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Baadshah Gaming Live: Opening ₹10K Warm-up Event Draws 66 Entries, Aditya Kumar Takes Down the Title For ₹1.80 Lakhs

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  • PG News December 8, 2017
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The first-ever Baadshah Gaming Live Tournament at Casino Pride’s recently rechristened Baadshah Gaming Live poker room took flight yesterday with the opening ₹10K Warm Up event attracting a modest but strong field of 66 runners, resulting in a small ₹40,000 overlay.

29-year-old Aditya Kumar (cover image) from New Delhi defeated Biswadip Chowdhury in the heads-up battle to take down the title and ₹1.80 lakhs in prize money.

Kumar kept a low profile early on and emerged as a serious contender when play got down to the final five players. Kumar is no stranger to tournament success and has numerous wins both live and online dotting his poker resume. One his most recent accomplishments also include winning an Ultra Satellite package to the PCA on PokerStars.

However, the big success story at the event was runner-up Biswadip Chowdhury who was playing his first-ever paid live tournament and what a smashing debut he made. Chowdhury whose only tryst with live poker was a freeroll qualifier he had played for the PSL outlasted some very good players on his way to a runner-up finish that netted him ₹1.70 Lakhs.

The event had many such tales; to start with let’s talk about WSOP gold bracelet winner Aditya Sushant who is best known for his aggression and dominating style. Sushant as always was gunning for the title and frankly was the clear favorite when play was down to the last 15 players. Unfortunately for the Chennai-based poker phenom, he only managed to reach the top 10 and eventually bubbled the unofficial eight-handed final table.

Ironically, PokerBaazi Pro Jasven Saigal`s tournament journey was quite the opposite. Saigal became short early on and even with one foot hanging outside the door, he managed to cling on to chips and even slid through into the final eight. But it was just not his day and he went out on the money bubble following Sushant in eighth place. 

Well, such is poker. Take Prafull Hasbe`s tournament run for example. Hasbe was a clear frontrunner for the majority of the event and even stormed into the final table as the top stack but a few lost pots cost him his chance at the title though he still managed to place fifth for ₹70,000.

All in all, the event paid out the top seven places and boy was the action at its peak.


10K Warm-Up Event Recap

The tournament start time of 6pm was delayed with cards finally going in the air at 7:30pm. Tournament organizers had to deal with their fair share of logistical issues as a cyclone warning resulted in the poker venue getting shifted from the rooftop to the poker room on the third floor at the last minute.

Even as eliminations began almost immediately, players were still coming in and a total of 66 entries were finally registered with a huge mix of notables and new faces in the field.

It took almost seven and a half hours for the money bubble to burst and the 'bubble boy' tag fell upon Jasven Saigal. Saigal was nursing a short stack almost throughout the event and his last hand saw him open shove with which was called off by Prafull Hasbe who tabled a better . The board was no help to Saigal who went out in eighth place leaving the official 7-handed final table in the money.

Jasven Saigal

                  Jasven Saigal

The first elimination in the money was Prarabdh Garg who fell at the hands of Mohinder Goel. Goel opened the action, Prafull Hasbe joined in and Garg called too to see the flop . Goel continued to put pressure with a hefty bet of 35,000 and Hasbe called. Garg had exactly 37,700 in chips behind and shoved holding for top pair. Both players called and the turn opened the . Mohinder immediately announced all-in with , Hasbe folded and the river card opened the , railing Garg in seventh place.

Prarabdh Garg

                 Prarabdh Garg

Next up, Eka Vedantham went out in sixth place after falling victim to the eventual champion Aditya Kumar. Kumar opened and the short-stacked Vedantham shoved with . Kumar called off showing . No surprises on board and the tournament was down to five players.

Eka Vedantham

              Eka Vedantham

Prafull Hasbe was looking fearless throughout the event but his run came to an end in fifth place, all thanks to Chowdhury. The hand in question saw Choudhury open, action folded to Hasbe who jammed with . Choudhury called with a better and took it down.

Prafull Hasbe

                Prafull Hasbe

Neeraj Kumar was another player going strong but he fell next. On his final hand, Kumar open shoved with and Choudhury woke up with and made an easy call. The board ran  and Kumar exited in fourth place.

Neeraj Kumar

               Neeraj Kumar

Down to the final three players, Mohinder Goel was in lead until Kumar delivered a massive blow to his stack. Goel open shoved with and Kumar found to call and won the pot to take a huge chip lead over his two rivals. Goel was unable to recover and exited soon thereafter in third place to set up the short yet grueling heads-up battle.

Mohinder Goel

                                          Mohinder Goel

The duo (Kumar and Chowdhury) almost immediately agreed to a deal that assured Kumar ₹1,80,000 while Choudhury locked in ₹1,70,000. 

                                          Biswadip Chowdhury

It took less than one level for all to end and fittingly, experience defeated passion. The last hand of the event saw Choudhury moving all-in with and Kumar called holding a better . The board blanked out and just like that, Kumar was crowned the first-ever Baadshah Live champion!

Aditya Kumar

                                           Aditya Kumar

Final Results (INR)

1. Aditya Kumar – ₹1,80,000*

2. Biswadip Chowdhury – ₹1,70,000*

3. Mohinder Goel – ₹98,000

4. Neeraj Kumar – ₹84,000

5. Prafull Hasbe – ₹70,000

6. Eka Vedantham – ₹56,000

7. Prarabdh Garg – ₹42,000

*denotes heads-up deal

Read the complete coverage of the event here.

Congratulations to Aditya Kumar for his win and all others who managed to make it in the money.

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