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Live Coverage of Baazi Poker Tour – ₹20K Big Bounty Final Table

Baazi Poker Tour Big Bounty Final Table
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  • Namita Ghosh October 13, 2019
  • 20 Minutes Read

Total No. of entries – 220

Players remaining – 1

Level 26 (Blinds 50,000/100,000, Ante 100,000)

Gokul Krishna is the BPT Big Bounty Champion

Time: 23:59, Level 26 (Blinds 50,000/ 100,000, Ante 100,000)

The slow heads-up battle is over and it is the more experienced Gokul Krishna who has won himself the BPT crown in the Big Bounty. On the final hand of the tournament, Rachita Salla opened for 200,000 and Gokul Krishna moved all-in. Rachita called.

Rachita Salla

Gokul Krishna

The board ran and Krishna with his flopped quads took down the title. Salla rivered a full house but will have to be content with a runner-up finish.

Gokul Krishna
Gokul Krishna

Final Payouts

PositionPlayer NamePrizeBountyTotal Prize Money
1stGokul Krishna₹4,56,0006₹5,16,000
2ndRachita Salla₹3,19,2006₹3,79,200
3rdGangadhar Raaj₹2,05,60011₹3,15,600
4thRitwick Khanna₹1,52,2002₹1,72,200
5thYuvraj Singh₹1,14,2006₹1,74,200
6thGurukumar G₹91,40010₹1,91,400
7thSudeep Godara₹75,9002₹95,900
8thVivek Rughani₹60,8009₹1,50,800
9thVinayak Bajaj₹45,5006₹1,05,500
10thAayush Agarwal₹33,3001₹43,300


Slow Heads-Up Play – Salla Leading

Time: 23:44, Level 25 (Blinds 40,000/ 80,000, Ante 80,000)

The last 45 mins of play have been slow but Rachita Salla has managed to pull ahead of Gokul Krishna.

Rachita Salla – 1,860,000

Gokul Krishna – 1,440,000


Heads-Up Chip Counts

Time: 22:50, Level 24 (Blinds 30,000/ 60,000, Ante 60,000)

Gokul Krishna 2,230,000

Rachita Salla 1,070,000

The heads-up play is being shifted to the featured table set-up. Players have been asked to take a 15-minute break.

BPT ₹20K Big Bounty Heads-Up: Rachita Salla & Gokul Krishna
BPT ₹20K Big Bounty Heads-Up: Rachita Salla & Gokul Krishna


Gangadhar Raaj Eliminated in 3rd Place (₹2,05,600)

Time: 22:45, Level 24 (Blinds 30,000/ 60,000, Ante 60,000)

The start of day chip leader Gangadhar Raaj has seen his stack slowly decreasing and the last hand was the nail in his coffin. He moved all-in with and came up against Gokul Krishna`s . There were no surprises on the board and its now heads-up for the title. As a consolation, Raaj cashed in an incredible 11 bounties.

Gangadhar Raaj
Gangadhar Raaj


Rachita Salla Doubles Up

Time: 22:23, Level 24 (Blinds 30,000/ 60,000, Ante 60,000)

In yet another preflop showdown, Rachita Salla moved all-in with and Gangadhar Raaj called with . The community cards opened getting Salla a sweet double-up.

Rachita Salla
Rachita Salla


Ritwick Khanna Eliminated in 4th Place (₹1,52,200)

Time: 22:05, Level 23 (Blinds 20,000/ 40,000, Ante 40,000)

The blinds have caught up with the players and eliminations are taking place one after the other. This time Ritwick Khanna moved all-in with and Rachita Salla looked him up with . The flop gave Salla a gutshot straight draw – the turn added a flush draw – but in the end, the river saw her taking down the pot with top pair.

Ritwick Khanna
Ritwick Khanna


Yuvraj Singh Eliminated in 5th Place (₹1,14,200)

Time: 22:01, Level 23 (Blinds 20,000/ 40,000, Ante 40,000)

After Gurukumar`s exit, Yuvraj Singh became the shortest stack and before long he jammed with . Gangadhar Raaj called with and held through.

Yuvraj Singh cashed in six bands with the prize money.

Yuvraj Singh
Yuvraj Singh


Gurukumar G Eliminated in 6th Place (₹91,400)

Time: 21:58, Level 23 (Blinds 20,000/ 40,000, Ante 40,000)

Gangadhar Raaj opened the pot, Gurukumar shoved and Raaj called.

Gangadhar Raaj

Gurukumar G

The board blanked out busting Gurukumar in sixth place – but more than the ₹91,400 he won in prize money was the 1 Lakh he collected from ten bounties.

Gurukumar G
Gurukumar G


Gokul Krishna Doubles Up Through Chip Leader

Time: 21:52, Level 23 (Blinds 20,000/ 40,000, Ante 40,000)

Gangadhar Raaj moved all-in from the cutoff with and Gokul Krishna called with . A king-high board got Krishna the double-up.

Gokul Krishna
Gokul Krishna

Chip Counts at Break

Time: 21:11, Level 21 (Blinds 15,000/ 25,000, Ante 25,000)

The dynamics on the final table have changed somewhat although Gangadhar Raaj continues to command the chip lead.

Here are the current chip counts.

Gangadhar Raaj – 1,200,000

Ritwik Khanna – 660,000

Rachita Salla – 550,000

Gokul Krishna – 445,000

Yuvraj Singh – 329,000

Gurukumar G – 206,000


Short-Stacked Yuvraj Singh Doubles Up

Time: 21:05, Level 21 (Blinds 15,000/ 25,000, Ante 25,000)

On the last hand before the break, Gurukumar G moved all-in from the small blind with . Yuvraj Singh in the big blind woke up with and made the call. Singh was the player at risk – but the rundown gave him a double up. Gurukumar is now the short stack at the table as he has already doubled up three players on the final table.


Sudeep Godara Eliminated in 7th Place (₹75,900)

Time: 21:00, Level 21 (Blinds 15,000/ 25,000, Ante 25,000)

Sudeep Godara moved all-in for 248,000 with and Gangadhar Raaj jammed over-the-top behind him with . The rest of the table folded.

Godara needed help and he got plenty as the ten-high flop got him really excited. The on the turn was harmless as well. Unfortunately for Godara the river card landed the .

Yuvraj Singh, the other player on the table informed us that he was dealt the fourth king in the deck.

Sudeep Godara
Sudeep Godara


Sudeep Godara Hanging in There – Barely

Time: 20:56, Level 21 (Blinds 15,000/ 25,000, Ante 25,000)

The very next hand after Rachita we saw Gurukumar G doubling up the short-stacked Sudeep Godara. Interestingly, Godara shoved on the button with but Godara had him dominated with and held through to double up.


Rachita Salla Gets a Double Up From Gurukumar G

Time: 20:51, Level 21 (Blinds 15,000/ 25,000, Ante 25,000)

Rachita Salla has climbed up the charts and is the current chip leader after doubling up through Gurukumar G.

Rachita Salla
Rachita Salla


Vivek Rughani Eliminated in 8th Place (₹60,800)

Time: 20:47, Level 21 (Blinds 15,000/ 25,000, Ante 25,000)

Vivek Rughani was the short stack on the table and moved all-in from the hijack seat for 145,000. The chip leader Gangadhar Raaj called. Ritwik Khanna in the small blind also called. Khanna insta-jammed on the flop and Raaj made the call.

Vivek Rughani

Gangadhar Raaj

Ritwik Khanna

Rughani was drawing very thin and the on the turn and on the river sent him packing. Along with the prize money, Rughani also cashed in nine bounties.

Khanna raked in the massive pot while Raaj came down to about 580K after this hand.

Vivek Rughani
Vivek Rughani


Vinayak Bajaj Eliminated in 9th Place (₹45,500)

Time: 19:44, Level 20 (Blinds 10,000/ 20,000, Ante 20,000)

Vinayak Bajaj who was sitting with a very short stack of 45,000 has been eliminated. With the action folded to him in the small blind, Gokul Krishna moved all-in with . Vinayak Bajaj was virtually all-in after posting the big blind and the BB ante and called off with . There was no seven on the rundown and just like that there are now seven players in the field.

Vinayak Bajaj
Vinayak Bajaj


Yuvraj Singh Makes Vivek Rughani Fold Trips

Time: 19:44, Level 19 (Blinds 8,000/ 16,000, Ante 16,000)

Vivek Rughani limped in from the small blind and Yuvraj Singh in the big blind checked through to the flop . Rughani bet 16,000 and Singh called. The turn card is the – Rughani bet 35,000 and Singh called again. The river brought the – Rughani bet 70,000 but Singh moved all-in for 215,000. Rughani took a long time contemplating his move but eventually folded and it was a big fold as he flashed before mucking the other card.

Yuvraj Singh
Yuvraj Singh


Gangadhar Raaj Gets Going Immediately After Arriving

Time: 19:19, Level 18 (Blinds 6,000/ 12,000, Ante 12,000)

The final table chip leader Gangadhar Raaj has had an eventful last couple of days that saw him bagging the chip lead both on Day 1D in the Main Event followed by here on the Big Bounty final table. He was the last player to arrive after both Gokul Krishna and Yuvraj Singh and immediately got down to work. The first he played, we saw Vinayak Bajaj open for 2,600 and Raaj called to see the flop open . Raaj checked and Bajaj c-bet to 25,000. Raaj almost immediately moved all-in and Bajaj folded.

Gangadhar Raaj
Gangadhar Raaj


Aayush Agarwal Eliminated in 10th Place (₹33,300)

Time: 19:09, Level 18 (Blinds 6,000/ 12,000, Ante 12,000)

Aayush Agarwal moved all-in with and next to act Gurukumar G looked him up with . The board ran eliminating Agarwal who was unable to catch up even after flopping a straight flush draw.

Aayush Agarwal
Aayush Agarwal


Rachita Salla Pulls Out a Quick Double Up

Time: 19:09, Level 18 (Blinds 6,000/ 12,000, Ante 12,000)

Rachita Salla has pulled out a quick double up on the final table. She shoved with and Yuvraj Singh came along with a call holding . Salla was flipping for her tournament life and luckily survived the runout and doubled up!


The Final Table Gets Underway

Time: 19:05, Level 18 (Blinds 6,000/ 12,000, Ante 12,000)

Seven out of the ten finalists have taken their seats and the cards are in the air!

Baazi Poker Tour 20K Big Bounty Final Table
Baazi Poker Tour 20K Big Bounty Final Table


Final Table Chip Counts (End of Day 1)

PlayerChip CountSeat No
Gangadhar Raaj741,000
Gurukumar G
Yuvraj Singh
Vivek Rughani
Gokul Krishna
Ritwik Khanna
Vinayak Bajaj
Sudeep Godara175,0001
Rachita Salla138,0008
Aayush Agarwal63,0009

Sunday was a smashing day at the Baazi Poker Tour (BPT), as running alongside the Main Event was the ₹20K Big Bounty. The crowd-favorite logged in an impressive 220 entries – not bad for a Sunday, generating ₹19.36 Lakhs in the prize pool. The top 27 places have assured a payday with a min-cash worth at least ₹16,100 in prize money!

It took almost ten hours of non-stop play for a starting field of 220 entries to be whittled down to the last 10 finalists. Standing tall among the rest is the familiar face of Gangadhar Raaj. A man who is unassuming and to the point, Raaj learned the nuances of poker while he was working as part of the team that developed the software upgrade for partypoker. Such was his enchantment to the mind sport that Raaj couldn’t stay away from Goa when he learned about the BPT. In the last few days, Raaj has consistently picked up laurels displaying the makings of a poker icon. He finished 9th in the ₹15K Kick-Off and went on to win the live satellite for Day 1D (Turbo) of the ₹50K Main Event. Raaj didn’t let his bullet go waste – he finished Day 1D in pole position among the 30 survivors who made it to Day 2. Today he finished 16th in the Main Event for a ₹2.66 Lakhs payday and jumped immediately into the Big Bounty after busting. Raaj has bagged 741,000 for Day 2 and is a reasonable distance ahead of his closest competitors Gurukumar G (526,000) and Yuvraj Singh (454,000).

Some notables in contention include Vivek Rughani (412,000), Gokul Krishna (304,000), and Vinayak Bajaj (237,000).

Day 2 commences at 7 PM today, where it will swiftly play down to a champion.


ITM Eliminations on Day 1

PositionPlayerPrizeBountyTotal Prize Money
1stGokul Krishna₹4,56,0006₹5,16,000
2ndRachita Salla₹3,19,2006₹3,79,200
3rdGangadhar Raaj₹2,05,60011₹3,15,600
4thRitwick Khanna₹1,52,2002₹1,72,200
5thYuvraj Singh₹1,14,2006₹1,74,200
6thGurukumar G₹91,40010₹1,91,400
7thSudeep Godara₹75,9002₹95,900
8thVivek Rughani₹60,8009₹1,50,800
9thVinayak Bajaj₹45,5006₹1,05,500
10thAayush Agarwal₹33,3001₹43,300
11thKanchan Sharma₹33,3003₹63,300
12thMuskan Sethi₹33,3002₹53,300
13thSabreesh Kakrala₹27,3006₹87,300
14thHemant Maloo₹27,3003₹57,300
15thPankaj Kothari₹27,3007₹57,300
16thManas Kalita₹23,2005₹73,200
17thVijay Aditya₹23,0000₹23,000
18thAlok Birewar₹23,0002₹43,000
19thPrashanth Sekar₹20,3003₹50,300
20thAnand Babu₹20,3003₹50,300
21stChakshu Ahuja₹20,3005₹70,300
22ndVijay Barma₹18,2007₹88,200
23rdVipul Tiwari₹18,2008₹98,200
24thVineet Kumar₹18,2003₹48,200
25thAbhishek Goindi₹16,1001₹26,100
26thUjjwal Minocha₹16,1004₹56,100
27thNikhil Unnikrishnan₹8,0505₹58,050
27thMukunda Dasharathy₹8,0500₹8,050


Kanchan Sharma is the Last Elimination of the Night

Time: 03:50, Level 17 (Blinds 5,000/ 10,000, Ante 10,000)

It`s a wrap on Day 1 of the ₹20K Big Bounty that has ended with the 11th place elimination of Kanchan Sharma. She had taken a big dent to her stack with the blow delivered by Gurukumar. Not long after that, she moved all-in pre-flop from the small blind for 93,000. Everyone on the table folded but Gurukumar called from UTG+1.

Kanchan Sharma

Gurukumar flopped a set on the runout ending Sharma’s deep run!


PokerStars India Team Pro Muskan Sethi Exits 12th (₹33,300) & Sabarish Kakarla Eliminated in 13th (₹27,300)

Time: 03:40, Level 17 (Blinds 5,000/10,000, Ante 10,000)

PokerStars India Team pro Muskan Sethi’s locked horns with Vinayak Bajaj’s which bettered to a set of nines on the runout eliminating her in 12th place.

Sethi has had a long and productive night as this is her second deep run. Some hours ago she had finished 23rd in the Main Event for ₹2.07 Lakhs.

Just before Sethi exited the Bi Bounty, Sabarish Kakarla was eliminated in 13th place.


Hemant Maloo Busts in 14th Place (₹27,300)

Time: 03:28, Level 17 (Blinds 5,000/10,000, Ante 10,000)

Gaurav Kumar raised to 25,000 and Hemant Maloo jammed with . Action folded back to Gaurav Kumar who called with . Even as everyone was waiting for the board to open, Pankaj Kothari, who had recently been eliminated, and was on his way out, on noticing that Maloo was all-in, said, “Mera bhi luck le lo,” to which Maloo responded, “Tera luck nahi chahiye!”

As it turned out, the board did bring Maloo a rivered set of fives, but it was still no match for Kumar’s flopped trip jacks. And just like that, Maloo joined Kothari at the rail in 14th place.


Pankaj Kothari Eliminated in 15th Place For ₹23,200

Time: 03:20, Level 16 (Blinds 4,000/8,000, Ante 8,000)

Pankaj Kothari was all-in with and Yuvraj Singh called with . The board bricked and Singh’s pocket nines held, eliminating Kothari in 15th place.


Manas Kalita (16th for ₹23,200) & Vijay Aditya (17th for ₹23,200) Eliminated

Time: 03:16, Level 16 (Blinds 4,000/8,000, Ante 8,000)

Vijay Aditya jammed with and Manas Kalita re-shoved with . Gangadhar Raaj woke up with and an ace on the board sealed the deal in Raaj’s favor. Kalita was eliminated in 16th place, while Aditya was ousted in 17th place.

Manas Kalita
Manas Kalita


Gaurav Kumar G Wins a Pot

Time: 03:08, Level 16 (Blinds 4,000/8,000, Ante 8,000)

Gaurav Kumar G shoved all-in from the small blind with and Sabarish Kakarla called from big blind with . The board ran dry and Gaurav Kumar scooped up the pot.


Ritwik Khanna Doubles Up

Time: 03:08, Level 16 (Blinds 4,000/8,000, Ante 8,000)

Gaurav Kumar G opened for 25,000 and Ritwik Khanna moved all-in for 80,000 with . Gaurav Kumar called with . An ace on the flop ensured that the pot went to Khanna, giving him a double up.


Manas Kalita Doubles Up From Gangadhar Raaj

Time: 03:04, Level 16 (Blinds 4,000/8,000, Ante 8,000)Level 16 (Blinds 4,000/8,000, Ante 8,000)

Manas Kalita shoved all-in with and Gangadhar Raaj re-shoved with . The runout was a blank and just like that Kalita doubled up.


Chopped Pot Between Vinayak Bajaj & Gokul Krishna

Time: 03:01, Level 16 (Blinds 4,000/8,000, Ante 8,000)

We reached the action with Vinayak Bajaj’s pitted against Gokul Krishna’s . The board resulted in a chopped pot.


Alok Birewar Exits in 18th Place (₹20,300)

Time: 02:58, Level 16 (Blinds 4,000/8,000, Ante 8,000)

It has been an eventful day for Alok Birewar. After busting the Main Event in 17th place for ₹2.66 Lakhs, he jumped straight into the Big Bounty and once again made it in the money. On his last hand of the tournament, Birewar jammed with and Gangadhar Raaj called with . The board eliminated Birewar in 18th place.

Alok Birewar
Alok Birewar


Vineet Kumar Busts in 24th Place For ₹18,200

Time: 02:22, Level 15 (Blinds 3,000/6,000, Ante 6,000)

Left with 2 BBs, Vineet Kumar’s were at risk against Pankaj Kothari’s who made the call blind. The runout gave Kothari a pair of nines, knocking Kumar out in 24th place.

Vineet Kumar
Vineet Kumar


Abhishek Goindi Hits the Rail in 25th Place For ₹16,100

Time: 02:18, Level 15 (Blinds 3,000/6,000, Ante 6,000)

We reached the table with both Abhishek Goindi and Vinayak Bajaj all-in and Gangadhar Raaj deep in the tank. Eventually, Raaj decided to fold and it was heads-up between Goindi`s and Bajaj`s . The board ran and Bajaj found a jack on the turn, ending Goindi’s run in 25th place.


Ujjwal Minocha Eliminated by Gaurav Kumar G in 26th Place For ₹16,100

Time: 02:05, Level 14 (Blinds 2,000/4,000, Ante 4,000)

Ujjwal Minocha moved all-in with and Gaurav Kumar G called with . The board brought and Gaurav`s flopped set eliminated Minocha in 26th place.


Assorted Chip Counts After the Fourth Break

Time: 01:40, Level 15 (Blinds 3,000/6,000, Ante 6,000)

PlayerChip Count
Kanchan Sharma302,000
Vijay Aditya251,000
Gangadhar Raaj239,000
Vipul Tiwari222,000
Pankaj Kothari216,000
Gokul Krishna200,000
Yuvraj Singh199,000
Vivek Rughani190,000
Rachita Salla127,000
Hemant Maloo113,000
Manas Kalita103,000
Muskan Sethi97,000
Prashanth Sekar68,000
Guru Kumar66,500
Abhishek Goindi60,000
Vineet Kumar32,000


Nikhil Unnikrishnan & Mukunda Dashrathy Eliminated On the Money Bubble

Time: 01:20, Level 14 (Blinds 2,000/ 4,000, Ante 4,000)

The money bubble has burst with Nikhil Unnikrishnan and Mukunda Dashrathy hitting the rail on separate tables at the same time. Dasharathy moved all-in preflop from the big blind with and was called by Gangadhar Raaj with . The board ran eliminating Dasharathy.

At another table, Unnikrishnan who held moved all-in from the big blind for 73,000 on the flop (rainbow). The player on the button called and showed . The and were both blank cards for Unnikrishnan.

Both Unnikrishnan and Dashrathy have chopped the 27th place payout of ₹16,100 collecting ₹8,050 each.

Nikhil Unnikrishnan
Nikhil Unnikrishnan


Vijay Aditya Collects from Gangadhar Raaj & Vinayak Bajaj

Time: 00:54, Level 13 (Blinds 1,500/3,000, Ante 3,000)

Gangadhar Raaj who finished 16th in the Main Event has a tall tower of chips in front of him. He has been consistently winning pots. For a change, he lost a pot. It was Vijay Aditya who opened UTG for 7,000 and the action folded to Raaj who called. Aditya led out for 8,500 on the flop – Raaj called. The next two streets & went check-check. Raaj turned over but Aditya who took the pot with .

On the next hand, Aditya went heads-up against Vinayak Bajaj preflop and collected the pot after his all-move move prompted Bajaj to muck his cards.


Minocha, Raaj & Goindi Spin Up

Time: 00:47, Level 13 (Blinds 1,500/3,000, Ante 3,000)

Hand for hand continues as the tournament moves into the penultimate level of the night. Several players including Abhishek Goindi, Ujjwal Minocha, and Gangadhar Raaj were seen spinning up their stacks.


Bubble Time

00:25, Level 12 (Blinds 1,500/ 2,500, Ante 2,500)

Several players have been eliminated in quick succession and the field has quickly narrowed down to 28 players. We’re one elimination away from the money and hand-for-hand play has been initiated.


Kshitij Kucheria Eliminated

Time: 00:20, Level 13 (Blinds 1,500/ 3,000, Ante 3,000)

Kshitij Kucheria who has been an active participant at both the PSL and GPL India has fallen in 30th place, just a few places shy of the money line in the Big Bounty. The action folded to small blind Kucheria who ripped it in with nine big blinds holding . The big blind snapped him with and took it down on the rundown .

Kshitij Kucheria
Kshitij Kucheria


Varun Mahna Exits

Time: 00:02, Level 11 (Blinds 1,000/2,000, Ante 2,000)

Vinayak Bajaj`s have just busted Varun Mahna`s .


Anant Purohit Eliminated

Time: 22:05, Level 8 (Blinds 500/1,000, Ante 1,000)

Just as the late registration was closed, Anant Purohit lost his entire stack in two hands. Purohit lost 25 big blinds in the first hand to be left with only four big blinds. He pushed them all-in with from the cutoff and got called by Vipul Tiwari`s in the small blind. The board ran , sending Purohit packing!


Big Bounty Collects 19.36 Lakhs in Prize Money, 27 Places Paid !!

Time: 23:26, Level 10 (Blinds 800/1,600, Ante 1,600)

The payouts and prize pool information have just been announced for the ₹20K Big Bounty. The event managed to muster ₹19.36 Lakhs in prize money and the top 27 spots will be paid.

Here is the payout break-up.

1st Place – ₹4,56,000

2nd Place – ₹3,19,200

3rd Place – ₹2,05,600

4th Place – ₹1,52,200

5th Place – ₹1,14,200

6th Place – ₹91,400

7th Place – ₹75,900

8th Place – ₹60,800

9th Place – ₹45,500

10th-12th Places – ₹33,300

13th -15th Places – ₹27,300

16th – 18th Places – ₹23,200

19th – 21st Places – ₹20,300

22nd – 24th Places – ₹18,200

25th – 27th Places – ₹16,100


Some Assorted Chip Counts

Given here are some of the assorted chip counts right after the break.

PlayerChip Count
Vivek Rughani150,000
Srikanth N73,000
Vikram Kumar68,000
Romit Advani65,000
Gagandeep Malik45,000
Kshitij Kucheria
Pranav Bang24,400
Pankaj Kothari23,400
Ritwik Khanna23,000
Wilson Yomso20,000
Haider Madraswala13,000


Big Bounty Locks in 220 Entries in Total

Time: 21:50, Level 8 (Blinds 500/1,000, Ante 1,000)

Registrations for the Big Bounty have closed and the official player count has come in at 220 entries. The field has already whittled down to 73 runners and we are expecting an announcement of the payout details anytime now.


Registration About to Close

Time: 21:35, Level 7 (Blinds 400/800, Ante 800)

Eliminations have been coming swiftly in the Big Bounty and a number of players have re-entered the event. There are now 214 players in the field and we’re minutes away from the dinner break. This is the last level of registration for the event and we can expect several more players to join the field during the break time. Some new faces that we could spot include Muskan Sethi, Anant Purohit and Nishant Sharma.


Sabarish Kakarla Sends Two to the Rail

Time: 21:32, Level 7 (Blinds 400/800, Ante 800)

Sabarish Kakarla just eliminated two players in a hand where the small blind called all-in with , Kakarla checked his option. Rachita Salla who had pushed her remaining stack of 15,000 from the UTG into the middle. Two players folded and the hijack called. Debashish Bal 3-bet to 60,000 with from the cutoff. Kakarla called from the big blind with . The runout was the and both Salla and the small blind were eliminated.


Vijay Varma Eliminates Three in a Single Hand

Time: 21:30, Level 7 (Blinds 400/800, Ante 800)

Vijay Varma has scored three eliminations in a single hand. It began with the UTG Deep Patel moving all-in preflop for 37,000 with . UTG+1 called all-in as well with . Avadh Shah folded but Ashit Sharma who was on his left shoved as well with . The big blind Varma called with . The board fell and Varma’s queens got him the pot sending Patel, Sharma and the player on UTG+1 packing.

Vijay Varma
Vijay Varma


Chakshu Ahuja Collects Some From Jasven Saigal

Time: 21:14, Level 7 (Blinds 400/800, Ante 800)

Chakshu Ahuja was seen clashing with Jasven Saigal in a pot where Saigal raised preflop from UTG+1, Ahuja called from the button to see the flop. Saigal then checked and Ahuja made the continuation bet that Saigal called. Both players checked the turn, and after the river Saigal donked while Ahuja shoved, inducing a fold from Saigal.


Vinayak Bajaj Collects 3rd Bounty By Sending Goonjan Mall Out

Time: 21:06, Level 6 (Blinds 300/600, Ante 600)

Vinayak Bajaj is on a roll! Bajaj just eliminated Goonjan Mall to score his third bounty in yet another preflop all-in showdown. After the hijack opened for 1,600, Bajaj re-raised to 4,000 from the cutoff. Mall four-bet to 10,400 and while the hijack got out of the way, Bajaj jammed, turning over against Mall’s . The runout was the and Bajaj’s aces ended Mall’s tournament run.


Vivek Rughani Scores a Triple Knockout

Time: 20:35, Level 5 (Blinds 200/400, Ante 400)

Vivek Rughani just scored a massive double-up and won three bounties in a single hand. Rughani opened UTG and got a call from Nitin Arora from the middle position. Navkiran Singh jammed all-in for 6,000 and while the button folded, an unknown player from the small blind shoved all-in for 23,000. Big blind RG announced all-in for 20,000. Rughani and Arora made the call.

Vivek Rughani
Nitin Arora
Navkiran Singh
Small Blind

Vivek Rughani Busts 3 in single hand
Vivek Rughani eliminates 3 in a single hand


Gaurav Gupta Eliminated in a Three-Way All-In Showdown

Time: 19:53, Level 4 (Blinds 200/300, Ante 300)

A three-way all-in showdown preflop between Gaurav Gupta, Gagandeep Malik and Amit Saraf ended with Saraf sending Gupta to the rail. Malik had opened UTG and Gupta flat-called from two places left to him. Saraf moved all-in and got calls from Malik and Gupta, the latter pushing all his stack in.

Amit Saraf

Gagandeep Malik


The dealer fanned out the board and Saraf’s rivered pair of queens was enough to eliminate Gupta.


Assorted Chip Counts After the 1st Break

Time: 19:30, Level 4 (Blinds 200/300, Ante 300)

We’re onto the first break of the night in the Big Bounty and once play resumes, the blinds will be at 200/300. The field is now 160-strong and we were able to collate some of the notable stacks at this juncture.

PlayerChip Count
Prithviraj Ganganna 69,000
Puneet Dua40,000
Kshitjit Kucheria33,900
Sameer Tavanandi31,000
Aditya Kumar30,000
Abhijeet Shetty28,000
Avadh Shah27,000
Sreekanth Narayan25,000
Divyank Prasoon 23,000
Anil Adiani20,000
Gautam Rohilla19,000
Vidur Singhal17,000
Kunal Patni16,000
Jaydeep Dawer16,000
Shanu Shah15,500
Gaurav Sharma11,700
Gaurav Gupta12,000
Dinesh Kumar5,000


Abhijeet Shetty Wins a Pot

Time: 19:29, Level 3 (Blinds 100/200, Ante 200)

Just before the first break, Abhijeet Shetty scooped a pot off Mahesh Kalra with versus Kalra’s . After UTG limped, Shetty made it 1,800 from UTG+1, big blind Kalra called, UTG folded and it was two-way on the flop . Both players checked the flop as well as the turn and the river and Shetty’s hand held up for him to add nearly 22,000 to his stack.

Abhijeet Shetty
Abhijeet Shetty


Field Expanding

Time:19:12, Level 3 (Blinds 100/200, Ante 200)

Action has picked up in the Big Bounty with the player count already touching 140.

Several notables like Jasven Saigal, Romit Advani, Arsh Grover, and Vikram Kumar can be seen in the thick of action.


A Double Up For Ujjwal Minocha

Time: 19:09, Level 3 (Blinds 100/200, Ante 200)

Ujjal Minocha has just scored a double up! Minocha was up against the UTG who raised for 500 on which Minocha moved all-in with , his rival turning over . The runout was the and Minocha’s set won him the double-up.


Chopped Pot for Pranav Bang & Moksh Arora

Time: 18:42, Level 2 (Blinds 100/200)

A preflop all in situation showdown between Pranav Bang and Moksh Arora ended with both chopping the pot. After the UTG opened for 600, Arora 3-bet from the hijack for 1,600. Bang moved all-in for 16,000 and Arora called.

Pranav Bang

Moksh Arora

The board ran and the pot was chopped by the duo.


Goonjan Mall Chips up

Time: 18:39, Level 2 (Blinds 100/200)

Goonjan Mall has just added to his stack after a clash with Prithviraj Ganganna who led out 4,000 from the hijack after the flop. Mall called from the button to see the turn. Ganganna opted to check but Mall bet and this time Ganganna called. The river was the and Mall announced an all-in for 6,600. Ganganna tanked for a bit before throwing his cards away.

Goonjan Mall
Goonjan Mall,,


Cards are in the Air in the Big Bounty Event!

Time: 18:09, Level 1 (Blinds 100/100)

The Baazi Poker Tour (BPT) is now on the home stretch with the penultimate event of the series, the ₹20K Big Bounty ow well underway. It’s going to be an action-packed ride today as we expect a lot of players busting the Main Event taking a shot in this event. The Bounty will play down to the final table today with the same resuming play at 7 pm tomorrow. The tournament organizers seem unsure if the same will be live-streamed and will depend upon the time at which the Main Event final table ends.

The tournament has started with 40 players and this includes names like Prashanth Sekar, Kunal Patni, Bhuvan Bansal, Vikram Freeman, Yuvraj Singh, Puneet Dua, Devbrat Rout, Akash Gupta, Mukesh Surana and Prithviraj Ganganna.

Keep refreshing this page for periodic updates.

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