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APT Philippines II: Hernan Jaybee Villa Champions Main Event For ₱4.56 Million (~$80,250) (HU Deal)

Hernan Jaybee wins APT Philippines II Main Event
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  • Namita Ghosh September 13, 2022
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The eight finalists of the 2022 APT Philippines II ₱15 Million GTD Main Event returned to the Grand Wing Casino – Newport World Resorts in Manila on September 13. All eyes were on Sweden’s Sofia Lovgren Fullmer, who started the day as the dominating chip leader. While Lovgren was the crowd favorite, Columbia’s Hernan Jaybee Villa (cover image) stole the thunder. Taking over the chip lead during five-handed play, Villa chopped the Main Event title with David Erquiaga.

Villa locked 4.2 Million, and Erquiaga 3,830,000, leaving ₱360,300 and the trophy on the table. After nearly 90 minutes of heads-up play, Villa emerged triumphant to claim the APT Champion`s ring and trophy and the top prize of ₱4.56 Million (~$80,250)!

Before the Main Event victory, Villa’s live tournament winnings stood at $74,036. He has more than doubled that record in a single stroke by walking away with a personal-best live score!

The runner-up finisher, David Erquiaga, a two-time APT champion, entered the event fresh off two final table appearances earlier in the series in Event #2: ₱205K NLHE – VIP High Rollers (3rd) and Event #5: ₱65K NLHE High Roller (4th). Even though he lost another excellent chance at adding to his APT trophy collecting, Erquiaga had enough consolation from the hefty ₱3.83 Million (~$67,400) he collected for his efforts.

Coming back to Lovgren, she was the only player to enter the final table with over 100 big blinds. Lovgren, who got hitched in July, was making her second final table appearance in an APT event. In 2019, she placed fifth in the APT Ho Chi Minh Main Event for VND 455,230,000 (~$19,701).

The Swedish poker pro lost a massive pot to Villa during five-handed play, transferring her chip lead to the latter.

Down to the final four players, she made a valiant attempt to chip up, scoring a big double-up through David Erquiaga to get back into the top. Lovgren eventually lost her tournament life to Villa in third place, cashing ₱2,338,800 (~$41,160).

The Main Event recorded 497 entries, creating a ₱24,104,500 prize pool and paid out XXX places.

Five Indians, PokerGuru Ambassador Laksh Pal Singh, Kunal Patni, Jasven Saigal, Young Gun Abhinav Iyer, and Chirag Shah, made Day 2 of the Main Event.

Iyer (36th for ₱146,700; ₹2.05 Lakhs) and Singh (40th for ₱122,300; ₹1.71 Lakhs) were the only players from the team who carried stacks to Day 3 and finished in the money.

You can watch the replay of the final table live stream (on delay) below.

Final Table Chip Counts

  1. Sofia Lovgren Fullmer – 3,120,000
  2. Jun Ho Young – 2,475,000
  3. David Erquiaga – 1,835,000
  4. Hwany Lee – 1,680,000
  5. Hernan Jaybee Villa – 1,130,000
  6. Jacques Le Guennec – 735,000
  7. Bonifacio Mondalo – 555,000
  8. Marc Rivera – 480,000


APT Philippines II Main Event Final Table
APT Philippines II Main Event Final Table


Final Table Recap

The very first hand of the final table saw Bonifacio Mondalo make his way out in eighth place. Mondalo raised from the hijack and Villa three-bet from the cutoff. Mondalo shoved and Villa called, tabling to Mondalo’s . Mondalo stayed ahead through the flop, but the next two streets saw Villa hitting a two-pair to take down the pot, eliminating Mondalo in the process.

Next up, Erquiaga sent local pro Marc Rivera packing in seventh place after his Ace-Jack flopped top pair to dominate Rivera’s King-Queen.

Within 15 minutes, Jacques Le Guennec was eliminated in sixth place, his Ace-Deuce proving to be no competition to Jung Ho Young’s Queen-Jack that bettered to a two-pair.

Just as the five players returned from a short break, Villa scored a massive double-up through Sofia Lovgren, displacing the latter as the top stack. The hand in question began with Villa raising to 120K from the cutoff. Lovgren defended her big blind. On the flop , Villa three-bet to 95K and Lovgren check-called. Villa fired a bet of 275K on the turn , and Lovgren checked-called again. After the completed the board, Lovgren jammed, sending Villa deep into the tank. He used three time banks before making the call at the risk of his tournament life. Lovgren showed for a pair, and Villa raked in the pot with the better . Villa extended his stack to 3.8 Million, overtaking Lovgren, who dropped down to 1.4 Million.

Around 30 minutes later, Jung Ho Young lost his tournament life in fifth place, after his was bested by Erquiaga’s that clipped a set on the runout .

Sofia Lovgren Fullmer then made a big call versus Erquiaga to reclaim the lead. Erquiaga limped from the button, and Lovgren, sitting in the small blind, raised to 300K. Erquaga called to see the flop . Lovgren checked, and Erquiaga bet 225K. Lovgren called immediately. The landed on the turn, and the action went check-check. After the river, Lovgren led for 375K, and Erquiaga tanked before jamming. Lovgren tanked for a bit before making the call for her tournament life. Erquiaga had and Lovgren scooped the pot with for two-pair, doubling up to 3.6 Million. Erquiaga was left with 3 Million.

Villa further dented Erquiaga’s stack to zoom into the chip lead again.

The lone Korean player on the final table, Hwany Lee, was eliminated by Villa in fourth place after losing a flip with to Lee’s . The dealer peeled out on the board, ending Lee’s Main Event run.

Having lost her chip lead, Sofia Lovgren Fullmer made a failed attempt to spin up but ended up busting. In a clash with Villa, Lovgren raised to 135K on the button, and Villa called from the small blind. Fullmer three-bet to 175K on the flop , and Villa check-raised it to 440K. Lovgren made the call. Villa checked the turn, but Lovgren triple-barrelled for 700K, and Villa called. The pot was now 2.7 Million, and after the completed the board, Villa checked, and Lovgren shoved. Villa tanked again, eventually making the call. Lovgren had just , and Villa took down the pot with , eliminating the start of the day chip leader in third place.

Sofia Lovgren Fullmer eliminated in third place
Sofia Lovgren Fullmer eliminated in third place


Heads-up, Hernan Jaypee Villa held 7.7 Million to David Erquiaga’s 4.725 Million. After playing one hand, the duo struck a deal. Villa locked in a ₱4.2 Million payout, and Erquiaga ₱3.83 Million, leaving ₱360,300 and the title to fight for.

APT Philippines II Main Event -Heads-up match
APT Philippines II Main Event -Heads-up match


The chip lead exchanged hands a few times before Villa began to dig into Erquiaga’s stack. The final showdown lasted close to 90 minutes before Villa took it down with that hit two-pair versus Erquiaga’s on the board .

Hernan Jaybee wins APT Philippines II Main Event
Hernan Jaybee wins APT Philippines II Main Event

Final Table Results (₱)

  1. Hernan Jaybee Villa – 4,560,000*
  2. David Equiaga – 3,830,000*
  3. Sofia Lovgren Fullmer – 2,338,800
  4. Hwany Lee – 1,689,000
  5. Jung Ho Young – 1,263,300
  6. Jacques Le Guennec – 975,000
  7. Marc Rivera – 774,200

*denotes a heads-up deal

Content & Images Courtesy: Asian Poker Tour

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