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APT India Online Series is Coming Back For a 2nd Edition on PokerBaazi From August 1 – 8

APT India Online August 2021
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  • Namita Ghosh July 19, 2021
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Less than a month after hosting the immensely successful National Poker Series, PokerBaazi has pulled out another ace from its sleeve. The online poker operator is bringing back the APT India Online Series for its second edition from August 1 to 8, guaranteeing the same ₹8 Crores as last time across a more compact 44-event schedule.

In addition to the massive cash prizes, there will be 10 APT Trophies, three APT Championship Rings, and a Luxury Watch to be won at the series, not to forget a ₹30 Lakhs leaderboard race.

Speaking on PokerBaazi`s extended collaboration with the APT, Varun Ganjoo, Marketing Director of Baazi Games, said, “We’re extremely proud to be expanding on our partnership with the Asian Poker Tour and host the second edition of the APT India Online series on PokerBaazi. As one of the world’s leading poker series, the APT is the perfect partner for PokerBaazi, India’s biggest poker platform. Over the course of the past three months, we have introduced this amazing game to a whole new audience in the country, as witnessed by the successful launch of the National Poker Series and our brand-new app. The continued partnership with the APT is the next step in helping us deliver a truly unique and world-class gaming experience to our users – offering them a chance to compete for the game’s top trophies from around the world.”


APT India Online Series Schedule

DateTimeEventBuy-in (₹)
August 13:00 PMAPT#1 Kickoff 20L GTD3000+300
August 14:00 PMAPT#2 Monsterstack 10L GTD2000+200
August 15:30 PMAPT#3 (6-MAX) Turbo 5L GTD1000+100
August 17:00 PMAPT#4 Sunday Major 40L GTD7500+750
August 18:00 PMAPT#5 Mini Main 50L GTD Day 1A3000+300
August 18:30 PMAPT#6 Megastack 10L GTD1500+150
August 19:30 PMAPT#7 (6-MAX) Turbo 5L GTD700+70
August 24:00 PMAPT#8 DST 5L GTD1000+100
August 25:30 PMAPT#9 PKO 5L GTD1000+500+150
August 27:00 PMAPT#10 Monday Major 20L GTD3500+350
August 28:00 PMAPT#11 Mini Main 50L GTD Day 1B3000+300
August 28:30 PMAPT#12 PLO 10L GTD2000+200
August 29:30 PMAPT#13 (6-MAX) Turbo 8L GTD1650+165
August 34:00 PMAPT#14 Hyper (4-MAX) Turbo 4L GTD800+80
August 35:30 PMAPT#15 Hyper (5-MAX) Turbo 6L GTD1250+125
August 37:00 PMAPT#16 PLO Highroller 25L GTD10000+1000
August 38:00 PMAPT#17 Mini Main 50L GTD Day 1C3000+300
August 38:30 PMAPT#18 Megastack 8L GTD1650+165
August 39:30 PMAPT#19 (6-MAX) Turbo 6L GTD1500+150
August 44:00 PMAPT#20 3L GTD (WTB)500+50
August 45:30 PMAPT#21 KO 4L GTD1000+500+150
August 47:00 PMAPT#22 Championship Event 50L GTD20000+2000
August 47:30 PMAPT#23 Mini Main 50L GTD Day 23000+300
August 48:00 PMAPT#24 Superstack 7L GTD1250+125
August 49:00 PMAPT#25 (6-MAX) Turbo 15L GTD3000+300
August 53:00 PMAPT#26 (4-MAX) Hyper Turbo 5L GTD1000+100
August 54:00 PMAPT#27 Monsterstack 10L GTD2500+250
August 55:30 PMAPT#28 Megastack 6L GTD1250+125
August 57:00 PMAPT#29 Highroller 75L GTD25000+2500
August 58:00 PMAPT#30 DST 15L GTD3000+300
August 58:30 PMAPT#31 Main Event 1 CR GTD DAY 1A7000+700
August 59:00 PMAPT#32 (6-MAX) Turbo 8L GTD1500+150
August 64:00 PMAPT#33 Timebomb 8L GTD2000+200
August 65:30 PMAPT#34 KO 5L GTD1000+500+150
August 67:00 PMAPT#35 Super Highroller 80L GTD50000+5000
August 68:00 PMAPT#36 FREEZEOUT3000+300
August 68:30 PMAPT#37 Main Event 1 CR GTD DAY 1B7000+700
August 69:00 PMAPT#38 (6MAX) Turbo 12L GTD2000+200
August 74:00 PMAPT#39 Frenzy 3L GTD (R+A)500+50
August 75:30 PMAPT#40 5L GTD (WTB)1000+100
August 77:00 PMAPT#41 PLO-5 Highroller 15L GTD5000+500
August 78:00 PMAPT#42 Superstack 10L GTD1500+150
August 78:30 PMAPT#43 Main Event 1 CR GTD DAY 1C7000+700
August 79:00 PMAPT#44 (6-MAX) Turbo 10L GTD700+70
August 82:00PMAPT#45 Main Event 1 CR GTD DAY 1D - Turbo7000+700
August 83:00 PMAPT#46 Hyper (5-MAX) Turbo 7L GTD1250+125
August 84:30 PMAPT#47 Monsterstack 10L GTD1500+150
August 86:00 PMAPT#48 BIG KO 15L GTD2500+1000+350
August 87:30 PMAPT#49 Main Event 1 CR GTD DAY 27000+700
August 88:00 PMAPT#50 Megastack 12L GTD2500+250
August 89:00 PMAPT#51 Afterparty 8L GTD1500+150

The online avatar of the Asia-centric live tournament brand, the Asian Poker Tour, the APT India Online Series, had registered a guarantee-crushing debut earlier this year (January 15 to 26), in what was a much-cheered start to the New Year. And looking at the current landscape, it would be safe to assume this follow-on edition to register even better turnouts. The online satellites to the series are running round the clock on PokerBaazi.

There was never a better time to be a poker player in India. Considering how a prominent brand the APT is coming back for a sequel emphasizes the growing interest of international poker brands to tap into the burgeoning domestic poker market.

Everything has been sized down for the sequel barring the total prize pool guarantee. The series will make a shorter run of eight days, with the schedule curtailed from 48 to 44 events. Instead of 15 APT Trophies awarded in January, the upcoming series will have only 10 APT Trophies up for the take.

The crowning glory of the series, the APT Main Event, returns with its guarantee reduced from ₹2 Crore to ₹1 Crore, with the entry buy-in correspondingly slashed from ₹11,000 to ₹7,700. The other headline events include the ₹50 Lakhs GTD APT Championship Event, the ₹50 Lakhs GTD APT Mini Main Event, the ₹80 Lakhs GTD Super Highroller, a ₹75 Lakhs GTD Highroller and two PLO Highrollers.

All of these featured event winners will also receive an APT trophy along with crucial points on the APT Series Leaderboard. The leaderboard topper will be named the APT ‘Player of the Series’, and in addition to ₹6 Lakhs in Real Cash Bonus (RCB), will also collect a luxury watch.

There are three APT Championship Rings to be won by the winners of the APT Main Event, the APT Championship Event, and the APT Player of the Series.

PokerBaazi has upped the ante in the last two months. First by rolling out a new and upgraded app in May and then by hosting a blockbuster inaugural edition of the National Poker Series. By establishing the APT India Online Series as a top-tier MTT stop, the site will further cement its dominance in the domestic market.

Talking about the upcoming edition, General Manager & Executive Tournament Director, Lloyd Fontillas said – “As promised, it’s great to be working again with team Baazi to bring to you a second edition of the APT Online Series India 2021. Players can expect an action packed, fun filled schedule with great prizes! Good luck to everyone and we look forward to seeing your name on top of the leaderboard!”


1 Crore GTD APT Main Event – August 5 to 8

The biggest draw at the series will once again be the APT Main Event. The prize pool guarantee of the Main Event has been reduced to ₹1 Crore, and buy-in of ₹7,700 slashed from the debut edition`s ₹11,000. The Main Event features four starting flights.

Day 1A – August 5, 8.30 PM

Day 1B – August 6, 8.30 PM

Day 1C – August 7, 8.30 PM

Day 1D – August 8, 2 PM

Day 2 – August 8, 7.30 PM

The first-ever APT India Online Main Event ran from January 20 -26 and drew 1,932 entries across four starting flights. Rajat Mahajan traversed past the competition, beating Nikhil Mawandia heads-up to become the first-ever APT Online Series India champion and won a personal-best ₹34.06 Lakhs. Rajat Mahajan also bagged the APT Trophy and the APT Championship Ring along with the massive cash prize.


Rajat Mahajan



Championship Event 50 Lakhs GTD

No live or online APT edition can be complete without a Championship Event. APT India Online Series will host this ₹22,000 buy-in event on August 4, 7 PM onwards.

The current annual leaderboard topper, Manish Lakhotia, had won the first-ever APT India Online Championships Event in January, where he bested a 454-player field to collect ₹12.15 Lakhs.

Manish Lakhotia


Other Headline Attractions

The other headline tourneys that offer an APT Trophy to the champion include:

> ₹40 Lakhs GTD APT Sunday Major (₹7,850 buy-in) – August 1, 7 PM

> ₹20 Lakhs GTD APT Monday Major (₹3,850 buy-in) – August 2, 7 PM

> ₹50 Lakhs GTD APT Mini Main Event (₹3,300 buy-in) (August 1 – 4) (3 Flights) (Day 2 on August 4, 7:30 PM)

> ₹25 Lakhs GTD APT PLO Highroller (₹11,000 buy-in) – August 3, 7 PM

> ₹75 Lakhs GTD APT Highroller (₹27,500 buy-in) – August 5, 7 PM

> ₹80 Lakhs GTD APT Super Highroller (₹55,000 buy-in) – August 6, 7 PM

> ₹15 Lakhs GTD APT PLO-5 Highroller (₹5,500 buy-in) – August 7, 7 PM


Leaderboard Prizes

A marquee MTT series without a leaderboard is no fun! And the APT India Online Series Leaderboard promises ₹30 Lakhs in prizes to the top 25-ranked player on the leaderboard standings.

In January, Vivekk Dube topped the series leaderboard to win ₹5.50 Lakhs, with Aditya Kulkarni and Bhanu Prakash KC rounding out the top three names on the leaderboard.

Vivekk Dube


The leaderboard race will be another prominent attraction at the upcoming APT India Online. With a juicy ₹6 Lakhs in Real Cash Bonus (RCB) assured to the leaderboard topper and the prestigious APT ‘Player of the Series’ title, the APT Championship Ring, and a luxury watch on the line, the race will almost undoubtedly have the country`s top poker talent in the running.


APT India Online Series Leaderboard Prizes

RankPrize (RCB)

The Leaderboard points will be calculated as:

Points = 10*[sqrt (A)/ sqrt (c)] * [1+log (B+0.25)]

A= Number of total entries

B = Buy-in

C = Player’s position


Online Satellites Starting For Just 80

Yes, you read that right. Looking to get in on the action on a budget? Well, ₹80 is all you need to play the online satellites to the series. In addition to the satellites for the headline events, you can also win packages via the online satellites.

While the full-blown satellite schedule will be announced shortly, two satellites have already been announced. A ₹770 entry buy-in satellite to run at 9.10 PM from Monday to Saturday, guaranteeing one seat into the APT Main Event. Another ₹330 buy-in satty runs at 10 PM, awarding the winner a seat to the APT Mini Main Event.

9:10 PM (Mon-Sat)1 seat GTD to APT Main Event ₹1 CR GTD Day 1A (RE)₹700+₹70
10:00 PM (Mon-Sat)1 seat GTD to APT Mini Main Event ₹50L GTD Day 1A (RE)₹300+₹30

Keep following PokerGuru for more updates from the 2021 APT Online India Series!

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