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APT Vietnam 2019: Lim ‘Boxer’ Yohwan Claims His 2nd APT Championships Event Title For VND 2,040,542,000 ($88,000)

Lim Yohwan
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  • Namita Ghosh January 21, 2019
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Five days of action at the Pro Poker Club in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam has brought the Championships Event at the 2019 Asian Poker Tour (APT) Vietnam to a close. The event crowned a champion in Korea’s Lim Yohwan (cover image) aka ‘Boxer’ who charted an impressive run and maneuvered himself up after starting off as one the shortest stacks on the final table all the way through to take down his second Championships Event.

Yohwan pocketed VND 2,040,542,000 ($88,000) in prize money for winning his second APT Championships Event title.

While he has been active in live tournament scene since more than five years now, Yohwan’s first international title came in the 2016 APT Kickoff Manila (PHP 22,000 NLHE Freezeout Day – PHP 225,200). The same year he won another title at the 2016 APT Macau (HK$2,200 NLHE Poker King Cup – HK$76,800). More deep scores followed and in 2018, Yohwan took down three titles including the PHP 80,000 NLHE Championships Event at the 2018 APT Philippines Manila ($52,256).

The Championships Event attracted 248 entrants, each buying-in for VND 38,500,000. A total of 25 players got a share of the VND 8,419,600,000 ($363,000) prize pool and the money line was breached on Day 3 that had started with 34 runners.

Three Indian challengers, Romit Advani, Kunal Patni and Madhav Gupta had made it to Day 3, but while all three posted scores, they ended their runs short of the final table. Advani was the first one of the trio to bow out in 18th place for ₹3.14 Lakhs. Patni (16th for ₹3.14 Lakhs) and Gupta (15th for ₹3,76 Lakhs) also hit the rail during the course of play, ending Team India’s run in the Championships Event on Day 3.

Day 2 chip leader Indian-origin Ajitpal Singh (10th for VND 177,133,000), Canada’s Linh Tran (11th for VND 147,611,000), Nguyen Chi Thinh (14th for VND 123,009,000), and Duy Tung Nguyen (23rd for VND 71,186,000) were the other notables to make it in the money.

Korean pro Eunho Kwon (2,510,000) led the eight-handed final table, but hot on his heels were Slaven Popov (2,495,000) and Dragon Chinh (2,215,000).

Final 8 Chip Counts

  1. Eunho Kwon – 2,510,000
  2. Slaven Popov – 2,495,000
  3. Dragon Chinh – 2,215,000
  4. Stephen Schumacher – 1,430,000
  5. Huidong Gu – 1,270,000
  6. Ryusuke Kasawaki – 1,060,000
  7. Lim Yohwan – 715,000
  8. Le Ngoc Khanh – 690,000

Final Table Recap

The most interesting hand in the first hour of play saw Yohwan, who had brought the second shortest stack of 715,000, avoid elimination in a hand played against Eunho Kwon. Yohwan moved all in with and Eunho called with . The flop fell bringing a higher pair for Eunho, but the on the turn got Yohwan a miraculous double up!

Stephen Schumacher ended up as the first elimination on the final table After taking a few hits, Schumacher moved all in with and found a caller in Eunho with . The board ran and Eunho’s two-pair sent Schumacher packing in eighth place.

Bulgaria’s Slaven Popov then delivered two knockouts one after the other. Popov first eliminated Huidong Gu in seventh place in a full house over full house showdown. Popov moved all in on the river and Gu followed suit with an all-in shove, only to discover his were trailing Popov’s . The runout saw both players hit a full house but Popov’s pocket tens won him the pot eliminating Gu in the process.

Popov then relegated Ryusuke Kawasaki to the rail in sixth place with his ace-king dominating the latter’s ace-three.

The dual eliminations catapulted Popov into the chip lead and Eunho Kwon was second in stacks. Despite winning a sizeable pot off Yohwan, Kwon couldn’t keep up for much longer. He lost a big hand to Le Ngoc Khanh where the latter moved all-in with on a flop and Kwon made the call with . The river was a blank for both players but the on the river saw Khanh hitting top-pair and just like that he doubled up through Kwon. Left with a short stack, Eunho was eliminated in fifth place by Dragon Chinh.

With the final table whittled down to half its strength, Yohwan started to assert dominance. He moved all in with and doubled up through Dragon Chinh who tabled on the board. Several hands later, Yohwan eliminated Chinh in fourth place when Chinh’s all in move with [sc5] got him in trouble against Yohwan’s .

Vietnam’s Le Ngoc Khanh was the next one to exit. On his final hand of the tournament, Khanh moved all-in with and found a called in chip leader Popov who held . The board ran and Khanh turned a set but Popov got there with a straight on the river .

The heads-up play between Slaven Popov and Yohwan began with Popov holding a two-to-one lead against “Boxer”. The duo discussed an ICM deal but since both wanted the title and the trophy, play continued.

Yohwan took little time to get even in stacks and soon took over the chip lead. The chips continued to exchange hands till Yohwan landed a big double up holding against Popov’s . With the title well in sight, Yohwan went for the jugular as Popov moved all in with and found himself in good shape against Yohwan’s . However, the latter completed the nut flush on the rundown to take down his second Championships Event title.

Lim Yohwan
Lim Yohwan Wins the final hand against Slaven Popov to Claim Championships Event

Final Table Results (VND)

  1. Lim“Boxer” Yohwan – VND 2,040,542,0000
  2. Slaven Popov –VND 1,360361,000
  3. Le Ngoc Khanh – VND 945,7,03,000
  4. Dragon Chinh– VND 683,063,000
  5. Eunho Kwon – VND 510,823,000
  6. Ryusuke Kasawaki– VND 394,249,000
  7. Huidong Gu– VND 313,071,000
  8. Stephen Schumacher –VND 255,072,000

Images & Content courtesy: Asian Poker Tour

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