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APT Philippines II: Jasven Saigal Wins India It’s First Trophy at the Series, Ships Event #13: ₱22K NLHE For ₱532,300 (₹7.41 Lakhs)!

APT Philippines II: Jasven Saigal Wins India It's First Trophy
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  • Namita Ghosh September 14, 2022
  • 2 Minutes Read

The ongoing 2022 Asian Poker Tour (APT) Philippines II is turning out to be a hotbed for another trailblazing performance by Team India. On the heels of Abhinav Iyer and PokerGuru Ambassador Laksh Pal Singh`s deep run in the ₱55K Main Event, Jasven Saigal upped the game in a big way. Less than two hours ago, Saigal traversed his way past a field of 109 entries in Event #13: ₱22K NLHE, fending off Hong Kong’s Wai Chiu Cheng heads-up to lift the APT trophy and banking ₱532,300 (₹7.41 Lakhs) in first-place prize money. Cheng collected ₱354,800 in second place.

With the victory, Saigal, who won the 2013 APT Manila $270 NLHE (6-Handed) for $4,630, clinched his second APT title. It is also the second trophy Saigal has won in an Asian tournament in less than a month. On August 23, he shipped the WPT Prime Cambodia Event #23: $300 NLHE – Superstack (6-Max) for $6,255 (₹4.99 Lakhs). The long-time poker pro has been active in live tournaments in the region and posted three final table finishes at the 2022 APT Summer Festival Hanoi in June.

Saigal’s compatriot and another live tournament reg, Kunal Patni, missed the final table by whiskers, finishing ninth for ₱55,400 (₹77,111).

Kunal Patni
Kunal Patni


You can watch the replay of the final table live stream (on delay) below.

Final Table Chip Counts

  1. Wai Chin Cheng – 234,000
  2. Kazutoshi Katsurada – 175,000
  3. Jasven Saigal – 152,000
  4. Duhan Lee – 135,000
  5. Lee Soo Chang – 121,000
  6. Chang Jae Lee – 115,000
  7. Neil Lawrence – 96,000
  8. Brandon Koh – 63,5000


Final Table Recap

The shortest stacked Koh Hsien Ren, aka Brandon Koh, made his way out within just ten minutes of play.

Neil Lawrence joined Koh in the rail shortly after that – his falling to Duhan Lee’s that hit a set on the runout .

Another thirty minutes later, Saigal scooped a big pot off Lee Soo Chang.

Players were sent on a short break, and shortly after the play resumed, Chang moved all in with . Chang Jae Lee made the call with . The board ran , and Lee’s two-pair of queens and sevens won him the pot, dispatching Chang in sixth place.

Lee scored his next knockout by dispatching Kazutoshi Katsurada in fifth place. In yet another preflop all-in showdown, Katsurada jammed with , and Lee looked him up with . The community cards opened and Lee paired his king to eliminate Katsurada.

Four-handed play went on for over an hour before Cheng busted Chang Jae Lee in fourth place, his cracking Lee’s on the runout .

Another 90 minutes later, Duhan Lee was eliminated by Saigal in third place. Lee had and looked in good shape against Saigal`s on the flop . However, the turn and the river saw Saigal hitting a straight, setting up his heads-up battle with Wai Chin Cheng.

Saigal (44 BBs) was chip leading Wai Chin Cheng (10 BBs) at the start of the heads-up match and finished things off quickly with his dominating Cheng’s after spiking a five on the board .

Jasven Saigal
Jasven Saigal


Final Table Results (PHP)

  1. Jasven Saigal – ₱532,300
  2. Wai Chiu Cheng – ₱354,800
  3. Duhan Lee – ₱246,700
  4. Chang Jae Lee – ₱178,200
  5. Kazutoshi Katsurada – ₱133,200
  6. Lee Soochang – ₱102,800
  7. Neil Lawrence – ₱81,700
  8. Koh Hsien Ren – ₱66,500


Content & Images Courtesy: Asian Poker Tour

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