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APT Mega Satty Series Has Tickets Worth ₹30 Lakhs to the APT Online Series India

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  • Namita Ghosh July 28, 2021
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The second edition of the APT Online Series India is only a few days away, and the anticipation for the upcoming poker extravaganza is starting to build up. Offering a jaw-dropping ₹8 Crores in guaranteed prize money across its 44-event run from August 1 to 8, the comeback series has all the makings of becoming another record-breaking one on PokerBaazi!

Now you can get in on the action for a fraction of the cost. How, you ask? To make the series accessible to players, PokerBaazi has announced the APT Mega Satty Series, three days of satellites with 114 tickets worth over ₹30 Lakhs to APT Online India.

The APT Mega Satty Series will make a brusque three-day run from July 28 to 30, like the Mega Satty Series that ran for the series’ inaugural edition in January. A total of five satellites will run daily at 5.30 PM, 6.30 PM, 7.30 PM, 8.30 PM, and 9 PM.

All players who make it to the final table of any of the satellites win packages to some of the biggest guaranteed tourneys at the APT Online Series India. This means for as little as ₹880, you could punch your ticket to not one but several marquee events at the series.


APT Mega Satty Series Schedule

DateTimeEvent/ Seats GTDBuy-in (₹)
July 285:30 PMMSS#1 Satty 8 seats GTD (Kickoff + Sunday Major + Mini Main 1A)1250+125
July 286:30 PMMSS#2 Satty 8 seats GTD (PLO HR + 5PLO HR + ME 1A)2000+200
July 287:30 PMMSS#3 Satty 8 seats GTD (Championship Event + HR)4000+400
July 288:30 PMMSS#4 Satty 8 seats GTD (All 9:00 PM & 9:30 PM events)1000+100
July 289:00 PMMSS#5 Satty 6 seats GTD (SHR + ME 1A)4000+400
July 295:30 PMMSS#6 Satty 8 seats GTD (All 4:00 PM Events)800+80
July 296:30 PMMSS#7 Satty 8 seats GTD (Big KO + Monday Major + ME 1B)1000+100
July 297:30 PMMSS#8 Satty 8 seats GTD (HR + Championship)4000+400
July 298:30 PMMSS#9 Satty 8 seats GTD (Championship Event + PLO HR)2500+250
July 299:00 PMMSS#10 Satty 8 seats GTD (PLO HR + 5PLO HR + ME 1A)2000+200
July 305:30 PMMSS#11 Satty 8 seats GTD (All 9:00 PM & 9:30 PM Events)1000+100
July 306:30 PMMSS#12 Satty 8 seats GTD (ME 1A + Mini Main 1A + Kickoff)1000+100
July 307:30 PMMSS#13 Satty 8 seats GTD (Monday Major + Sunday Major)1000+100
July 308:30 PMMSS#14 Satty 6 seats GTD (SHR + ME 1A + Mini Main 1A)4000+400
July 309:00 PMMSS#15 Satty 8 seats GTD (All 4:00 PM Events)800+80

In addition to the 4 PM, 9 PM and 9.30 PM headline events, some of the APT Online India marquee events you can win entry to via the APT Mega Satty Series include:

> ₹1 Crore GTD APT Main Event – Day 1A (₹7,700 buy-in) – August 5, 8.30 PM

> ₹50 Lakhs GTD Championship Event (₹22,000 buy-in) – August 4, 7 PM

> ₹20 Lakhs GTD APT #1 Kickoff (₹3,300 buy-in) – August 1, 3 PM

> ₹40 Lakhs GTD APT Sunday Major (₹7,850 buy-in) – August 1, 7 PM

> ₹20 Lakhs GTD APT Monday Major (₹3,850 buy-in) – August 2, 7 PM

> ₹50 Lakhs GTD APT Mini Main Event (₹3,300 buy-in) – Day 1A (August 1)

> ₹25 Lakhs GTD APT PLO Highroller (₹11,000 buy-in) – August 3, 7 PM

> ₹75 Lakhs GTD APT Highroller (₹27,500 buy-in) – August 5, 7 PM

> ₹80 Lakhs GTD APT Super Highroller (₹55,000 buy-in) – August 6, 7 PM

> ₹15 Lakhs GTD APT PLO-5 Highroller (₹5,500 buy-in) – August 7, 7 PM

PokerBaazi has made it even more convenient for players eyeing a cheaper route to APT Online India by rolling out amazing deposit offers for the Mega Satty Series. Make a deposit between ₹7,500 to ₹20,000 on PokerBaazi using specific deposit codes to win a direct entry into the satty events.

Remember, if you win tickets to the same event more than once, you cannot register multiple times in the tournaments. However, the additional tickets can be reimbursed as a Real Cash Bonus (RCB) by emailing support@pokerbaazi.com.

Winning a ticket to the applicable tournament registers you directly into the tournament.


Deposit Codes

Planning to make a deposit at the site to play the APT Online Series India?! Make a deposit between ₹7,500 to ₹20,000 in the next three days using the specified deposit codes to win tickets to the APT Mega Satty Series.

Check out the deposit codes below.

Minimum Deposit AmountDeposit CodeEvent
₹7,500APTMSS1Ticket to MSS#1 Satty
₹10,000APTMSS2Ticket to MSS#2 Satty
₹20,000APTMSS3Ticket to MSS#3 Satty
₹20,000APTMSS5Ticket to MSS#5 Satty
₹20,000APTMSS8Ticket to MSS#8 Satty
₹15,000APTMSS9Ticket to MSS#9 Satty
₹10,000APTMSS10Ticket to MSS#10 Satty
₹20,000APTMSS14Ticket to MSS#14 Satty

The Asian Poker Tour is a premier, Asia-centric live tournament brand. The fact that the operator has partnered with PokerBaazi for a second APT India Online indicates the high interest that international brands are taking in the growing Indian player pool.

The August edition of the APT India Online will be handing out 10 APT Trophies, three APT Championship Rings, and a Luxury watch, in addition to a ₹30 Lakhs Leaderboard race.

While satellites for the series are running round-the-clock on PokerBaazi, the APT Mega Satty Series can get you a quick and cost-effective entry into some of the biggest events on the APT schedule.


Asian Poker Tour (APT) Online Series India Schedule

DateTimeEventBuy-in (₹)
August 13:00 PMAPT#1 Kickoff 20L GTD3000+300
August 14:00 PMAPT#2 Monsterstack 10L GTD2000+200
August 15:30 PMAPT#3 (6-MAX) Turbo 5L GTD1000+100
August 17:00 PMAPT#4 Sunday Major 40L GTD7500+750
August 18:00 PMAPT#5 Mini Main 50L GTD Day 1A3000+300
August 18:30 PMAPT#6 Megastack 10L GTD1500+150
August 19:30 PMAPT#7 (6-MAX) Turbo 5L GTD700+70
August 24:00 PMAPT#8 DST 5L GTD1000+100
August 25:30 PMAPT#9 PKO 5L GTD1000+500+150
August 27:00 PMAPT#10 Monday Major 20L GTD3500+350
August 28:00 PMAPT#11 Mini Main 50L GTD Day 1B3000+300
August 28:30 PMAPT#12 PLO 10L GTD2000+200
August 29:30 PMAPT#13 (6-MAX) Turbo 8L GTD1650+165
August 34:00 PMAPT#14 Hyper (4-MAX) Turbo 4L GTD800+80
August 35:30 PMAPT#15 Hyper (5-MAX) Turbo 6L GTD1250+125
August 37:00 PMAPT#16 PLO Highroller 25L GTD10000+1000
August 38:00 PMAPT#17 Mini Main 50L GTD Day 1C3000+300
August 38:30 PMAPT#18 Megastack 8L GTD1650+165
August 39:30 PMAPT#19 (6-MAX) Turbo 6L GTD1500+150
August 44:00 PMAPT#20 3L GTD (WTB)500+50
August 45:30 PMAPT#21 KO 4L GTD1000+500+150
August 47:00 PMAPT#22 Championship Event 50L GTD20000+2000
August 47:30 PMAPT#23 Mini Main 50L GTD Day 23000+300
August 48:00 PMAPT#24 Superstack 7L GTD1250+125
August 49:00 PMAPT#25 (6-MAX) Turbo 15L GTD3000+300
August 53:00 PMAPT#26 (4-MAX) Hyper Turbo 5L GTD1000+100
August 54:00 PMAPT#27 Monsterstack 10L GTD2500+250
August 55:30 PMAPT#28 Megastack 6L GTD1250+125
August 57:00 PMAPT#29 Highroller 75L GTD25000+2500
August 58:00 PMAPT#30 DST 15L GTD3000+300
August 58:30 PMAPT#31 Main Event 1 CR GTD DAY 1A7000+700
August 59:00 PMAPT#32 (6-MAX) Turbo 8L GTD1500+150
August 64:00 PMAPT#33 Timebomb 8L GTD2000+200
August 65:30 PMAPT#34 KO 5L GTD1000+500+150
August 67:00 PMAPT#35 Super Highroller 80L GTD50000+5000
August 68:00 PMAPT#36 FREEZEOUT3000+300
August 68:30 PMAPT#37 Main Event 1 CR GTD DAY 1B7000+700
August 69:00 PMAPT#38 (6MAX) Turbo 12L GTD2000+200
August 74:00 PMAPT#39 Frenzy 3L GTD (R+A)500+50
August 75:30 PMAPT#40 5L GTD (WTB)1000+100
August 77:00 PMAPT#41 PLO-5 Highroller 15L GTD5000+500
August 78:00 PMAPT#42 Superstack 10L GTD1500+150
August 78:30 PMAPT#43 Main Event 1 CR GTD DAY 1C7000+700
August 79:00 PMAPT#44 (6-MAX) Turbo 10L GTD700+70
August 82:00PMAPT#45 Main Event 1 CR GTD DAY 1D - Turbo7000+700
August 83:00 PMAPT#46 Hyper (5-MAX) Turbo 7L GTD1250+125
August 84:30 PMAPT#47 Monsterstack 10L GTD1500+150
August 86:00 PMAPT#48 BIG KO 15L GTD2500+1000+350
August 87:30 PMAPT#49 Main Event 1 CR GTD DAY 27000+700
August 88:00 PMAPT#50 Megastack 12L GTD2500+250
August 89:00 PMAPT#51 Afterparty 8L GTD1500+150


Keep following PokerGuru for more updates from the APT Online Series India August 2021 edition!

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