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APT Philippines Championships 2018: Lim Yo Hwan Leads Championships Event Final Table, India’s Singh, Polishetty & Madugula Score in Side Events

Lim Yo Hwan, Krishna Madugula and Louis Watts
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  • PG News September 24, 2018
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The ongoing 2018 APT Philippines Championships has been immensely successful and has already crowned 17 winners. With its second featured tournament, i.e. the Championship Event still underway, the series is heading towards a thrilling finale.

Team India kept busy these past few days. India’s Amanpreet Singh earned his first score in the series in the ₱11,000 Opening Event 2M GTD where he finished in 37th place amid 319 entries and banked ₱18,800 (~₹25,167). Singh then ran strong in the Deep Stack Hyper Turbo event and even reached the heads-up stage, but fell short of lifting the trophy with a runner-up finish for ₱57,100 (~₹76,439).

Krishna Madugula was another Indian challenger seen in thick of action in the Mega SportsWorld Deep Stack Turbo event where he ended his run in 32nd place for ₱7,700 (~₹10,307). In PLO Hi-2, Srinivas Polishetty finished seventh for ₱47,800 (~₹63,989).

The Championships Event was a star-studded tournament right from the start and several poker heavyweights were seen in action. Even with Typhoon Ompong threatening to cause disastrous consequences, the series continued and now the event has played down to its eight-player final table. The day 2 chip leader Lim Yo Hwan continued his dominating play into Day 3 and eventually accumulated a huge stack of 2,626,000 at the end of the day’s play.

In the meantime, several side events played out alongside the Championships Event, crowning champions in Louis Watts (MegaSportsWorld Deep Stack Turbo for ₱205,100), Jeffrey Pamplona (Deep Stack Hyper Turbo for ₱85,500), Anthony Abram (Super Deep Stack Turbo for ₱145,400) and Eric Yang Shao (Pot Limit Omaha Hi 2 for ₱297,600).

Championships Event

Day 2 of the Championships Event began with the 84 qualifiers from Day 1A and 1B returning to the felts with Lim Yo Hwan in the lead. Another 20 entries were added to the mix to bring the total player count to 174, culminating in an impressive prize pool of ₱12,658,500, with the lion’s share worth ₱2,819,900 assured for the winner.

By the time the last hand of the day was dealt, Yo Hwan had created a big gap between himself and the rest of the field. He bagged a monstrous 947,000, while Marvin Rettenmaier was placed second in the chips with 666,000 and Nehmee Alegado with 525,000 rounded out the top three stacks.

Yo Hwan not only dominated the player pool from the beginning, but also orchestrated the elimination of Metro Team Pro Lester Edoc who was looking to win his third APT title. Edoc went all-in with mid pair flush draw holding card 3card 3 on a flop of card 2card 3card 3. But Yo Hwan turned over card 3card 1 and with the turn card 3 and card 3 not running in Edoc’s favour, he had to bow out of the competition.

Many notables were left in the running including Jae Hyun Lim (517,000), Joshua Chargualaf (460,000), Feng Zhao (358,000), Hung Sheng Lin (226,000) and defending champion Iori Yogo (184,000).

Following the elimination of the short-stacked JC Sayo, who busted on the money bubble, only 29 runners made the cut for Day 3.

Top 10 Chip Counts At The End of Day 2

1. Lim Yo Hwan – 947,000

2. Marvin Rettenmaier – 666,000

3. Nehmee Alegado – 525,000

4. Jae Hyun Lim – 517,000

5. Joshua Chargualaf – 460,000

6. Bobby Zhang – 420,000

7. Marc Rivera – 398,000

8. Sun Tan – 382,000

9. Ji Young Kim – 368,000

10. Feng Zhao – 358,000

Day 3 Recap

The 29 survivors of Day 2 played down till the eight-handed final table on Day 3, with all returning players assured a min-cash of ₱106,100.

21 eliminations took place before the final table convened which included Bobby Zhang (9th for ₱318,400), Marc River (10th for ₱232,600), Feng Zhao (11th for ₱232,600), Marvin Rettenmaier (12th for ₱232,600), Yuka Asaka (14th for ₱198,800), Oystein Nordii (15th for ₱198,800), Hung Sheng Lin (16th for ₱169,900), Terence Kwang (17th for ₱169,900), Walken Li (18th for ₱169,900), Ji Young Kim (19th for ₱145,200), Iori Yogo (21st for ₱145,200), Gavin Flynn (24th for ₱124,100), Eli Luannan (26th for ₱124,100) and Tetsuya Tsuchikawa (29th for ₱106,100).

Sun Tan (8th for ₱318,400) bubbled the final table.

Lim Yo Hwan maintained his top position coming into Day 4 with a massive stack of 2,626,000, closely trailed by Steffen Endres (2,265,000), while Jae Hyun Lim holds the third largest stack with 1,450,000.

The seven finalists will come back to fight for the trophy and top prize on Day 4.

Lim Yo Hwan
Lim Yo Hwan

Seven-Handed Chip Counts

1. Lim Yo Hwan – 2,626,000

2. Steffen Endres – 2,265,000

3. Jae Hyun Lim – 1,450,000

4. Joshua Chargualaf – 857,000

5. Si Yang Phua – 782,000

6. Richard Marquez – 557,000

7. Masatoshi Tanaka – 165,000

Mega SportsWorld Deep Stack Turbo Event

The Mega SportsWorld Deep Stack Turbo event attracted 196 entries crushing the ₱750K guarantee by a big margin.

A total of 33 players took home a piece of the ₱950,600 prize pool. After nine hours of play, it was UK’s Louis Watts who emerged victorious. Watts clashed with fellow countryman Andre Doyle in the heads-up play to earn the top prize of ₱205,100, along with the event trophy.

Team India’s Krishna Madugula was seen making a deep run in the event. Madugula managed to cross the money line but ended his run shortly after, in 32nd place for ₱7,700 (~₹10,307).

Louis Watts
Louis Watts

Final Table Results (PHP)

1. Louis Watts – ₱205,100

2. Andrew Doyle – ₱136,600

3. James Bonanno – ₱95,300

4. Ronni Eilam – ₱69,400

5. Elmer Kalaquian – ₱52,500

6. Jeffrey Pamplona – ₱41,000

7. Tomio Yoshimura – ₱33,000

8. Wendell Garcia – ₱27,300

9. Taku Iwata – ₱23,100

Deep Stack Hyper Turbo Event

Outlasting the field, Jeffrey Pamplona claimed decisive victory in the Deep Stack Hyper Turbo event where 62 entries were gunning for the top prize.

Pamplona defeated India’s Amanpreet Singh in the heads-up play to pocket ₱85,500 and his first-ever APT trophy. Singh banked ₱57,100 (~₹76,439) for his runner-up finish. The entry field took the prize pool to ₱300,700 and 11 finalists who advanced to the final table made it in the money.

Jeffrey Pamplona
Jeffrey Pamplona

Final Table Results (PHP)

1. Jeffrey Pamplona – ₱85,500

2. Amanpreet Singh – ₱57,100

3. Suheil Ibrahim Saliba – ₱39,800

4. Arnel Casquejo – ₱29,000

5. Atsushi Hongo – ₱21,900

6. Rodrigo Sequite – ₱17,100

7. Anthony Castro – ₱13,800

8. Jang Hanwool – ₱11,400

9. Vilma Goldman – ₱9,700

10. Mikiya Kudo – ₱8,300

11. John Paul Singson – ₱7,100

Super Deep Stack Turbo Event

With 84 players in contention for the top prize, the Super Deep Stack Turbo was another hot stage for intense poker action. The event featured a buy-in of ₱11,000 and created a total prize pool amounting to ₱814,800 with the top 14 places making it in the money.

When Anthony Abram sailed through the Super Deep Stack Turbo to make the final table, he faced big setbacks right as the field whittled down to the final four players. Abram at a point only had three chips, each worth 5K each and seemed at the edge of elimination. However, in an amazing turnaround, Abram went on to improve not just his stack, but to rail his opponents and win the event! For his first place finish, Abram banked the top payout of ₱218,000.

Edward Penaflorida finished runner-up in the event. Prior to entering the heads-up match against Abram, Penaflorida won a big pot off Liu Zhiqiang with pocket jacks against Zhiqiang’s eight-six on the card 3card 3card 2card 3card 1 board. Zhiqiang was subsequently railed out by Abram.

Penaflorida and Abram discussed a deal but since both players had eyes on the trophy, they resumed play without an agreement. Abram went on to relegate Penaflorida to a runner-up finish. Penaflorida pocketed ₱145,400 for his finish.

Anthony Abram
Anthony Abram

Final Table Results (PHP)

1. Anthony Abram – ₱218,000

2. Edward Penaflorida – ₱145,400

3. Liu Zhiquiang – ₱101,500

4. Takayuki Sakamoto – ₱73,900

5. Mark Dalimore – ₱55,800

6. Yifang Li – ₱43,600

7. Ireneo Javalera – ₱35,100

8. Duy Manh Ho – ₱29,100

9. Patrick Jolas Guerrero – ₱24,600

PLO Hi 2 Event

The PLO Hi 2 event registered a total of 51 entries taking the prize pool to ₱989,400. Fielding through the tough competition, Taiwan’s Eric Yang Shao won the event for ₱297,600.

Headlining Team India’s participation in the event was Srinivas Polishetty, who finished in seventh place for ₱47,800 (~₹63,989).,

Eric Yang Shao
Eric Yang Shao

Final Table Results (PHP)

1. Eric yang Shao – ₱197,800

2. Jeong Minwoong -₱197,800

3. Chung Fai Ngeow – ₱138,100

4. Yul Maravilla – ₱100,500

5. Jae Chul Chang – ₱76,000

6. Martin Corpuz – ₱59,400

7. Srinivas Polishetty – ₱47,800

8. Matsuzawa Naohiro – ₱39,600

9. Takeo Hanayama – ₱33,500

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