (Single Re-Entry) for HK$105,200, Dapeng Mu won the 6 Handed event for HK$170,500 and Michael Kue Seong Tchong won the Hyper Turbo – Deepstack event for $35,700.


Main Event – Final Day

Agarwal started the day with the second biggest stack of 2,035,000 and lost chips straight off the gates to Chun Chiu.

He then went on to recover lost of his chips from Alexandre Chieng. Agarwal opened to 100,000 from under the gun and Chieng called from the small blind to see the flop which got checked around. Agarwal placed a small bet on the turn and Chieng check-called. The river completed the board on which Agarwal fired another bet of 250,000 and Chieng decided to give up. Agarwal now had 1.8 million with him.

Agarwal was by far the most active player on the table and traded chips back and forth all through till the first elimination of the day arrived.

Germany’s Maxi Lehmanski had become short and shoved for over 400,000 from the hijack seat holding . Eventual champion, Lin Wu woke up with :13s and snap called. The board ran and Wu collected the pot with his nut flush to send Lehmanski packing in sixth place.

Shortly after eliminating Lehmanski, Agarwal lost a huge pot to Wu, becoming the short stack with about 1,15,000 million in chips. He went on to accumulate some chips here and there and then lost a healthy pot to start of the start-of-day chip leaderPhanlert Sukonthachartnant to come back down to 1,625,000 million.

Then in one of the more pivotal hands today, Agarwal rivered a miracle card to score a huge double up from Wu that shot him up, all the way from the short stack to the chip leader position in the blink of an eye. Action saw Sukonthachartnant UTG for 165,000 and Wu 3-bet it to 330,000. Action folded to Agarwal who jammed for 1,425,000 with . Sukonthachartnant went out of the way and Wu confidently snap-called tabling . The board spread out and Agarwal rivered a set of nines for a massive huge double that brought his stack to a towering 3.2 million in chips.

Now that the guns were loaded Agarwal started firing and the first victim of his loaded stack was Alexandre Chieng. Chieng was the only finalist chasing a record second Main Event title having won this same event back in 2013, but fell short after open-shoving for 900,00 with . Agarwal immediately called tabling a better . The board ran and Agarwal managed to extend his lead to 4.4 million while eliminating Chieng at fifth place.

The Indian juggernaut had to fight off attacks from both Sukonthachartnant and Wu, with both taking off chips from him to take on the chip lead.

The determined PokerStars pro somewhat recovered after winning a big pot from Sukonthachartnant who incidentally busted shortly thereafter in fourth place.

Sukonthachartnant started the day in pole position and kept declining constantly. He lost a huge flip to come down to just five big blinds and put his last 490,000 over the line with . Wu called with and the board :@ sent the Thai pro packing in fourth place.

Shortly thereafter, Agarwal gained momentum, and moved up to 5 million chips after he three-bet on a preflop pot that Wu wouldn’t go ahead with, to reclaim his chip lead. Agarwal went on to win three hands in a row to further touch 6.7 million in chips.

The killing machine next busted Jen Chun Chiu’s in third place to set up the long and grueling heads-up match. Agarwal was opening almost every pot and started with a button-raise of 200,000. Chiu pushed for 870,000 and Agarwal tanked for a moment before calling with . Chiu turned over a weak and Agarwal collected the pot after the rundown confirmed Chiu`s exit.

Heads-up saw Agarwal firmly in control with 7,475,000 in chips against Wu’s 3,205,000 and the former took no time in further expanding his stack to 7.9 million.

Wu however managed to take some back and what was looking to be a short heads-up match, ended up as one roller coaster journey that saw both finalists trading the lead several times.

First Agarwal came down to 6.8 million, then he won a two pair over two pair hand to climb up to 7.5 million and just before the next scheduled break, Agarwal took a hit and came down again, this time to 6.67 million. Wu limped, Agarwal checked to see the flop which got no action. On the turn, Agarwal bet 150,000 which got the call. The completed the board and Agarwal checked. Wu decided to put 325,000 in the middle and Agarwal called after a moment, only to muck after Wu flashed his for a pair of eights.

Soon thereafter, a hand that could have ended it all eventually resulted in a chopped pot – all thanks to a crazy river card. Agarwal 3-bet Wu’s 250,000 button open to 800,000, and Wu announced that he is all-in in Chinese with . Agarwal asked if he was all-in and once the dealer confirmed, he immediately called with the big slick holding . A huge crowd gathered to see the rundown and the dealer put the out on the flop. Agarwal further turned a straight on the turn but the river gave both a broadway, and the pot was chopped.

Aditya Agarwal
Aditya Agarwal

It wasn’t long before Wu managed to score a huge double up through Agarwal to take the chip lead. Agarwal opened for 240,000 and Wu 3-bet it to 620,000. Agarwal announced all in with and Wu called with . As luck would have it, Wu hit a set on the board to squeeze out a major double up!

A few hands later, Agarwal lost another big pot and slipped down to below 15 big blinds. Wu opened for 250,000 and Agarwal called to see the flop . The PokerStars Team Pro checked-called Wu’s 210,000 c-bet and the dealer put out on the turn. Agarwal checked again, and Wu fired another bet of 550,000 which got the call. On the river , Agarwal again checked and Wu this bet shifted 1 million chips in the middle. Agarwal decided to call and saw Lin table . Agarwal mucked to slide down to 1.73 million.

Agarwal put up a fight and went on to win a few small ball pots to somewhat recover, reaching over 3 million in chips. The comeback continued as Agarwal managed to increase his stack up to 3.78 million. The hand that got him there saw him limp in from the button and Wu checked to see the flop . Wu check-called Agarwal’s bet of 125,000. The dealer burned and turned the and Wu once again check called, this time a bet of 350,000. The river completed the board, Wu checked and Agarwal announced “1.4 million” to which Wu folded.

Adi managed to bridge the gap and moved over to over 4.5 million chips but then lost a couple of crucial pots to come back down to 3.55 million. After exchanging the lead a number of times, Wu got ahead and this till managed to hold on.

On the final hand of the event, Agarwal limped and Wu jammed. Agarwal had around 2.5 million and instantly called with while Wu tabled . An ace on the window declared Wu the champion as the Indian rail saw its biggest poker star miss out on the title.

Lin Wu
Lin Wu

Final Table Results (HKD)

1. Lin Wu – HK$3,095,000

2. Aditya Agarwal – HK$1,900,000

3. Jen Chen Chiu – HK$1,192,000

4. Phanlert Sukonthachartnant – HK$933,000

5. Alexandre Chieng – HK$675,500

6. Maximilian Lehmanski – HK$546,532

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