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Baadshah Gaming Live Tournament: Aditya Sushant Wins His 2nd BLT Main Event Title For ₹8.85 Lakhs, Shuchi Chamaria Finishes 4th For ₹3.25 Lakhs

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  • PG News October 8, 2018
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The final day of the ₹35K Main Event at the third edition of Baadshah Gaming Live Tournament (BLT3) series saw 21 survivors from the three starting flights coming back for a share of the ₹32,90,000 prize pool. Outlasting the field to win his second BLT Main Event title and the ₹8.85 Lakhs top prize was a player who needs no introduction – Aditya Sushant (cover image). Sushant holds the distinction of being the first Indian poker player to win the coveted WSOP gold bracelet. He took down the $1,000 Tag Team Event at WSOP 2017 and has over $500,000 (₹3,68,85,250) in total live earnings. With this win, Sushant is now the first player to have won two BLT Main Event titles. He had won the ₹30K Main Event at the inaugural BLT in December last year. His long list of exploits also includes several online titles while his biggest score came in 2013, where he chopped the PokerStars Sunday Million.

Sushant faced tough competition on the final table which featured several heavyweights including the First Lady of Indian Poker Shuchi Chamaria (4th for ₹3.25 Lakhs), Young Guns Ashish Munot (5th for ₹2.75 Lakhs) and Devesh Thapar (6th for ₹2.15 Lakhs), alongside Kartik Ved (9th for ₹90,000).

Chamaria and Munot had both made Day 2 through the Day 1A flight that was held online on BadshahGaming.com on September 23rd. Thapar joined through Day 1B, while Ved had bagged the largest stack on Day 1C.

Final Day Recap

The seven qualifiers from Day 1A, were joined by the five survivors from Day 1B and 10 hopefuls from Day 1C, which made for a total 22 entries, but since Baadshah Gaming co-founder Madhav ‘Maddy’ Gupta qualified through two starting flights, only 21 players took their seats on Day 2 of the Main Event.

Some of the players to hit the rail early were Ankit Kapoor, Pranay Chawla, Gaurav Sood and Young Gun Ashish Ahuja.

Shuchi Chamaria played intelligently throughout the day and was the only female player to reach the final table. She even brought about the eliminations of Maddy Gupta and Sahil Mahboobani.

With only the top 10 spots making it in the money, the money bubble burst when Mahboobani moved all-in with pocket sevens and Chamaria called with card 3card 3. The board ran card 1card 1card 3card 1card 1 and Chamaria picked up the higher pair of kings on the turn to eliminate Mahboobani on the money bubble in 11th place.

The BLT ₹75K High Roller 6-Max champion and a mentee of PokerStars Team Pro Aditya ‘intervention’ Agarwal, Jayjit Ray bubbled the final table, finishing 10th for ₹70,000.

The nine-handed final table convened with Guneet Kwatra, Shuchi Chamaria and Aditya Sushant holding the top three stacks, while Agarwal’s protégé`s Kartik Ved and Tathagata Sengupta were the shortest stacks.

The Nine-Handed Final Table
The Nine-Handed Final Table

Final Table Chip Counts

1. Guneet Kwatra – 644,000

2. Shuchi Chamaria – 416,000

3. Aditya Sushant – 387,000

4. Ashish Munot – 326,000

5. Gaurav Kalra – 279,000

6. Ronak Agarwal – 225,000

7. Devesh Thapar – 218,000

8. Karthik Ved – 182,000

9. Tathagata Sengupta – 136,000

Final Table Recap

In one of the earliest hands on the final table, Kartik Ved opened for 20,000 pre-flop and Aditya Sushant re-raised it to 52,000. Action folded to Shuchi Chamaria and she made it 150,000. Ved folded and Sushant shoved all-in. Chamaria tanked for a while and decided to fold and turned over pocket queens. Sushant admitted he had pocket kings, making it a brilliant laydown by Chamaria.

Short-stacked Kartik Ved couldn’t hold his place at the final table for long. When Devesh Thapar jammed with card 1card 3, Ved called with pocket eights. Thapar rivered an ace on the rundown card 3card 2card 1card 3card 3, eliminating Ved in ninth place.

The action intensified during level 21 as Tathagata Sengupta orchestrated the double eliminations of Ronak Agarwal and Gaurav Kalra. After Agarwal moved all-in, he found callers in Sengupta and Kalra, with Sengupta covering the other two players. Agarwal tabled nine-ten, while Sengupta showed pocket kings and Kalra tabled his pocket pair of queens. The board ran card 3card 1card 1card 1card 2 and Sengupta flopped a set to eliminate Agarwal in eighth and Kalra in seventh place respectively.

Soon thereafter, Devesh Thapar was involved in a three-way showdown with Chamaria and Guneet Kwatra. Chamaria opened-shoved with card 3card 3, Thapar re-shoved with card 1card 2 and Kwatra called with card 3card 1. The community cards spread out card 1card 3card 3card 2card 2 and Kwatra won the pot with pair of aces and a higher king kicker, eliminating Thapar in sixth place, while Chamaria`s stack took a bit hit.

By far the most consistent player at the series, Ashish Munot was on his third consecutive final table at BLT3, but his series ended with a commendable fifth place finish in the Main Event. Sengupta raised 80,000 pre-flop with a pair of aces, Munot shoved with card 2card 1 and got the call. The board ran card 2card 2card 1card 3card 1 and Sengupta improved to a full house.

Down to four-handed play, Shuchi Chamaria raised to 32,000, pre-flop and Kwatra called. The flop fell card 3card 3card 1 and Chamaria led out for 40,000 holding pocket nines and Kwatra shoved. Chamaria snap-called and the turn brought card 3. But on the river card 3 Kwatra completed his flush and Chamaria’s stellar run came to an end in fourth place.

Shuchi Chamaria
Shuchi Chamaria

The next player to depart was Tathagata Sengupta. First, with the board open card 2card 1card 2card 3, Sengupta called a bet of 125,000 from Sushant. Holding card 2card 2, Sengupta was eyeing to complete a gutshot straight, but the card 3 on the river dashed Sengupta’s hopes, as Sushant’s aces won him the pot. Sengupta soon lost the remainder of his chips to Sushant as well to exit in third place

The heads-up play then commenced between Aditya Sushant and Guneet Kwatra. Both players decided to strike a heads-up deal. The prizes calculated earlier were ₹10 Lakhs to first place and ₹6 Lakhs to second. Both playeres decided to share the ₹4 Lakhs difference in pay-outs with Sushant locking in ₹1.85 Lakhs from this difference because of his superior stack, while ₹1.15 Lakhs went to Kwatra, with the remaining ₹1 Lakh kept aside for the eventual winner.

On the final hand of the tournament, Kwatra raised to 65,000 pre-flop and Sushant re-raised it to 210,000. Kwatra called to see the flop card 1card 2card 1. Kwatra jammed with card 3card 3 and Sushant called with a pair of kings which had improved to a set on the flop. The remaining two streets brought card 3 and card 1 relegating Kwatra to a runner-up finish as Sushant took the trophy, along with ₹8,85,000 in prize money.

Aditya Sushant
Aditya Sushant

Final Table Results (INR)

1. Aditya Sushant – ₹8,85,000*

2. Guneet Kwatra – ₹7,15,000*

3. Tathagata Sengupta – ₹4,25,000

4. Shuchi Chamaria – ₹3,25,000

5. Ashish Munot – ₹2,75,000

6. Devesh Thapar – ₹2,15,000

7. Gaurav Kalra – ₹1,65,000

8. Ronak Agarwal – ₹1,25,000

9. Kartik Ved – ₹90,000

Image/Content courtesy: Gutshot Magazine

*denotes heads-up deal

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