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APT Taiwan: Zhan Shuo Guo Wins the Main Event, Kristof Segers Claims POS Title

Zhan Shuo Guo & Kristof Segers
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  • Attreyee Khasnabis October 7, 2022
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The 2022 Asian Poker Tour (APT) Taiwan wrapped up its 12-day run at the Chinese Texas Hold’em Poker Association (CTP Club) on October 5.

The series kicked off on September 23 and comprised 24 tournaments. Although initially, the series was slated to have only 21 events. However, locals wanted the series to continue so much that they convinced organizers to add no less than three more events; two extra High-Rollers and a Head-Hunters.

The series cumulatively registered 2,422 entries, with the APT Taiwan Main Event collecting 491 entries – the second highest in APT Taiwan history! The 27-year-old online crusher Zhan Shuo Guo topped the massive field to claim his maiden live title and NT$1,039,100 payday! Before his Main Event title win, Gua had only one live cash he had scored three years ago.

Zhan Shuo Guo
Zhan Shuo Guo


A lone Indian, Kaustubh, scored in the Main Event, finishing 52nd for NT$29,100.

While Guo’s Main Event win was impressive, it was local player Wang Hong Che‘s victory in the APT Taichung Championships Event that set the mood for the rest of the series!

Wang Hong Che
Wang Hong Che


The APT Taichung Championship ran from September 23 to 25 at the CTP Club Taichung. The event attracted 427 entries through the three starting flights.

Che, who has only recently started playing poker again, was one of the three finalists who agreed to an ICM-based deal, splitting the remaining NT$678,700 prize pool three-way with Lin Ian and Chen Jung Chou. Che, the chip leader, locked in the most significant payout before the tournament resumed, keeping an agreed amount and the trophy in play. At this point, Che offered one-third of his guaranteed prize money, worth NT$118,700, to Ian and Chou in exchange for the play ending and him getting the trophy.

Ian and Chou quickly agreed, handing out the title to Che. In one of the rare moments in tournament poker, Che, as the champion, settled for less money than the runner-up and the third-place finisher! Ian received NT$250,000, and Chou collected NT$228,700.

While Che had started the series in style, it was Belgium’s Kristof Segers who concluded the series with a bang as he took home the APT Player of the Series (POS) title! Segers took down (Event #7) the second of the NT$27,000 High-Rollers and placed second in (Event #16) the Deep Stack Turbo and (Event #18) the Monster Stack. Segers picked up seven cashes in the series, amounting to NT$572,400. He received an exclusive APT ring, a limited edition watch, and $800 from the APT for his feat.

Kristof Segers
Kristof Segers


2022 APT Taiwan Winners

EventPlayerPrize Amount (Nt$)
Nt$ 18,000 Main EventZhan Shuo GuoNt$1,039,100
Event 1: Nt$ 8,500 Mystery BountyOri KossonogiNt$288,000
Event 2: Nt$ 86,000 Super High RollersZong Chi HeNt$663,500
Event 3: Nt$ 5,700 No Limit Hold'emTzuyuan FuNt$113,000
Event 4: Nt$ 4,600 Nlh Single DayGuan Jhong FangNt$48,700
Event 5: Nt$ 27,700 High Rollers Single DayChihwei FanNt$258,300
Event 6: Nt$ 3,400 Super Deep Stack TurboYutang WangNt$63,100
Event 7: Nt$ 27,000 High Rollers Single DayKristof SegersNt$292,200
Event 8: Nt$ 5,200 Nlh Single DayYi Cheng XieNt$57,100
Event 9: Nt$ 27,700 High Rollers Single DayChen Yi LiuNt$234,900
Event 10: Nt$ 3,400 Deep Stack TurboHsiao Yung KoNt$52,200
Event 11: Nt$ 4,500 Super Deep Stack TurboTeng ChangNt$73,600
Event 12: Nt$ 3,100 Hyper Deep Stack TurboTsung En YehNt$34,600
Event 13: Nt$ 12,000 Nlh Single DayTa Wei TouNt$164,000
Event 14: Nt$ 5,200 Pot Limit OmahaYuxuan ZhangNt$82,000
Event 15: Nt$ 29,000 High Rollers Single DayYu Chung ChangNt$256,200
Event 16: Nt$ 3,800 Deep Stack TurboYu Kai WangNt$58,800
Event 17: Nt$ 46,000 High RollersWu ChiayunNt$326,000
Event 18: Nt$ 9,500 Monster StackYujyun ChangNt$253,000
Event 19: Nt$ 3,100 Deep Stack Hyper TurboChi Jen ChenNt$41,000
Event 20: Nt$ 27,000 High Rollers Single DayHuawei LinNt$186,800
Special Event: Nt$ 27,700 High Rollers Single DayYen Han ChenNt$281,800
Special Event: Nt$ 27,000 High Rollers Single DayZong Chi HeNt$248,800
Nt$ 5,000 Apt Taichung ChampionshipsWang Hong CheNt$200,000
Special Event: Nt$ 4,600 Head HunterYenyi HsuNt$40,100

Content & Images Courtesy: Asian Poker Tour

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