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APT Vietnam: Sahil Chuttani Places 6th in High Roller, Abhinav Iyer Among 5 Indians Moving Ahead in Championships Event

Sahil Chuttani, Abhinav Iyer, Yasheel Doddanavar, Vivek Rughani, Meherzad Munsaf & Laksh Pal Singh
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  • Namita Ghosh November 14, 2019
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The ongoing Asian Poker Tour (APT) Vietnam is turning out to be one of the most successful international stops for Team India this year. The biggest success story at the series has been the blistering run by Akshay Nasa, who championed the Main Event for a career-best ₹46 Lakhs on Tuesday. The other smashing performance was delivered by PokerGuru Ambassador Ankit Wadhawan, who finished fourth in the Main Event, even as four other Indians cashed at the event.

The buzz of these big wins was yet to settle down when another Indian pro came within striking distance of winning a side event! Battling through a 31-strong field in the VND 54 Million High Rollers, Sahil Chuttani finished sixth to win VND 84,000,000 (~₹2.61 Lakhs)! A regular at the Asian circuit, Chuttani has worked up quite a scorecard this year with deep runs at the APPT Jeju, APPT Manila, and EPT Barcelona. His more recent stand-out performances came at the BPT, where he finished fifth in the ₹15K Kickoff event followed by a fourth-place finish in the WPT India ₹10K Ship It event.

The next few days promise exciting action with the second-largest tournament on the stop – Championships Event VND 6 Billion GTD (~₹1.86 Crores) already underway. Day 1A of the Championships Event played out yesterday amid 66 runners (54 unique and 12 re-entries). End of Day only 36 made the cut for Day 2. Leading the lot is local pro and former APT Vietnam Player of the Series (POS) Terry Nguyen (219,000). As expected, a big group of Indians came out to play, and five of them headlined by Abhinav Iyer have advanced to Day 2. Like Chuttani, Iyer is another seasoned hand at major international events, and he has fond memories in Vietnam. Back in January, Iyer had taken down the Main Event title at the first APT stop in the country. Though he couldn’t repeat his feat at the Main Event, Iyer still has a shot here after bagging an impressive 131,600 in chips, which happens to be the seventh-largest stack among the 36 Day 1A survivors.

Abhinav Iyer
Abhinav Iyer

Second to Iyer among the Indian group of qualifiers is Yasheel Doddanavar. Fresh off a successful run at WPT India, where he took down the ₹100K High Roller in October, Doddanavar is quite adept at the Asian circuit events. Back in May, Doddanavar had finished runner-up at the APT Philippines ₹107.5K High Roller. He will now be looking to better this score and is well placed, holding an average stack of 120,000 for Day 2.

Yasheel Doddanavar
Yasheel Doddanavar

Vivek Rughani (98,700), Meherzad Munsaf (94,300), and PokerGuru Ambassador Laksh Pal Singh (32,000) are the other Indians who have sailed through to Day 2.

Vivek Rughani, Meherzad Munsaf & Laksh Pal Singh
Vivek Rughani, Meherzad Munsaf & Laksh Pal Singh


Team India Chip Counts from Day 1A

PlayerChip Counts
Abhinav Iyer131,600
Yasheel Doddanavar120,000
Vivek Rughani98,700
Meherzad Munsaf94,300
Laksh Pal Singh32,000

Following Nguyen in stacks are Filipino Kim Michael Enriquez (193,800) and Australia’s David Luong (189,600). Defending champion Oliver Helm (150,000), Australia’s Vincent Huang (131,100), and Josh McCully (126,800) are also carrying sizeable stacks to Day 2.

The other notable players who have advanced further are Hamish Crawshaw (105,300), Indian-origin player Hari Varma (77,400), Joakim Andersson (66,300), Lau King Lun Alan (62,700), Nguyen Duc Bien (56,900) and Ng Cheuk Tan (52,300).

In side event action, Hong Kong’s Vincent Li (High Rollers for VND 572,050,000), Hong Kong’s Qian Xubo (NLHE 2-Day for VND 215,830,000), Vietnam’s Linh Tran (High Rollers Single Day for VND 217,280,000), Netherlands’ Huy Kieu (Short Deck for VND 147,000,000), China’s Che Li Lin (PLO Hi for VND 135,280,000) and Sweden’s Joakim Andersson (High Rollers – Single Day for VND 506,710,000) won titles. Incidentally, this was the second High Rollers title for Andersson, who’d taken down the stop’s first High Rollers event just a few days back.

Day 1B of the Championships Event is slated to kick off from 1 PM (ICT) today.

Terry Nguyen leads 36 from Championships Event Day 1A
Terry Nguyen leads 36 from Championships Event Day 1A

Top 10 Chip Counts at the End of Day 1A of Championships Event

  1. Terry Nguyen – 219,000
  2. Kim Michael Enriquez -193,800
  3. David Luong -189,600
  4. Soo Jo Kim – 176,700
  5. Oliver Helm – 150,000
  6. Lau King Sing – 134,000
  7. Abhinav Iyer – 131,600
  8. Vincent Huang – 131,100
  9. Josh McCully -126,800
  10. Dao Minh Phu – 123,200


Kwun Ngai Vincent Li Wins High Rollers, Sahil Chuttani Finishes 6th

The ninth event on the APT Vietnam roster and the third High Roller at the stop played out on November 11. The event was initially scheduled as a Super High Rollers event with a VND 107 Million buy-in, but the timid response forced the tournament organizers to slash the buy-in down to VND 54 Million.

A total of 31 hopefuls registered to play, and part of the field was India’s Sahil Chuttani. A regular at Asian circuit stops, Chuttani was last seen at the APT Vietnam Main Event, where he had entered Day 1A but failed to advance further. Chuttani did better this time, finishing sixth for VND 84,000,000 (~₹2.61 Lakhs).

Sahil Chuttani
Sahil Chuttani

Coming out on top of the field was Hong Kong’s Vincent Li. He had finished runner-up to Linh Tran in the first High Rollers – Single Day of the stop. This time though, Li beat Josha McCully to the top spot and walked away with the winner’s cheque worth VND 572,050,000 (~₹17.79 Lakhs).

Vincent Li won High Rollers
Vincent Li won High Rollers

Final Table Results (VND)

  1. Kwun Ngai Vincent Li – VND 572,050,000
  2. Joshua Mccully – VND 351,340,000
  3. Chun Yu Ma – VND 228,110,000
  4. Ng An Khang – VND 156,020,000
  5. Ng Bao Chau – VND 111,980,000
  6. Sahil Chuttani – VND 84,000,000

Qian Xubo Wins NLHE – 2 Day

The seventh event at the APT Vietnam stop, the VND 9.9 Million buy-in NLHE – 2 Day that kicked off on November 10. The event attracted 94 entries, and Hong Kong’ Qian Xubo topped them all to win the VND 215,830,000 (~₹6.71 Lakhs) first-place prize.

The event paid out the top 16 finishers with a min-cash worth VND 13,010,000. Falling whiskers short of the final table were Young Min Seo (22,480,000) and Jeonggyu Cho (10th for VND 18,740,000).

Qian Xubo won NLHE
Qian Xubo won NLHE

Final Table Results (VND)

  1. Qian Xubo – VND 215,830,000
  2. Hwang Sang-Yeon – VND 143,880,000
  3. Ng Cheuk Fan – VND 100,030,000
  4. Philippe Fous – VND 72,250,000
  5. Fan Shen – VND 54,030,000
  6. Mi Ran Hwang – VND 41,700,000
  7. Huang Fu Bang – VND 33,110,000
  8. Nguyen Quang Huy – VND 26,980,000


You can watch the final table in action below:


Linh Tran Wins High Rollers – Single Day

The first of the two High Rollers –Single Day featuring a VND 43,000,000 buy-in could gather only eight entries generating a VND 310,400,000 prize pool. Only the top two finishers got paid, and it was Linh Tran who defeated Vincent Li heads-up to snag the title along with VND 217,280,000 in prize money.

Linh Tran wins High Rollers Single Day
Linh Tran wins High Rollers Single Day

Final Table Results (VND)

  1. Linh Tran – VND 217,280,000
  2. Kwun Ngai Vincent Li – VND 93,120,000


Huy Kieu Wins Short Deck

Overcoming a field of 67 entries, Netherlands’ Huy Kieu captured the VND 8.8 Million buy-in Short Deck event. Kieu squared off with Vietnam’s Nguyen Thai Cuong heads-up and defeated the latter to win the top prize of VND 147,000,000 (~₹4.57 Lakhs).

The final 12 finishers finished ITM and falling short of the final table were Nguyen Quang Huy (10th for VND 12,760,000), and George Sandford (11th for VND 12,760,000).

Huy Kieu won Short Deck
Huy Kieu won Short Deck

Final Table Results (VND)

  1. Huy Kieu –VND 147,000,000
  2. Nguyen Thai Cuong – Vietnam – VND 98,000,000
  3. Victor Lam – Vietnam – VND 68,130,000
  4. Benjamin Gonzva – France – VND 49,210,000
  5. Yufeng Meng – China – VND 36,800,000
  6. Taegyun Kim – Korea – VND 28,400,000
  7. Hoang Dai Thien – Vietnam – VND 22,550,000
  8. Joo Hyun Park – Korea – VND 18,370,000
  9. Mitsuru Sano – Japan – VND 15,310,000


Che Li Lin Captures PLO Hi

Topping a field of 51 entries, China’s Che Li Lin took down the VND 9.9 Million buy-in PLO Hi for his first live title and a VND 135,280,000 (~₹4.20 Lakhs) payout.

The event collected VND 445,230,000 (~₹13.84 Lakhs) in prize money.

Japan’s Iori Yogo (5th) and Tobias Napel (9th) were some notable players who finished ITM.

Che Li Lin won APT Vietnam PLO Hi
Che Li Lin won PLO Hi

Final Table Results (VND)

  1. Che Li Lin – VND 135,280,000
  2. Raiden Kan – VND 90,190,000
  3. Edward Pastoll – VND 62,700,000
  4. Anthony Abram – VND 45,290,000
  5. Iori Yogo – VND 33,870,000
  6. Yik Yin “Ray” Chiu – VND 26,140,000
  7. Jossec Christophe – VND 20,760,000
  8. Fossard Sylaiin – VND 16,910,000
  9. Tobias Napel – VND 14,090,000


Joakim Andersson Takes Down High Rollers – Single Day

The second VND 43 Million buy-in High Rollers –Single Day at the stop played out amid 38 entries, making for a VND 1,474,400,000 (~₹45.77 Lakhs) prize pool. Days after he took down the first High Roller at the stop, Sweden’s Joakim Andersson rose to prominence once again.

Andersson outran a star-studded field and defeated local pro Hoang Dai Thien to the finish line, pocketing the top prize of VND 506,710,000 (~₹15.73 Lakhs).

Joakim Andersson won High Rollers Single-Day
Joakim Andersson won High Rollers Single-Day

Final Table Results (VND)

  1. Joakim Andersson – VND 506,710,000
  2. Hoang Dai Thien – VND 325,640,000
  3. Seong Su Kong – VND 219,530,000
  4. Hwang Seongil – VND 154,680,000
  5. Soo Jo Kim – VND 113,490,000
  6. Song Dae Woong – VND 86,380,000
  7. Yuwen Pan – VND 67,970,000


Content & Images Courtesy: Asian Poker Tour

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