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APPT Manila: Dhanesh Chainani Finishes 3rd in Main Event (₹77.35 Lakhs); Kanchan Sharma, Siddarth Singhvi, Dhaval Mudgal & Jasven Saigal Post FT Scores on the Last Day of the Series

APPT Manila - Dhanesh Chainani, Kanchan Sharma, Siddarth Singhvi, Dhaval Mudgal and Jasven Saigal
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  • Namita Ghosh August 8, 2022
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Live poker is undoubtedly on the rise in South Asia, and Sunday marked the close of the 10-day-long 2022 Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) at the PokerStars LIVE poker room at Okada Manila. The live stop returning after a three-year hiatus was a rousing success and registered an impressive 2,507 players and a combined prize pool of ₱136,051,334 (~$2,449,330)!

The biggest attraction on Sunday was the ₱65,000 APPT Manila Main Event which had 21 players chasing the coveted title. Two Indians, the Singapore-resident Dhanesh Chainani and PokerGuru Ambassador Ashish Munot were part of the Day 3 field. While Munot made an early exit (20th for ₱331,000, ~4.73 Lakhs)., Chainani stormed into the final table. The Indian pro made it as far as the three-handed play where he struck a three-way ICM deal, locking their payouts with only ₱900,000 and the PSPC Package worth ₱57,500 left in plat. The runner-up and the third-place finisher were assured a ticket worth ₱22,000 into the same event.

After a short but exciting three-way battle, Singapore’s Xin Hua Lai came out on top to win the Main Event title and the top prize of ₱5,973,000. In what turned out to be a bittersweet end to his tournament run, the Netherland’s Thijs Hilberts, who had finished runner-up in the 2019 APPT Manila Main Event, came up once place short of the finish line for the second time in a row, nevertheless banking the lion`s share of the prize money worth ₱6,071,000.

Chainani cashed for ₱5,409,000 (~₹77.35 Lakhs) in third place – his second-best live score to date! Incidentally, Chainani’s Main Event run was his second final table appearance at the now-concluded stop and his third cash of the series. Last week, he finished third in Event #20: ₱25 NLH SuperDeep for ₱348,400 (~₹4.97 Lakhs).

While all eyes were on the Main Event, two Indian pros Young Gun Kanchan Sharma and Event #35: ₱5K Flipout champion Dhaval Mudgal sailed into the final table of Event #41: ₱100K High Roller 6 Handed Shotclock Turbo. Sharma was looking to open her title scorecard in the series and came close, finishing runner-up for ₱891,050 (~₹12.74 Lakhs) following a three-way deal that handed the title to Canada’s Niroshan Loganathan. Longanathan pocketed ₱1,000,000 (~$18,080), with Philippines’ Christopher Mateo pocketing ₱891,050 in third place, courtesy of the deal.

Mudgal finished fourth for ₱441,300 (~₹6.31 Lakhs).

In Event #40: ₱50,000 Mixed PLO/NLH High Roller Freezeout, Siddarth Singhvi almost went the distance, eventually losing the title to the Philippine’s David Erquiaga, who won his seventh PokerStars LIVE title and ₱653,100 ($11,800) in prize money. Singhvi, who had earlier finished fourth in Event #7: ₱15K NLH – Knockout for ₱70,100, collected ₱451,400 (~₹6.46 Lakhs) in second place.

Chirag Shah (12th in Event #38: ₱15K Mini Main Event for ₱41,000, ₹5.86 Lakhs) pulled out a standout score on Sunday.

Longtime poker pro Jasven Saigal picked up two scores on Sunday. He made it to the final table in Event #39: ₱10K NLHE Single Re-entry, placing sixth for ₱52,000 (~₹74,364), while also finishing 14th in Event #33: ₱40,000 SuperStack NLH for ₱79,900 (₹1.14 Lakhs).

Deepak Bothra (12th in Event #37: ₱20K NLH – Super Knockout Turbo for ₱15,300 (~₹21,880) was one of the eight Indian players making an ITM finish on Sunday.

A total of eight events closed their run on Sunday. The Philippines’ Kitson Kho (Won Event #36: ₱250,000 APPT High Roller For ₱ 4.3 Million), Bell Perez (Won Event #39: NLH Single Re-Entry for ₱1,212,112), and Renniel Galvez (Won Event #33: ₱40,000 SuperStack NLH for ₱1,198,500), South Korea’s Sangbeom Lim (Won Event #38: ₱15K Mini Main Event For ₱487,104), and Seong Il Hwang (Won Event #37: Super Knockout for ₱202,000) won the other titles on the last day of the series!


Xin Hua Lai Wins ₱65,000 APPT Manila Main Event for ₱5,973,000 Following a Three-Way Deal With Thijs Hilberts (2nd) & Dhanesh Chainani (3rd)

The third and final day of the ₱65,000 APPT Manila Main Event saw 21 finalists from a starting field of 801 entries taking their seats. Down to the final three players, the finalists agreed on an ICM-based deal, locking their payouts with ₱900,000 and the ₱57,000 Road to PSPC Package to fight for.

Singapore’s Xin Hua Lai grabbed the top honors and the PSPC Package. While Lai had locked up ₱5,016,000 as part of the deal, the victory ensured him a hefty ₱5,973,000 payday.

The 2019 APPT Manila Main Event runner-up, the Netherland’s Thijs Hilberts, missed his chance at taking down the Main Event for the second time in a row. However, he walked away with the lion`s share of the prize money, worth ₱6,071,000.

India’s Dhanesh Chainani scored a third-place finish, banking ₱5,409,000 (~₹77.35 Lakhs) as part of the deal. Both Hilberts and Chainani’s payouts are inclusive of a ticket worth ₱22,000 to the same event.

Dhanesh Chainani
Dhanesh Chainani


Talking about his victory run, the 32-year-old Lai, who is a logistician by profession, admitted, “I was a bit nervous when we got down to three-handed, but we had already agreed a deal, and I just thought that a seven was coming so I made the call…I’m very happy, especially with my friends supporting me from the rail; that definitely helped.”

He added, “It’s all about enjoying the final table experience and having fun, and I have really enjoyed my trip.”

Thirteen Indians returned on Day 2, and 11 of them posted ITM finishes. PokerGuru Ambassador Ashish Munot and Dhanesh Chainani were the only two Indian players advancing to the final day. Munot’s Main Event run ended in 20th place, fetching him ₱331,000 (~4.73 Lakhs).

Ashish Munot
Ashish Munot


The three-handed play was a short affair. With the deal in place, it took just two sizable pots before Lai took it down. Lai scored a massive triple-up in the first hand, which left Dhanesh Chainani short-stacked.

On the final hand, Lai held pocket sevens versus Hilbert’s king-ten and Chainani’s queen-jack of spades. Lai spiked a seven on the flop to hit a set, and an eight on the river gave him a full house of eights and sevens. Chainani was eliminated in third place, and Hilberts as the runner-up, with Lai claiming the title!

Xin Hua Lai
Xin Hua Lai


Final Table Results (PHP)

  1. Xin Hua Lai – ₱5,973,000*
  2. Thijs Hilberts – ₱6,071,000*
  3. Dhanesh Chainani – ₱5,409,000*
  4. Zhao Feng – ₱2,780,000
  5. Seina Asagiri – ₱2,197,000
  6. Wonchul Bae – ₱1,654,000
  7. Kim Michael Enriquez – ₱1,184,000
  8. Woosok Hong – ₱827,000
  9. Jason Magbanua – ₱658,745

*denotes a three-way deal


Kitson Kho Wins Event #36: ₱250K APPT High Roller For ₱4.3 Million

Nineteen players from a starting field of 40 players returned on Day 2 in Event #36: ₱250,000 APPT High Roller, with Israel’s Daniel Benor in the forefront. Another 23 players late-registered through the first two levels on Day 2, creating a field of 63 entries (48 unique players) and a generous ₱14,360,850 (~$258,465) prize pool.

The 2019 APPT Manila Main Event champion Florencio Campomanes re-entered on Day 2 after busting Day 1 and came strikingly close to taking down the event but was denied the bragging rights by the Philippines’ Kitson Kho, who came out on top to win his first PokerStars LIVE title and the ₱4,309,000 (~$77,555) top prize. Campomanes secured a runner-up payday of ₱3,117,000 (~$56,100).

Day 2 ran fourteen 40-minute levels before playing down to heads-up. The heads-up match lasted just one hand, where Campomanes jammed from the button for 6 BBs holding , and Kho called it off with . Kho spiked the top pair on the king-high flop and stayed ahead on the last two streets to lift the trophy.

Four Indians entered the event, and Event #4: ₱55,000 Deepstack champion Gaurav Sood was the only player from the team returning on Day 2. He was seventh in chips starting out but failed to make much headway. With only eight players assured a payout, Sood fell out empty-handed.

Young Gun Shardul Parthasarathi, Abhinav Iyer, and PokerGuru Ambassador Laksh Pal Singh were the other three Indians who crashed out on Day 1.

Event #36 High Roller Champion Kitson Kho
Kitson Kho

Final Table Results (PHP)

  1. Kitson Kho – ₱4,309,000
  2. Florencio Campomanes – ₱3,117,000
  3. John Tech – ₱2,011,000
  4. James Mendoza – ₱1,523,000
  5. Victor Chong – ₱1,178,000
  6. Kim Seungyeol – ₱920,000
  7. Alfie Poetra – ₱733,000
  8. Tran Huy Hoang – ₱569,850



Philippines’ Renniel Galvez Wins Event #33: ₱40K SuperStack NLH For ₱1.19M (~$21,570)

The two-day-long Event #33: ₱40,000 SuperStack NLH signed up 143 players that helped generate a prize pool worth ₱4,993,560 (~$89,875). Only 32 of them returned on Day 2.

When the dust settled, the Philippines’ Renniel Galvez was the last player standing and made away with his second PokerStars LIVE title and the top prize of ₱1,198,500 (~$21,570). Vietnam’s Phan Linh finished runner-up for ₱816,500.

Two Indian pros, Jasven Saigal and PokerGuru Ambassador Ankit Wadhawan, were part of the Day 2 field. Wadhawan, who held the shortest stack, fell out empty-handed relatively early in the day. Saigal, on the other hand, sailed past the money bubble, cashing ₱79,900 (~₹1.14 Lakhs) in 14th place.

Event #33 Champion Renniel Galvez
Renniel Galvez

Final Table Results (PHP)

  1. Renniel Galvez – ₱1,198,500
  2. Phan Linh – ₱816,500
  3. Junichi Murakami – ₱539,400
  4. Sernaque Perez – ₱444,500
  5. Wu Hao Kai – ₱357,100
  6. Mitani Jun – ₱279,700
  7. Yongbae Yoon – ₱209,800
  8. Hiroaki Matsuoka – ₱154,900
  9. Ang Lim Yong – ₱118,760


Seong Il Hwang Champions Event #37: ₱20K Super Knockout For ₱202,000 (~$3,635)

South Korea’s Seong Il Hwang emerged victorious in Event #37: ₱20,000 NLH – Super Knockout and defeated Thailand’s Worawat Kiatponglap heads-up to win his second PokerStars LIVE title and a ₱202,000 (~$3,635) payday. Kiatponglap took home ₱140,000 (~$2,516) for his runner-up finish.

India’s Deepak Bothra boarded the money bus but couldn`t make it to the final table, busting 12th for ₱16,400 (~₹23,515).

Deepak Bothra
Deepak Bothra


Israel’s Tom Orpaz (11th for ₱16,400) also fell a few places shy of making his fourth final table appearance of the series.

The two-day-long event drew 102 entries (81 unique players), all competing for a share of the ₱1,780,920 (~$32,050) prize pool that was distributed among the top 13 places.

Event #37 winner Seong Il Hwang
Seong Il Hwang

Final Table Results (PHP)

  1. Seong Il Hwang – ₱202,000
  2. Worawat Kiatponglap – ₱140,000
  3. Vage Babayan – ₱92,900
  4. Ayaka Okamats – ₱72,700
  5. Batbayar Gankhuyag – ₱58,600
  6. Michael Capinpuyan – ₱45,700
  7. Yuji Kawakami – ₱36,200
  8. Suk Hun Lee – ₱28,200
  9. Jungkyu Lee – ₱21,220


South Korea’s Sangbeom Lim Wins Event #38: ₱15K Mini Main Event For ₱487,104 (~$8,800)

The ₱25K NLH Megastack Turbo champion, South Korea’s Sangbeom Lim, bested the 194-player field in Event #38: ₱15K Mini Main Event to lift his second trophy at the series and cashed ₱487,104 (~$8,800). In the end, he struck a heads-up deal with compatriot Seokyong Lee, who collected an equally commendable ₱433,896 (~$7,830) in second place.

Three Indians paid up the ₱15K buy-in to enter, but Chirag Shah (12th for ₱41,000, ₹5.86 Lakhs) was the only one who finished in the money.

The other two Indians, Rajiv Sachdeva and Siddarth Singhvi, fell out before the money burst.

The event paid out 27 players a share from the ₱2,483,976 (~$44,875) prize pool.

Sangbeom Lim
Sangbeom Lim


Final Table Results (PHP)

  1. Sangbeom Lim – ₱487,104*
  2. Seokyong Lee – ₱433,896*
  3. John Matsuda – ₱255,000
  4. Regin Castillo – ₱208,500
  5. Haewoon Yang – ₱166,200
  6. Kentaro Hayashi – ₱127,700
  7. Clement Bompard – ₱93,000
  8. Kin Pan Lei – ₱67,400
  9. Sangbum Kim – ₱55,476

*denotes a heads-up deal


Bell Perez Outshines Others to Win Event #39: ₱10K NLH Single Re-Entry For ₱1,212,112 (~$21,900)

Event #39: ₱10,000 NLH Single Re-Entry saw 142 hopefuls (112 unique players) signing to play, generating a ₱1,212,112 (~$21,900) prize pool that paid out 20 players.

Filipino player Bell John Perez outlasted the competition, taking home the lion’s share of ₱220,000 (~$3,970) and his second PokerStars LIVE title. He chopped the title heads-up with fellow countryman Jose Cheung, the latter collecting ₱153,800 (~$2,780) in second place.

India’s Jasven Saigal snuck into the final table but fell out sixth, adding ₱52,000 (~₹74,558) to the team`s scoreboard.

Event #39 Champion Bell Perez
Bell Perez

Final Table Results (PHP)

  1. Bell John Perez – ₱220,000*
  2. Jose Cheung – ₱153,800*
  3. William Kang – ₱100,300
  4. Hao Lin – ₱82,700
  5. Inho Jin – ₱66,400
  6. Jasven Saigal – ₱52,000
  7. Artem Sofronov – ₱39,000
  8. George Salud – ₱28,800
  9. Singhasuttakorn Siwa – ₱22,212

*denotes a heads-up deal


David Erquiaga Wins Event #40: ₱50K Mixed PLO/NLH High Roller Freezeout For ₱653,100 (~$11,800)

Forty-four players signed up for Event #40: ₱50,000 Mixed PLO/NLH High Roller Freezeout. Team India got a neat title sweat as Siddarth Singhvi, making his second final table appearance of the series, came excruciatingly close to claiming his first PokerStars LIVE title in the event, and eventually finished runner-up to the Philippine’s David Erquiaga.

Siddarth Singhvi
Siddarth Singhvi


Erquiaga, on his fourth final table of the stop, took down the event for an impressive seventh-career PokerStars LIVE title and ₱653,100 (~$11,800) in prize money. Singhvi collected a runner-up payday worth ₱451,400 (~₹6.46 Lakhs).

Only the top six finishers dug into the ₱1,920,600 (~$34,720) prize pool.

Event #40 Champion David Erquiaga
David Erquiaga

Final Table Results (PHP)

  1. David Jansen Erquiaga – ₱653,100
  2. Siddarth Singhvi – ₱451,400
  3. Sumin Jang – ₱288,100
  4. Jun Hao Wu – ₱220,900
  5. Ben Soon Yung Loo – ₱172,900
  6. Yuri Ishida – ₱134,200


Niroshan Loganathan Wins Event #41: ₱100K High Roller NLH – 6 Handed Shotclock For ₱1,000,000 (~$18,080)

Canada’s Niroshan Loganathan closed out the APPT Manila series with a bang. He put on an enthralling show in Event #41: ₱100,000 High Roller 6 Handed Shotclock Turbo, taking down the title for ₱1,000,000 (~$18,080).

Young Gun Kanchan Sharma pocketed ₱891,050 (~₹12.79 Lakhs) for her runner-up finish, as did third-place finisher Christopher Mateo (₱891,050 ~ $16,110) on account of a three-way deal.

Another top Indian pro Dhaval Mudgal stormed into the FT but was the first to exit in sixth place for ₱441,300 (~₹6.33 Lakhs) – posting his fourth cash of the series.

The tournament registered 43 runners (34 unique players), generating a ₱3,837,320 (~$69,370) prize pool and only the top six finishers won a payday.

Event #41 Champion Niroshan Loganathan
Niroshan Loganathan


Final Table Results (PHP)

  1. Niroshan Loganathan – ₱1,000,000*
  2. Kanchan Sharma – ₱891,050*
  3. Christopher Mateo – ₱891,050*
  4. Dhaval Mudgal – ₱441,300
  5. Hirotaka Nakanishi – ₱345,400
  6. Teck Heng Chua – ₱268,520

*denotes a three-way deal

Content & Images Courtesy: PokerStars Live

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