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APT Vietnam: PokerGuru Ambassador Ankit Wadhawan & Akshay Nasa Storm Their Way Into the Main Event Final Table

Ankit Wadhawan & Akshay Nasa
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  • Namita Ghosh November 12, 2019
  • 3 Minutes Read

Vietnam is one poker destination that has never let down Team India, and we have two Main Event trophies as proof. And now, the team has a third Main Event title in sight! Two accomplished Indian pros, PokerGuru Ambassador Ankit Wadhawan and Akshay Nasa have stormed their way into the Asian Poker Tour (APT) Vietnam Main Event final table that will be playing down to a champion today!


Final Table Chip Counts

1. Vincent Chauve – 3,063,000 – 127 BBs

2. Sofia Lovgren – 1,654,000 – 69 BBs

3. Choi Eng Loong – 1,521,000 – 63 BBs

4. Ankit Wadhawan – 1,302,000 – 54 BBs

5. Akshay Nasa – 1,284,000 – 53 BBs

6. Nguyen Duc Bien – 1,247,000 – 52 BBs

7. Cuong Nguyen – 515,000 – 21 BBs

8. Jaesh Balachandran – 319,000 – 13 BBs


Wadhawan is one of the few PokerGuru Ambassadors whose recent live achievements far outshine his online results. The Chandigarh-based young talent has been on the run of a lifetime these last two months, adding back-to-back deep runs in the two most prominent events at the IPC and the BPT. Entering Day 3 with 137,000 in chips, Wadhawan did well to bag a massive 1,302,000 (54 BBs) and is placed fourth among the final eight players.

The other Indian pro on the final table, Akshay Nasa, has been one of the biggest success stories in the event so far. Starting off as one of the shortest stacks on Day 2, Nasa put up an incredible show that saw him climb up the ranks exponentially and return for Day 3 second in chips. Carrying the momentum forward, Nasa cruised his way into the eight-handed final table with a stack of 1,284,000 (53 BBs).

Overall, it was a very profitable Monday for Team India as all six returning Indians on Day 3 of the Main Event managed to cross the money line. The prominent deep runs came from PokerGuru Ambassador Madhav Gupta (11th for VND 131,550,000 – ₹4.06 Lakhs) and the 2018 WPT Vietnam Main Event champion Dhaval Mudgal (14th for VND 109,620,000 – ₹3.38 Lakhs). PokerGuru Ambassador Ashish Munot (30th) and Vinay Agarwal (36th) round out the team`s score in the event, and they collected VND 52,870,000 (₹1.63 Lakhs) each.

It took 10 hours of play on Day 3 to get from 52 players to the final eight. At the end of the day, it was France’s Vincent Chauve (3,063,000 – 127 BBs) who bagged the chip lead. He rose to prominence midway through the day and eventually displaced 888poker Ambassador, Sweden’s Sofia Lovgren (1,654,000 – 69 BBs), to assume the role of chip leader. With Lovgren second, Choi Eng Loong (1,521,000 – 63 BBs) holds the third largest stack followed by the two Indians, Wadhawan and Nasa, in fourth and fifth places, respectively.

The Main Event final table begins at 1 PM (ICT) today and the proceedings will be live-streamed (with delay) on the APT YouTube and Twitch channels.

There are still 15 minutes left on the clock for Level 25, where the blinds are 12,000/24,000.


Main Event – Day 3 Recap

The day started with 52 runners, and ten hours of play later, the eight-handed final table was formed.

Leading the final leg of the tournament is France’s Vincent Chauve (3,063,000 – 127 BBs). The start of Day 3 chip leader, Sofia Lovgren (1,654,000 – 69 BBs) is second in chips, while Choi Eng Loong (1,521,000 – 63 BBs) rounds out the top three stacks.

Vincent Chauve
Vincent Chauve

There were six Indian players in contention of Day 3 and an impressive two among them, PokerGuru Ambassador Ankit Wadhawan (1,302,000 – 54 BBs) and Akshay Nasa (1,284,000 – 53 BBs), secured seats on the final table. Wadhawan and Nasa are placed fourth and fifth in chips, respectively.

Ankit Wadhawan got active right after the money bubble when he eliminated Soo Jo Kim (42nd for VND) with his pocket jacks reigning over Kim’s pocket treys. One of Wadhawan`s next victims was Thomas Van Leeuwen. This was one of the hands in which Wadhawan actually got unlucky to hit his gutshot straight, holding on the runout . Leeuwen with hit the rail in 20th place worth VND 76,130,000. Wadhawan even eliminated Kenji Kurashina (17th for VND 91,350,000) and won a big pot off Chauve towards the end of the play to bag 1,302,000 (54 BBs).

Ankit Wadhawan
Ankit Wadhawan

After his blistering run on Day 2, Akshay Nasa started Day 3 second in stacks with 109 big blinds. Nasa was responsible for delivering the bubble, eliminating Nguyen Thi Bao An with his cowboys holding up against An’s ace-king. Nasa held firm all through and closed the day in style by eliminating Kim Kyung Hun (10th for VND 157,860,000) with his pocket rockets dominating the latter’s pocket queens. He will be entering the final table with 1,284,000 (53 BBs) today.

Akshay Nasa
Akshay Nasa

Talking about the other four Indians on Day 3 – the deepest run among them was delivered by PokerGuru Ambassador Madhav Gupta. Gupta scored several knockouts, including that of Taeho Lee (44th for VND 44,050,000) and Lau King (19th for VND 76,130,000), to emerge as one of the top stacks during the initial levels of play. However, Gupta’s fortunes fell after he lost a hand to fellow countryman Akshay Nasa. Eventually, Gupta clashed with Chauve in what turned out to become one of the biggest pots of the day. Chauve raised to 45,000 from UTG+1. Gupta 3-bet to 115,000 from his left and Chauve called to see the flop. Gupta led out for 90,000, and Chauve made it 210,000 to call. Gupta called it off, and the landed on the turn. Chauve fired a bet of 310,000, and Gupta jammed all-in, evoking a snap-call from Chauve.

Madhav Gupta

Vincent Chauve

Gupta was at risk, and the river sealed his fate. One of the hardest working PokerGuru Ambassadors fell short of winning his second live title in 11th place – good for VND 131,550,000 (~₹4.06 Lakhs) in prize money.

Madhav Gupta
Madhav Gupta

WPT Vietnam Main Event champion, Dhaval Mudgal, was another Indian pro on a swingy ride. Though Mudgal sailed his way into the top 15, he was done in soon after. On his final hand of the tournament, Mudgal moved all-in with and met with an instant call by Lovgren. The start-of-day chip leader tabled . Already trailing, Mudgal lost his chances when the board brought Lovgren’s quads sending him out in 14th place (VND 109,620,000 – ₹3.38 Lakhs).

Dhaval Mudgal
Dhaval Mudgal

Fellow PokerGuru Ambassador Ashish Munot (30th) and Vinay Agarwal (36th) both took home paycheques worth VND 52,870,000 (₹1.63 Lakhs).

Ashish Munot
Ashish Munot

Among the other prominent ITM finishers were James Chavanarojrit (9th for VND 189,430,000), Thien Phu (15th for VND 109,620,000),

Hwang Seongil (16th for VND 91,350,000), Nguyen Quang Minh (18th for VND 91,350,000), Go Mori (37th for VND 44,050,000) and Bin Zhang (40th for VND 44,050,000).

Content & Images Courtesy: Asian Poker Tour

Keep following PokerGuru for all the latest updates from APT Vietnam!

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