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APT Summer Festival Hanoi: Vamerdino Magsakay Wins Main Event; Ankit Jajodia Finishes 3rd; Siddarth Singhvi Ships Deep Stack Hyper Turbo

Vamerdino Magsakay - Ankit Jajodia - Siddanth Singhvi
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  • Attreyee Khasnabis July 20, 2022
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The 2022 Asian Poker Tour (APT) Summer Festival Hanoi – VSOP is bustling along at a commendable pace, with 16 of its scheduled 27 events already in the books. The first of the series’ two star attractions, the VND 5 Billion GTD Main Event, culminated last night. Filipino player Vamerdino Magsakay walked away with the Main Event title and the top prize of VND 1.986 Billion (~$84,813). Nguyen Quang Huy finished runner-up for VND 1.324 Billion (~$56,542). India’s Ankit Jajodia finished third for a career-best VND 920.59 Million (~₹31.42 Lakhs) payday.

Jajodia has been one of the top Indian runners in the series and someone who has been in sublime form in Vietnam recently. Jajodia posted four final table finishes in the APT Vietnam Hanoi last month, his previous deep run being a fifth-place finish in the Championships Event.

Jajodia opened his scorecard at the APT Summer Festival with a sixth-place score in Event #2: Head Hunter, following it up with a third-place finish in Event #5: PLO. In the Main Event, Jajodia made it through Day 1C. Jajodia ended Day 2 as the second-biggest stack among 87 survivors, and he maintained the momentum all the way through the eight-handed final table. The Indian player kept the country’s hopes alive for bringing home a third Main Event title from Vietnam this year and was third in stacks when the final table began. He eventually took third place to earn a VND 920.59 Million (~₹31.42 Lakhs) payday.

Jajodia was not the only Indian grabbing headlines. Siddarth Singhvi ended his nearly four-year-long live title drought by claiming victory in Event #16: Deep Stack Hyper Turbo, banking a cool VND 88.13 Million (~₹3 Lakhs).

While this was Singhvi’s first APT title, it was his career-third live title and his second time winning an event in the South-Asian circuit. He previously won the ₱16,500 No Limit Hold’em – Bubble Rush at the 2017 PokerStars Festival Manila.

In other side event action, Vietnam’s Vo Manh Linh bested a 21-player field in Event #14: Short Deck to collect VND 99.64 Million (~$4,254), while Nam Trung took down Event #13: High Rollers for VND 866.54 Million (~$37,000).


APT Summer Festival Hanoi – VSOP Main Event

It took six days for the 2022 APT Summer Festival Hanoi – VSOP Main Event to crown a champion. After a long-drawn-out heads-up battle on Day 4, the honor went to the Philippines’ Vamerdino Magsakay, who claimed the prestigious APT Main Event trophy and Championship Ring, along with a VND 1.986 Billion payday! His heads-up rival Nguyen Quang Huy took home VND 1.324 Billion for his runner-up finish.

An APT circuit regular, Magsakay won three titles in the APT Phu Quoc series in April, all Single Day High Rollers. Less than three weeks ago, Magsakay had come close to shipping the PokerStars LIVE Manila Super Series 15 Main Event but fell out in third place for ₱560,000.

Talking about his win, Magsakay said, “I feel great. This was my first Main Event win. I was in third place in the Philippines before, and this time I won it, so I am very happy. At Day 2, I had a set of nines, and I folded. The player had a straight. If I didn’t fold, I wouldn’t be standing here.”

When asked who he felt was his strongest opponent, “Mr. X was the toughest because he always hits something on the board. It was hard to play him because he was very lucky.”

India’s Ankit Jajodia came excruciatingly close to clinching the 2022 APT Summer Festival Hanoi – VSOP Main Event title, finishing third for a career-best VND 920.59 Million (~₹31.42 Lakhs).

PokerGuru caught up with Jajodia and talked about his run in the Main Event; he said, “I ran pretty good in Main Event. On Day 2, I bagged 150 BBs and was feeling very confident. On Day 3, I was cruising as I had around 25 percent of the chips in play when we reached the final two tables. I ran pretty bad in the last two levels of Day 3, and on the final level, I dropped off to just above average stack. I still can’t complain about this, as good run has to be nullified somewhere in the tourney.”

“It was a big day today, and I was third in chips, so I thought I had to lock third place first, then anything above was a bonus for me. I couldn’t do much as I was pretty card dead on FT, but I am happy that I finished third. I can’t complain. I will be back in Ho Chi Minh for the next APT to close this Main Event.”

“I am looking forward to the Championship Event, which is starting tomorrow.”

A veteran in the South-Asian poker circuit, the Shimla-based pro’s scorecard dates back to 2018. He won his first live title in the ₹15K DPT Xpress Main Event at the 2018 DPT Xpress in Gangtok, Sikkim. The same year, he went on to clinch back-to-back titles at the PokerStars LIVE Manila Megastack 12, where he shipped the Kick Off and Hyper Turbo events.

Jajodia started 2022 with deep runs in the ₹11K Warm Up and ₹5K Bounty events at the DPT. He has had a phenomenal run in Vietnam, picking up four final table finishes at the first-ever Asian Poker Tour (APT) Vietnam Hanoi last month, and he’s followed it up with five final table finishes at the ongoing 2022 APT Summer Festival Hanoi – VSOP.

Talking about his Vietnam experience, Jajodia said, “It was a roller coaster ride for me. There were a few moments when I thought I would finally finish it off at 1st position but couldn’t touch the finish line. I tried to muster all my focus and faith in my skills, which finally paid off. No matter what, my fav number is still 1, and I won’t rest till I get it. It was a wholesome experience in Vietnam as tourneys here have very good structures and numbers.”

The final day of the 2022 APT Summer Festival Hanoi – VSOP Main Event saw the final eight players return to contend for the prestigious APT Main Event trophy and Championship Ring.

Dao Minh Phu (4,585,000) started the day as the final table chip leader, with India’s Ankit Jajodia (856,500) placed third in chips.

The final table action was streamed live on APT`s YouTube channel. You can watch the replay below.


Final Table Chip Counts

  1. Dao Minh Phu – 4,585,000
  2. Nguyen Vu Cuong – 1,725,000
  3. Ankit Jajodia – 1,290,000
  4. Tommy Nguyen – 1,170,000
  5. Nguyen Quang Huy – 970,000
  6. Dang Thanh Luong aka Victor EM – 950,000
  7. Vamerdino Magsakay – 835,000
  8. Nguyen Doan Trung Hieu aka Pickle Rick – 460,000


APT Summer Festival Hanoi – VSOP Main Event Final Table
APT Summer Festival Hanoi – VSOP Main Event Final Table


Final Table Recap

Forty-five minutes after the final table action started, Nguyen Quang Huy raised to 80,000 from the hi-jack, to which Trung Hieu shoved all-in for 195,000 on the button. Huy called.

Nguyen Quang Huy

Nguyen Doan Trung Hieu

The community cards opened , pairing Huy’s Jack on the flop and sending Hieu to the rail in eighth place.

It took another forty-five minutes before another elimination. Dang Thanh Luong moved all-in for 275,000 in the cutoff, and Dao Minh Phu matched his bet from the button.

Dang Thanh Luong

Dao Minh Phu

The board ran , bringing no help for Luong, who walked out in seventh place.

Soon after, Tommy Nguyen followed Luong to the rail. He moved all-in for 185,000 from the small blind with his after Nguyen Vu Cuong shoved for 745,000 in the cut-off with . The board opened , and Cuong pocket tens knocked out Nguyen in sixth place.

Despite taking all of Tommy Nguyen’s chips, Nguyen Vu Cuong could not extend his stay at the final table for more than 30 minutes. On his last hand of the tournament, Cuong shoved for 445,000 from the big blind, and Huy called the bet from the button.

Nguyen Vu Cuong

Nguyen Quang Huy

The community cards opened , eliminating Cuong in fifth place.

Four-handed play continued for nearly two hours before Dao Minh Phu gave in. He moved all-in from the cutoff for 2,100,000 with , and Huy matched the bet with , putting Phu at risk. The board ran , and Huy took down the pot, ousting Phu in fourth place.

Half an hour later, Ankit Jajodia fell out in third place. He entered the final table with the third-biggest stack, but the Indian was the shortest with four runners remaining. While Jajodia managed to survive long enough to see Phu fall, he was still the shortest. Just before his elimination, Jajodia doubled up through Vamerdino Magsakay, improving his 530,000 stack to 1,200,000. But in the end, it wasn’t enough to keep him in contention for much longer.

Ankit Jajodia
Ankit Jajodia


Down to his last 12 big blinds, Jajodia found his tournament run cut short by Magsakay. The hand in question saw Magsakay bet 40,000 from the small blind, and Jajodia checked his option from the big blind. The flop came . Magsakay, who held , spiked trip fives, and Jajodia’s flopped top pair. Magsakay bet 80,000, and Jajodia raised it to 350,000. Magsakay jammed and Jajodia called. The & completed the board, keeping Magsakay ahead with a boat, eliminating Jajodia in the process.

Nguyen Quang Huy entered the heads-up match against Vamerdino Magsakay with a dominating 91 BBs to the latter’s 59 BBs.

Vamerdino Magsakay & Nguyen Quang Huy
Vamerdino Magsakay & Nguyen Quang Huy


The heads-up lasted nearly three hours, with the chip lead changing hands a few times. Despite having a 3:1 chip lead over Magsakay at one point, Huy could not close it out. Magsakay grinded his way to the top, and finally sealed the deal when his overpowered Huy’s , with the board running .

Vamerdino Magsakay
Vamerdino Magsakay


Final Table Results (VND)

  1. Vamerdino Magsakay – VND 1,986,320,000
  2. Nguyen Quang Huy – VND 1,324,230,000
  3. Ankit Jajodia – VND 920,590,000
  4. Dao Minh Phu – VND 664,920,000
  5. Nguyen Vu Cuong – VND 497,260,000
  6. Tommy Nguyen – VND 383,780,000
  7. Dang Thanh Luong – VND 304,760,000
  8. Nguyen Doan Trung Hieu – VND 248,300,000


Vo Manh Linh Wins Event #14: Short Deck For VND 99.64 Million

Yet another APT trophy at the ongoing APT Summer Festival – VSOP was bagged by a home player on July 18. Vo Manh Linh ran past a field of 21 challengers to capture the VND 11 Million (~$470) buy-in Event #14: Short Deck for his first-ever APT trophy and VND 99.64 Million (~$4,250). Linh’s showdown for the title was versus Tan Manh Hung, who secured a runner-up payday worth VND 53.44 Million (~$2,282).

The tournament made a prize pool collection of VND 203.70 Million (~$8,685), and only the top four places got paid.

One of the most exciting runs in the tournament was that of Malaysia’s Chang Xiang Guang. Guang was down to just one big blind during the bubble round but worked his way up, eventually making it past the money line to finish in third place!

At the heads-up, Hung made a valiant attempt to catch up with Linh and even doubled up a few times. Still, Linh kept his sails high, eventually taking it down with his dominating Hung’s .

Vo Manh Linh
Vo Manh Linh


Final Table Results (VND)

  1. Vo Manh Linh – VND 99,640,000
  2. Tran Thanh Hung – VND 53,440,000
  3. Chang Xiang Guang – VND 31,060,000
  4. Ng Wei Chao – VND 19,560,000


Siddarth Singhvi Wins Event #16: Deep Stack Hyper Turbo For VND 88.13 Million (~₹3 Lakhs)

Siddarth Singhvi trounced a field of 85 entrants in the VND 4.40 Million buy-in Deep Stack Hyper Turbo to lift his first-ever APT trophy and the top prize of VND 88.13 Million (~₹3 Lakhs). The Pune-based player had last won a live title in 2018 when he shipped the ₹20K Megastack Turbo at the WPT India Series.

Singhvi battled out the heads-up against Event #10: High Rollers Single Day champion Nguyen Van Sang. On the final hand, Singhvi’s held up against Sang’s . The board brought , and while both players paired the board, Singhvi’s flopped pair of Jacks declared him the champion.

PokerGuru Ambassador Ankit Wadhawan (8th for VND 11.02 Million, ~₹37,623) and Deepak Bothra (9th for VND 9.18 Million, ~₹31,341) also final tabled the event.

Siddarth Singhvi
Siddarth Singhvi


Final Table Results (VND)

  1. Siddarth Singhvi – VND 88,130,000
  2. Nguyen Van Sang – VND 58,760,000
  3. Dang Duy Thanh – VVND 40,850,000
  4. Phuong Xu – VND 29,500,000
  5. Natthakit Suratin – VND 22,060,000
  6. Le Xuan Huy – VND 17,030,000
  7. Pham Truong Thu – VND 13,520,000
  8. Ankit Wadhawan – VND 11,020,000
  9. Deepak Bothra – VND 9,180,000


Nam Trung Wins Event #13: High Rollers for VND 866.54 Million

Local player Nam Trung bested compatriot Huy Pham (2nd for VND 577.69 Million) heads-up to grab the VN₫ 65 Million buy-in Event #13: High Rollers title for VND 866.54 Million.

The event attracted 49 entries, posting a VND 2,851,800,000 prize pool.

Nam Trung
Nam Trung


Final Table Results (VND)

  1. Nam Trung – VND 866,540,000
  2. Huy Pham – VND 577,690,000
  3. Nang Quang Nguyen – VND 401,610,000
  4. Pham Tien Dung – VND 290,070,000
  5. Hao Seo – VND 216,930,000
  6. Pham Thanh Dat – VND 167,420,000
  7. Dang Van Hien – VND 132,950,000
  8. Jeon Byeong Cheol – VND 108,320,000
  9. Benjamin Sai – VND 90,270,000


Content & Images Courtesy: Asian Poker Tour

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