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APT Philippines Championships 2018: Hwan Leads 26 Survivors After Day 1A in Championships Event; Gloria, Esteban, Sayo & Araneta Win Side Events

Lim Yo Hwan and Meneleo A Gloria
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  • PG News September 21, 2018
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Right after Metro Team Pro Lester Edoc’s resounding victory at the Main Event of the 2018 APT Philippines Championships, the next featured tournament at the stop i.e. Championships Event got underway. Boasting of a ₱8,000,0000 Guaranteed prize pool, the Championships Event is sure to draw many Asian and international heavy weights.

Day 1A kicked off with 55 runners entering the fray, which dwindled down to 26 survivors after a full day of poker action. Leading the way is Lim Yo Hwan (219,400), with Meneleo A. Gloria (193,900) and Terence Kwong (167,600) rounding up the top three stacks.

Meanwhile, four side events ran their course alongside the two featured events and the winners list includes names like Meneleo A. Gloria (No Limit Hold’em for ₱382,800), Charles Esteban (Pot Limit Omaha Hi for ₱256,100), JC Sayo (NLH Single Day 2 for ₱380,000) and Paolo Araneta (NLH Single Day 3 for ₱229,200).

Championships Event

With a buy-in of ₱82,500, 55 players jumped into the event, but only 26 were left standing when the bags were brought out. CoinPoker High Rollers Single Day winner Lim Yo Hwan amassed the biggest stack of 219,400 at the end of the day.

Another CoinPoker High Rollers winner, Michael Kim Falcon (130,100) also had chips to bag. He eliminated Tetsuya Tsuchikawa with a flopped a set of deuces against Tsuchikawa’s pocket fives.

Falcon also reduced Mark Amparo’s stack to 40,700. On the final hand of the day, Falcon shoved all-in and Amparo called. Falcon improved his card 3card 3 to a pair of queens to win the pot from Amparo’s ace-nine.

Other notables who made the cut for Day 2 include Osmar Moraes (167,200), Hung Sheng Lin (161,000), Feng Zhao (99,300), Choong Kian Weng (77,600) and John Tech (40,200).

Lim Yo Hwan
Lim Yo Hwan

Top 10 Chip Counts At The End of Day 1A

1. Lim Yo Hwan – 219,400

2. Meneleo A. Gloria – 193,900

3. Terence Kwong – 167,600

4. Osmar Maraes – 167,200

5. Hung Sheng Lin – 161,000

6. Yuka Asaka – 140,500

7. Michael Kim Falcon – 130,100

8. Steffen Endres – 129,600

9. Liu Zhiqiang – 129,000

10. Han Wool Jang – 124,700

Side Events

While the recently concluded Main Event and the ongoing Championships Event taking centre stage, several side events played out ringside.

The 105-player strong entry field at the No Limit Hold’em event was crushed by Meneleo A. Gloria, who banked ₱382,800 from the total prize pool of ₱1,527,750.

Meneleo Gloria
Meneleo Gloria

Charles Esteban took down the Pot Limit Omaha Hi for ₱256,100, after besting 97 entries that generated a prize pool of ₱1,411,350.

Charles Esteban
Charles Esteban

The NLH Single Day 2 drew in 124 runner which culminated into a ₱1,202,800 prize pool for a ₱11,000 buy-in. With 17 places receiving payouts, JC Sayo outlasted the field to take home the first-place prize money of ₱380,000.

J C Sayo
J C Sayo

Paolo Araneta won the NLH Single Day 3 and pocketed ₱229,200, after dominating a field of 90 entries that had resulted in a ₱873,000 prize pool.

Paolo Araneta
Paolo Araneta

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