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APPT Manila 2018: Main Event Registers Record-Breaking 1,364 Entries; Sahil Agarwal & Zarvan Tumboli Lead 22 Indians on Day 2

APPT Manila 2018: Main Event Registers Record-Breaking 1
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  • PG News August 11, 2018
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The 2018 Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) Manila is now edging towards the finale, as 15 out of the 22 scheduled tournaments of the Series have posted results. The spotlight is now on the ongoing Main Event ₱20M GTD, while several side events continue to keep both players and railbirds busy.

From the two starting flights, the APPT Manila Main Event drew in a record-breaking field of 1,364 entries, and a total of 402 players have progressed to Day 2 of the event.

Not to be left behind, the Indian contingent entered Day 1B in big numbers with 33 Indians joining the second and last starting flight, including Zarvan Tumboli (171,200), who had managed to bag a stack of 35,000 on Day 1A. Tumboli re-entered on the second starting flight and is among the 11 Indians who made the cut for Day 2 from Day 1B flight. Alongside Tumboli, Sahil Agarwal (197,100), Sajal Gupta (168,800) and Ravi Priya (147,000) lead the Indian challengers who have made Day 2. Overall there are now 22 Indian challengers in contention for the Main Event title and the PSPC Platinum Pass!

The Indian challengers have continued to dazzle the railbirds with their consistent runs. Jasven Saigal and Dhaval Mudgal were seen in action in the Turbo Megastack event. While Mudgal finished in the money placing 20th for ₱34,300 (₹44,577), Saigal became the second Indian to final table an event at the series, after Akshay Nasa, as he finished 8th for ₱108,400 (₹1.40 Lakhs).

Jasven Saigal
Jasven Saigal

While in the Main Event, British pro James Mitchell (284,100) bagged the biggest stack on Day 1B, the overall chip leader heading into Day 2 is Yuan Chao Li (430,000), followed by Mingyang Liu (366,400) and Boon Seng Ang (315,700).

Meanwhile, Kanghua Dong took down the Turbo Megastack for ₱858,400 ($16,146).

The last event to conclude on August 10 was the Rebuy Charity Event which crowned a winner in Yazhou Chen, who bested a field of 86 runners and banked ₱858,400 ($3,532) for his efforts.

With Day 2 of the Main Event and ₱15,000 NLH Turbo currently underway, the APPT Manila series is gearing up for a dramatic finale.

Event 13: Main Event 20M GTD

Never in the history of Philippines has any poker tournament attracted so many players as the 2018 APPT Manila Main Event! After breaking all the previous records on the opening day itself, the second starting flight garnered 760 entries, taking the overall player field to a mammoth 1,364 and building the largest non High Roller prize pool of ₱65,492,460. Prior to this event, the largest international tournament in Philippines was the May 2018 Manila Megastack 9 that had pooled in 696 entrants.

The Indian participation on Day 1B flight was as robust as in the first! 33 Indians, including Zarvan Tumboli (171,200), who took advantage of the tournament format that allowed the players who survived Day 1A flight to fire another bullet on Day 1B so they could improve the stacks carried through to Day 2. As per the format, anyone making through both starting flights would carry the bigger of his stacks to Day 2. Tumboli had bagged a stack of 35,000 on Day 1A and managed to improve this to 171,200 on the Day 1B flight!

Zarvan Tumboli
Zarvan Tumboli

Including Tamboli, a total of 11 Indians progressed to Day 2 from the Day 1B flight headlined by Sahil Agarwal (197,100), Sajal Gupta (168,800) and Ravi Priya (147,000).

Sahil Agarwal
Sahil Agarwal

Tumboli’s second foray into the Main Event through Day 1B was far more successful than his first. He managed to double up through an opponent during level 8. With the board running Jx 8x 8x 7x 8x, the opponent moved all-in for his last 40,000 putting his tournament life at risk, preflop. Tumboli called and both players tabled their cards. The opponent turned over Kx 10x. Tumboli laughed as he turned over Ax Jx revealing that he had rivered a full house. The Indian pro not only doubled up his stack but became one of the top stacks with 142,000 in the bag early on.

Aditya Sushant (75,400), who re-entered the tournament, also managed to advance further. Sushant played it cautious and kept the chips coming his way through the levels. In level 5, he sent an opponent to the rail. In the hand, Sushant opened to 900 on the button and the small blind 3-bet to 3,126 and Sushant called. The flop saw Sushant’s opponent bet 3,500 and Sushant made the call. The appeared on the turn and the small blind played quickly moved all in for his last 13,150 and here, Sushant called. He tabled against the opponent’s . The river completed the board and Sushant collected the pot, while his opponent made his way out.

Rathi Shashank (93,700) also chipped up well at this stage. In one hand, Shashank was seen making the call from the hijack after the player in the middle position opened to 875. The flop brought and Shashank’s opponent checked, while Shashank bet 1,000. His opponent check-called. The turn and was checked again to Shashank who led in 2,000 prompting his opponent to check-call again. On the river, the player in the middle position checked and Shashank fired a bet of 8,000. His opponent tank called. Shashank tabled and took down the pot when his opponent mucked his cards.

Dhaval Mudgal (93,300) also found a bag and shared the news on his Twitter handle.

After a rough day, managed to bag a workable stack fir day 2 of the #APPTManila Main pic.twitter.com/KAxujW6MEi

— Dhaval Mudgal (@Dirtbagpoker) August 11, 2018

Indian Chip Counts For Day 2

Indian Chip Counts For Day 2
Indian Chip Counts For Day 2

Indian players who fell out through Day 1B include Romit Advani, Ashish Ahuja, Srinivas Balasubramanian, Alok Birewar, Manish Boyat, Keshav Chadha, Jaydeep Dawer, Tanay Haresh Hargunaney, Ranganathan Hemagiri, Kunal Jain, Manish Lakhotia, Vinayak Malani, Atul Nagpal, Akshay Nasa, Kuldeep Pawar, Sam Srinivas Polishetty, Sameer Farouq Rattonsey, Vivek Rughani, Jasven Saigal, Vinod Raj Saundarajan, Ramandeep Singh Gujral and Kartik Ved.

Meanwhile, as the Day 1B concluded, 241 players bagged their chips for Day 2 with British pro James Mitchell (284,100) in the lead.

The payouts have been announced and the winner will take home a hefty prize of ₱12,970,000, and a PSPC Platinum Pass valued at $30,000. The top 162 places will cash for a minimum assured ₱118,000.

Following Mitchell on the leaderboard are USA’s Duy Ho (278,500), Indonesia’s Tjiauw Titi Suwito (268,000), Singapore’s Michael Fullmer (267,100), and Denmark’s Michael Larsen (259,500).

There are many notables in the mix and these include WSOP bracelet winners Mike Takayama (57,000) and Preston Lee (77,600), reigning Asia Player of the Year Alan Lau (31,000), Macau Poker Cup winner Alvan Zheng (148,000) and Team PokerStars pros Celina Lin (70,700) & Randy Lew (22,700).

Former APPT Korea Main Event champion Tae Hoon Han was also spotted in action but failed to progress to Day 2.

James Mitchell
James Mitchell

Top 10 Chips Counts At The End of Day 1B

1. James Mitchell – 284,100

2. Duy Ho – 278,500

3. Tjiauw Titi Suwito – 268,000

4. Michael Fullmer – 267,100

5. Michael Larsen – 259,500

6. Yudong Yang – 257,400

7. James Mendoza – 257,300

8. Xin Jin – 241,200

9. Younghwan Sung – 236,100

10. Wang Meng – 229,700

Event 14: Turbo Megastack – Big Blind Ante

Drawing in a player pool of 276 runners, the Turbo Megastack generated a prize pool of ₱3,614,220. With 32 places assured a min-cash of ₱25,300, the race to finish in the money was highly competitive.

Some Indian challengers were seen in the mix including Jasven Saigal, Dhaval Mudgal and Aditya Sushant. While the WSOP bracelet winner busted empty-handed, Saigal and Mudgal were able to reach the money. Saigal made it to the final table finishing 8th for ₱108,400 (~₹1,40,881), while Mudgal finished 20th for ₱34,300 (~₹44,577).

Other notable who finished in the money include Rommel Angeles (11th for ₱59,600), Shu Yih Ng (12th for ₱59,600), Fengyang Liu (13th for ₱48,800), Than Vinh Pham (14th for ₱48,800), Maureen Lynn Blochlinger (16th for ₱39,800), DuyManh Ho (19th for ₱34,300), Petter Magnus Karlsson (25th for ₱27,100), Bernardo Angeles (29th for ₱25,300) and Liang Teo (32nd for ₱25,300).

Sparrow Park Yu Cheung (10th for ₱70,620) bubbled the final table.

Outlasting the field to take home his maiden APPT title was China’s Kanghua Dong who also posted his career-best score of ₱858,400 ($16,146). With only six previous cashes to his name, Dong is currently ranked 886th on the China All Time Money List.

Final Table Results (PHP)

1. Kanghua Dong – ₱858,400

2. Tianyuan Tang – ₱551,200

3. Hosugn Jang – ₱352,400

4. Orathai Nasathaen – ₱280,100

5. Choul Seung Byun – ₱211,400

6. Christopher James Morrison – ₱171,700

7. Yuuki Tsugura – ₱135,500

8. Jasven Saigal – ₱108,400

9. Michael Kue Seong Tchong – ₱86,700

Event 15: Rebuy Charity Event (300,000 GTD)

The beautiful City of Dreams Manila Resort and Casino played host to yet another APPT event, the Rebuy Charity Event which opened to a field of 86 entrants, collecting a prize pool of ₱695,684.

While the players entered the tournament for ₱5,000, ₱600 of the amount was to be donated to the City of Dreams Manila Corporate Social Responsibility Program.

Of the 86 runners, 77 rebought and 71 of them opted to pay for an add-on for ₱1,000 for 5,000 in chips. The full amount of the add-on has also been added to the fund for charity. A total amount of ₱166,670 was collected for charity.

The top 10 places received payouts and finishing in 10th place as the final table bubble was Ching Wei Chen from Taiwan for ₱20,984.

China’s Yazhou Chen topped the playing field and claimed the top prize of ₱187,800 ($3,532) along with his career-first APPT title. He has cashed in the APPT twice before however, this was his first score in Philippines and with this win, his live tournament winnings have crossed $80,000 in total.

Final Table Results (PHP)

1. Yazhou Chen – ₱187,800

2. Hongjie Wang – ₱125,200

3. Maurillo Bulauitan – ₱83,500

4. Eric Ting Yi Tsai – 69,600

5. Anton Widjaya – ₱55,700

6. Qiaonan Liu – ₱48,700

7. Yasuharu Kawamoto – ₱41,700

8. Steven Chua – ₱34,700

9. HeonggonIm – ₱27,800

Stay tuned to PokerGuru for more updates from APPT Manila 2018!

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