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APT Taipei 2023: Nishant Sharma Takes 6th in Kickoff Event; Abhinav Iyer and Ankit Ahuja Advance to Day 2 of Record-Breaking Super High Roller

Nishant Sharma, Abhinav Iyer & Ankit Ahuja
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APT Taipei 2023 continued its action-packed second day at the impressive Asia Poker Arena in Taipei, Taiwan. With five tournaments scheduled for Saturday, records were being broken left and right.

Team India ran through its first title sweat in the series opener TWD $2 Million GTD APT Kickoff. The TWD $10,000 buy-in tournament set the festival on a record start by clocking 751 total entries (424 unique), collecting a TWD $6,556,300 prize pool. Among the 106 players returning for Day 2 were three Indian contenders: Gamezy Poker Pro Nishant Sharma, J Raju, and Spartan Poker Pro Zarvan Tumboli.

Having entered Day 2 with the 10th biggest stack, it was no surprise that Sharam ran the deepest from the Indian contingent, pulling off a sixth-place finish for TWD $245,000. Sharma, the 2022 WPC-SEAPT High Roller Single Day champion, posted his fourth APT score of the year and his first final table finish with this deep run.

Tumboli opened Team India`s scorecard at the series with his 45th-place exit for TWD $23,900. J Raju placed 18th for TWD $49,100.

Taiwan’s Chia Yun Wu championed APT Kickoff for TWD $1,254,100 after besting compatriot Yan Chen Jiang (2nd for TWD $764,100) heads-up.

The APT Super High Roller, with a TWD $150,000 buy-in, set three new records: the largest and richest Super High Roller in APT history for total entries, unique entries, and prize pool, amassing TWD $15,888,600. Indians Abhinav Iyer (2,200,000) and Ankit Ahuja (1,415,000) were among the 23 players who made it through Day 1, both bagging a top-ten stack. With the top 17 places assured a min-cash of TWD $249,500, Iyer and Ahuja are poised to add to Team India’s tally.

Hong Kong’s Wing Po Liu (2,815,000), Ireland’s Sam Lam (2,770,000), and Taiwan’s Yu-Chung Chang (2,520,000) are the frontrunners to win the TWD $3,997,400 (~USD $129,880) top prize.

The other crowd favorite, the Mystery Bounty Hunter – sponsored by Natural8 – hosted two starting flights on Saturday, April 29. The TWD $16,000 buy-in tournament gathered a 670-strong field (408 unique), setting a new record for the largest APT Mystery Bounty Hunter field in terms of total field size and unique players. The event also set the record for the biggest Mystery Bounty Hunter prize pool, the final figure coming in at an impressive TWD $9,358,560, including TWD $3,216,000 in bounties.

Singapore’s Bao Qiang Ho (649,000) headlines the 95 survivors to Day 2 in the Mystery Bounty, with India’s Deepak Bothra (138,000) and Kartik Ved (72,000) in contention.

Hong Kong’s William Lam (Won Event #3: Turbo for TWD $114,600) and Singapore’s Yah Loon Lim (Won Event #5 Omaholic (PLO Preflop / NLO Postflop) – Turbo for TWD $227,910) won the other side events on Saturday.


Taiwan’s Chia Yun Wu Champions Record-Breaking APT Kickoff for TWD $1.25 Million; India’s Nishant Sharma Finishes 6th (TWD $245,000)

Buy-in: TWD $10,000

Entries: 424

Re-entries: 327

Prize Pool: TWD $6,556,300

Places Paid: 106

The first marquee champion a the APT Taipei 2023 has been crowned, with Taiwan’s Chia Yun Wu emerging victorious over a record-breaking field of 751 players (424 unique) in the largest-ever APT series-opener.

Chia Yun Wu
Chia Yun Wu


In the final showdown, Wu defeated his fellow compatriot Yan Chen Jiang to claim the top prize of TWD $1,254,100 and secure his first APT title in a memorable win.

Jiang received TWD $764,100 for finishing runner-up, while Day 2 chip leader Singapore’s Ravn Teo took home TWD $541,700 (~USD $17,600) for rounding out the winner’s podium in third place.

Gamezy Poker Pro Nishant Sharma had entered Day 2 with the 10th biggest stack of 438,000. He carried the momentum to the final table, staring with sixth biggest stack of 1,365,000. With seven players left in the fray, Sharma was among the top three stacks with 4,200,000, but soon after that, he lost two medium-sized pots to come down to 2,500,000.

Nishant Sharma
Nishant Sharma


Sharma eventually fell out in sixth place for TWD $245,000. His last hand saw his pitted against Chia Yun Wu’s . The board bricked for Sharma.

The two other Indians on Day 2 made relatively early exits. Zarvan Tumboli was the first of the trio to fall, exiting 45th for TWD $23,900.

Zarvan Tumboli
Zarvan Tumboli


J Raju, the Asian circuit regular, finished 18th for TWD $49,100

J Raju
J Raju


Final Table Results (TWD)

  1. Chia Yun Wu – TWD $1,254,100
  2. Yan Chen Jiang – TWD $764,100
  3. Ravn Teo – TWD $541,700
  4. Gavin Flynn – TWD $408,900
  5. Sun Chen Chou – TWD $323,900
  6. Nishant Sharma – TWD $245,000
  7. Kun Han Lee – TWD $175,900
  8. Shang Lun Yen – TWD $120,200
  9. Nithiwat Suphanit – TWD $94,900


Hong Kong’s Wing Po Liu Leads 23 Survivors in APT Super High Roller; India’s Abhinav Iyer & Ankit Ahuja Top 10 in Stacks

The APT Taipei 2023 series continues to break records, as six new APT milestones were achieved on the festival`s second day and three of these milestones were set in the TWD $150K APT Super High Roller.

A total of 117 high rollers (88 unique) battled it out, generating a massive TWD $15,888,600 prize pool, making it the biggest and richest Super High Roller event in APT history in terms of entries, unique entries, and prize pool.

After sixteen 40-minute levels had played out, 23 players bagged a stack and Hong Kong’s Wing Po Liu (2,815,000) was the man leading the charge.

Two desi pros advanced to Day 2, cracking into the top 10 day-end stacks. Abhinav Iyer (2,200,000) is perched in fourth place, while Ankit Ahuja (1,415,000) bagged the 10th biggest stack.

Abhinav Iyer & Ankit Ahuja
Abhinav Iyer & Ankit Ahuja


Only 17 of the 23 survivors are assured a payday and the Sunday session will see a champion crowned who will take home the coveted APT New Era trophy and a jaw-dropping TWD $15,888,600 top prize.

Wing Po Liu
Wing Po Liu


Top 10 Chip Counts at the End of Day 1

  1. Wing Po Liu – 2,815,000
  2. Sam Lam – 2,770,000
  3. Yu-Chung Chang – 2,520,000
  4. Abhinav Iyer – 2,200,000
  5. Jim Sue Pan – 2,155,000
  6. Adam Kharman – 1,855,000
  7. Jun Obara – 1,770,000
  8. En-Ning Chen – 1,705,000
  9. Ting-Yi Tsai – 1,425,000
  10. Ankit Ahuja – 1,415,000


Singapore’s Bao Qiang Ho Headlines 95 Survivors to Day 2 of Event #6 Mystery Bounty Hunter; India’s Deepak Bothra & Kartik Ved Advance to Day 2

The record-breaking trend continued beyond the APT Super High Roller, as the TWD $16,000 Mystery Bounty Hunter, sponsored by Natural8, drew a massive field of 670 players (408 unique).

This event set new records for the largest APT Mystery Bounty Hunter field in terms of players and unique players. Moreover, it also set a new record for the biggest Mystery Bounty Hunter prize pool in APT history, with a whopping TWD $9,358,560 up for grabs, including TWD $3,216,000 in bounties.

Flight B chip leader Singapore’s Bao Qiang Ho (649,000) will start Day 2 as the overall chip leader among the 95 survivors.

From India, Deepak Bothra (138,000) and Kartik Ved (72,000) progressed to Day 2.

Deepak Bothra & Kartik Ved
Deepak Bothra & Kartik Ved


All 95 runners are assured a min-cash of TWD $18,100, with the ultimate champion assured a TWD $1,173,100 payday.

Bao Qiang Ho
Bao Qiang Ho


Top 10 Chip Counts at the End of Day 1

  1. Bao Qiang Ho – 649,000
  2. Chen An Lin – 621,000
  3. Julian Smith – 584,000
  4. Toshio Kataoka – 529,000
  5. Jae Wook Shin – 514,000
  6. Namhyung Kim – 426,000
  7. Yong Song Te – 412,000
  8. Ka Chun Fu – 408,000
  9. Chia Hsiang Ko – 388,000
  10. Jia-Song Liu – 379,000


Hong Kong’s William Lam Lifts the First New Era APT Trophy After Shipping Event #3: Turbo For TWD $114,600

Buy-in: TWD $5,000

Entries: 133

Re-entries: 30

Prize Pool: TWD $711,495

Places Paid: 23

William Lam from Hong Kong emerged victorious in the TWD $5,000 buy-in Event #3: Turbo. He defeated a 163-strong (133 unique) field to claim the lion’s share of the TWD $711,495 prize pool after the final four players made a deal.

All four players were guaranteed the original fourth-place payout of TWD $61,200, leaving TWD $16,819 and the trophy to play for. The remaining TWD $151,376 was then split between the four players using the ICM method.

Lam defeated Taiwan’s Kai-Cheng Hsu in the heads-up battle to take home the top prize of TWD $114,600, his maiden APT title, and became the first player to bag the APT New Era lion trophy.

Hsu received TWD $103,900 for finishing in second place, while Taiwan’s Chien-Te Lee collected TWD $96,195 in third place. George Hsu, also from Taiwan, earned TWD $98,300 for finishing fourth.

William Lam
William Lam


Final Table Results (TWD)

  1. William Lam – TWD $114,600*
  2. Kai-Cheng Hsu – TWD $103,900*
  3. Chien-Te Lee – TWD $96,195*
  4. George Hsu – TWD $98,300*
  5. Shung Er Sua – TWD $49,100
  6. Wing Po Liu – TWD $38,100
  7. Supakrit Navasoopanich – TWD $28,200
  8. Shih Hao Su – TWD $20,700
  9. Ping-Yi Tsai – TWD $16,500

*denotes a four-way deal


Former APT Manila Main Event Champion Yah Loon Lim Wins Event #5: Omaholic For TWD $227,910

Buy-in: TWD $15,000

Entries: 42

Re-entries: 16

Prize Pool: TWD $759,510

Places Paid: 8

Yah Loon Lim, the 2018 APT Manila Main Event champion, emerged victorious in the TWD $15,000 buy-in Event #5: Omaholic (PLO Preflop / NLO Postflop) – Turbo, sponsored by Natural8, earning the second stunning new golden lion trophy at the series.

Lim took home the lion’s share of the TWD $759,510 prize pool, winning TWD $227,910 and adding an impressive fifth APT title to his poker accomplishments.

Lim beat Belgium’s Kristof Segers in the heads-up battle to claim the top prize, while Segers received TWD $164,800 for his runner-up finish.

Yah Loon Lim
Yah Loon Lim


Complete Payouts (TWD)

  1. Yah Loon Lim – TWD $227,910
  2. Kristof Segers – TWD $164,800
  3. Jarryd Godena – TWD $106,300
  4. Yu-Chung Chang – TWD $80,500
  5. Jing Song Hsu – TWD $62,300
  6. Jheng-Gang Li – TWD $48,600
  7. Phachara Wongwichit – TWD $38,700
  8. Masafumi Shimizu – TWD $30,400


Content & Images Courtesy: Asian Poker Tour

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