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APT Vietnam: Dhaval Mudgal in the Hunt For His 2nd International Title in the Championships Event

Dhaval Mudgal
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  • Arpit Jain November 16, 2019
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Sundays are always the most important day of the week for poker players. Still, this one promises to be spectacular, especially for Indian poker fans, as we have a top Indian pro in the reckoning to win a major international title. The 2018 WPT Vietnam Main Event champion, Dhaval Mudgal (cover image), has made it to the final table of the APT Vietnam Championships Event, where he is chasing his second title in the country. He is one of the favorites to win the title, placed second in chips with eight players remaining.

Mudgal was one of two Indians who came back to play Day 3 among 26 players. It took over six hours of tournament action to get to the eight-handed final table, and by then, Mudgal was sitting with the second largest stack in the field worth 1,425,000 (47 bbs). If his recent form is any indication, he should be one of the on-money favorites to win the title.

When we talk about Mudgal`s blistering form, we are not exaggerating as this musician-turned-poker pro has gone on to final table an incredible seven major events since taking down the WPT Vietnam Main Event in September last year. Most recently, he has picked up three final table scores in less than a month. He finished fifth in the 2019 IPC ₹100K High Roller for ₹9.81 Lakhs and followed it up by placing third in the ₹35K Main Event for ₹22.27 Lakhs. A few weeks later, he placed third in the BPT ₹50K Main event to win ₹28.33 Lakhs.

Dhaval Mudgal
Dhaval Mudgal

Fu Bang Huang is currently chip leading the Championships Event with a stack of 2,270,000 (76 bbs) while Japan’s Kensuke Koizumi is a close third behind Mudgal with 1,320,000 (44 bbs). Making back-to-back deep runs, the APT Vietnam Main Event runner-up, Vincent Chauve, is placed fourth in chips with 1,285,000 (43 bbs).

The other Indian challenger on Day 3, PokerGuru Ambassador Laksh Pal Singh, had a roller-coaster day. Like Day 2, he once again played a lot of hands against fellow countryman Mudgal. He eventually hit the rail in 10th place for VND 136,880,000 (₹4.23 Lakhs), falling to the end-of-day chip leader Huang in the penultimate level of play!

Laksh Pal Singh
Laksh Pal Singh

Another Indian challenger who picked up a deep run in a side event – VND 9,900,000 No Limit Hold’em – was Vivek Rughani. He finished third for VND 80,070,000 (~₹2.47 Lakhs), while local player Dung Pro took down the event for VND 172,770,000.


Championships Event – Day 3 Recap

The 179 entries logged in at the APT Vietnam Championships Event were reduced to just 26 runners by the end of Day 2. Among the returning players, only 18 were fated to finish ITM and would receive a min-cash of VND 79,210,000 (~₹2.45 Lakhs) from a massive prize pool of VND 6,077,050,000 (~₹1.88 Crores).

Eight players were eliminated before the money bubble burst with Dao Minh Phu becoming the unfortunate tournament bubble. He was eliminated by Fu Bang Huang during level 18.

The remaining 18 players made up the two final tables. The first player to finish in the money was Lok Gino (18th for VND 79,210,000).

Indian challengers Dhaval Mudgal and PokerGuru Ambassador Laksh Pal Singh had entered Day 3 with stacks of 432,000 and 559,000, respectively.

Singh started strong, even locking horns with the start-of-day chip leader, Vincent Chauve, and chipping up to 660,000. He went on to win two big pots, the first against Ray Chiu and the second against Tu Le and Mudgal. Singh’s stack rose to 900,000.

During level 19, Singh hit the gas and raced his way to a million chips by scooping three huge pots. Sometime later, he won back-to-back pots against Kim Enriquez.

Singh’s good run came to an end when he lost a massive pot to Fu Bang Huang during level 21. Singh’s pocket queens were cracked by Huang’s that flopped a pair of kings. Singh’s stack crumbled down to 134,000.

Singh did manage to find a double-up through fellow countryman Mudgal which saw his stack rise to 244,000, but that’s how far he would go. Singh ultimately fell at the hands of Huang. Singh’s pocket sixes hit a set on the board , but it was no match for Huang, who completed a hearts flush on the board, eliminating Singh in 10th place for VND 136,880,000 (₹4.23 Lakhs).

Despite Singh’s exit, India’s hopes of bringing home a second APT Vietnam Main event title were not dashed with Dhaval Mudgal still in the running. The musician and poker pro had a rather swingy day at the felts. He started out with an above-average stack but soon dropped to 310,000 after losing some chips to Chauve. He survived the bubble and saw his fortunes changing as he chipped up to 630,000.

Following Singh’s elimination, Mudgal doubled up through Kang Feng Lien and Hsing Hsiung Tai, taking his stack to 1.610 Million. Though Vincent Huang did double up through Mudgal, it did not affect the Indian pro much as he still ended Day 3 with the second-largest stack of 1,425,000.

Among the notables who were eliminated on Day 3 included the likes of Jerome Bradpiece (11th for VND 114,060,000), Tan Nguyen (12th for VND 114,060,000), Ray Chiu (14th for VND 95,050,000) and Tu Le (15th for VND 95,050,000).

Hsing Hsiung Tai bubbled the final table finishing ninth for VND 164,250,000.

Fu Bang Huang (2,270,000) emerged as the overnight chip leader and will lead the remaining eight finalists on the final day to contend for the title and top prize worth VND 1,576,810,000 (~₹48.81 Lakhs).

Fu Bang Huang
Fu Bang Huang

Final Table Chip Counts

  1. Fu Bang Huang – 2,270,000
  2. Dhaval Mudgal – 1,425,000
  3. Kensuke Koizumi – 1,320,000
  4. Vincent Chauve – 1,285,000
  5. Kang Feng Lien – 935,000
  6. Tien Quyet Pham – 700,000
  7. Go Mori – 545,000
  8. Vincent Huang – 470,000


You can catch the final table action right here.


VND 9,900,000 No Limit Hold’em

Event 16 of the series, the VND 9,900,000 No Limit Hold’em attracted 70 entries and crowned a champion in Vietnam’s Dung Pro for VND 172,770,000.

India’s Vivek Rughani final tabled the event, finishing third for VND 80,070,000 (~₹2.47 Lakhs).

Final Table Results (VND)

  1. Dung Pro – VND 172,770,000
  2. Shin Jae Woong – VND 115,180,000
  3. Vivek Rughani – VND 80,070,000
  4. Nguyen Quang Huy – VND 57,840,000
  5. Justin Skovholt – VND 43,250,000
  6. Tobias Napel – VND 33,380,000
  7. Kong Yoo Sin – VND 26,510,000
  8. Huy Kieu – VND 21,600,000


You can catch the final table action right here.

Edited at 3.40 PM on 17.11.2019.

Content & Images Courtesy: Asian Poker Tour

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