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BLITZPOKER’s ‘Road to IPC Megastacks’ Promises Tickets Worth Over ₹70 Lakhs to the Upcoming IPC Megastacks

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  • RUPAM THAKUR April 19, 2022
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The Indian poker community eagerly awaits the return of the India Poker Championship (IPC) that will be firing up after an almost two-year gap in a new avatar – IPC Megastacks! The IPC spinoff series runs from May 17 to 22 at Casino Vegas by Big Daddy in Jhapa, Nepal, marking the series’ debut in Nepal.

The IPC Megastacks comprises four events and a freeroll (open to all IPC players) and guarantees a whopping ₹3.50 Crores across its six-day run!

May 17 @4 PM₹8K Mega Satellite₹8.50 Lakhs 10 PKG - Kickoff + ME
May 18 @5 PM₹25K Kick-Off₹50 Lakhs
May 19 @1 PMKick-Off Day 2₹50 Lakhs
May 19 @5 PM₹100K High Roller Day 1₹1 Crore
May 20 @1 PMHigh Roller Day 2₹1 Crore
May 20 @5 PM₹60K Main Event Day 1A₹2 Crores
May 21 @4 PM₹60K Main Event Day 1B₹2 Crores
May 22 @1 PMMain Event Day 2₹2 Crores
May 22 @4 PM₹15K Mystery Bounty-
May 23 @1 PMMain Event Final Table-
May 23 @4 PM₹20 Lakhs Freeroll₹10 Lakhs Cash + ₹10 Lakhs IOPC TKTs

To make the upcoming live poker extravaganza all the more tempting, the country’s longest-running live tournament brand has announced the ‘Road to IPC Megastacks’ on BLITZPOKER (and partner networks), laying out a vast array of ways you can win all-expenses-paid packages to the IPC Megastacks!

For all of you planning to attend the IPC Megastacks series on a budget, the Road to IPC Megastack is just the thing for you! The promotion comprises the Cash Fiesta (April 20 to May 10) and Online Satellites (April 15 to May 20).

BLITZPOKER (and partner sites) will be hosting 59 online satellites from April 15 to May 20, with buy-ins ranging from ₹1,650 to ₹6,600. And there are a guaranteed 70 seats to the upcoming series to be won, including Silver/Gold and Platinum IPC Packages.

If cash games are your thing, check out the Cash Fiesta. Open to the mid to high-stakes players, playing NLHE & PLO – ₹10/₹25 & above, and OFC – ₹10/point & above, there are IPC Packages worth up to ₹2.25 Lakhs up for grabs. Over and above these all-expenses-paid packages, players can mob up as much as ₹1.45 Lakhs in rakeback every week!

Here’s a quick look at the key offerings of the Road to IPC Megastacks

> Online Satellites: Guarantees 70 packages (including Main Event/Highroller seats) to IPC Megastacks

> Cash Fiesta: Cash game players can win IPC packages worth up to ₹2.25 Lakhs & claim rakeback worth up to ₹4.20 Lakhs

There are three IPC packages – Silver Package (worth ₹1.10 Lakhs), Gold Package (worth ₹1.30 Lakhs), and Platinum Package (worth ₹2.25 Lakhs). All packages offer tickets to IPC events. Lodging and flight expenses are covered under the Gold and Platinum packages.

PackageTournamentTravelTotal Worth
IPC Silver PKG₹25K Kick-off, ₹60K Main Event5 Nights/ 6 Days Stay Worth ₹25K₹1.10 Lakhs
IPC Gold PKG₹100K High Roller15K Flight, 3 Nights/ 4 Days Stay Worth 15K ₹1.30 Lakhs
IPC Platinum PKG₹25K Kick-off, ₹60K Main Event, ₹100K High Roller₹15K Flight, 5 Nights/ 6 Days Stay Worth 25K₹2.25 Lakhs


IPC Megastacks – Online Satellite

If you have your eye on playing the IPC Megastacks series and want to get in on the action on a budget, worry not! BLITZPOKER (and partner networks) has laid out the red carpet for players, rolling out several super-value satellites, offering players numerous options to win IPC packages at very affordable buy-ins.

The site will be running 59 online satellites from April 15 to May 20, with buy-ins ranging from ₹1,650 to ₹6,600. There are at least 70 seats to be won, including the IPC Silver/ Gold and Platinum Packages.

Date & TimeEventSeats GTDBuy-in (₹)
April 15 @10 PMIPC Silver1₹3,850
April 16 @10 PMIPC Gold1₹4,400
April 17 @7 PMMain Event1₹2,200
April 17 @10 PMIPC Platinum1₹6,600
April 18 @10 PMIPC Silver1₹3,850
April 19 @10 PMIPC Gold1₹4,400
April 20 @10 PMIPC Platinum1₹6,600
April 21 @10 PMIPC Silver1₹3,850
April 22 @10 PMIPC Gold1₹4,400
April 23 @10 PMIPC Silver1₹3,850
April 24 @70 PMMain Event1₹2,200
April 24 @10 PMIPC Platinum1₹6,600
April 25 @7 PMMain Event1₹2,200
April 25 @10 PMIPC Silver1₹3,850
April 26 @7 PMMain Event1₹2,200
April 26 @10 PMIPC Gold1₹4,400
April 27 @7 PMMain Event1₹2,200
April 27 @10 PMIPC Platinum1₹6,600
April 28 @7 PMMain Event1₹2,200
April 28 @10 PMIPC Silver1₹3,850
April 29 @7 PMMain Event1₹2,200
April 29 @10 PMIPC Gold1₹4,400
April 30 @7 PMMain Event1₹2,200
April 30 @10 PMIPC Silver1₹3,850
May 1 @7 PMMain Event1₹2,200
May 1 @10 PMIPC Platinum1₹6,600
May 2 @7 PMMain Event1₹2,200
May 2 @10 PMIPC Silver1₹3,850
May 3 @7 PMMain Event1₹2,200
May 3 @10 PMIPC Gold1₹4,400
May 4 @7 PMMain Event1₹2,200
May 10 @7 PMIPC Platinum1₹6,600
May 5 @7 PMMain Event1₹2,200
May 5 @10 PMIPC Silver1₹3,850
May 6 @7 PMMain Event1₹2,200
May 6 @10 PMIPC Gold1₹4,400
May 7 @7 PMMain Event1₹2,200
May 7 @10 PMIPC Silver1₹3,850
May 8 @7 PMMain Event2₹3,300
May 8 @10 PMIPC Platinum1₹6,600
May 9 @7 PMMain Event2₹3,300
May 9 @10 PMIPC Silver1₹3,850
May 10 @7 PMMain Event2₹3,300
May 10 @10 PMIPC Gold1₹4,400
May 11 @7 PMMain Event2₹3,300
May 11 @10 PMIPC Platinum1₹6,600
May 12 @7 PMMain Event2₹3,300
May 12 @10 PMIPC Silver1₹3,850
May 13 @7 PMMain Event2₹3,300
May 13 @10 PMIPC Gold1₹4,400
May 14 @7 PMMain Event2₹3,300
May 14 @10 PMIPC Silver1₹3,850
May 15 @7 PMMain Event3₹3,850
May 15 @10 PMIPC Platinum1₹6,600
May 16 @7 PMMain Event3₹3,850
May 16 @10 PMIPC Silver1₹3,850
May 18 @3 PMKick-off ₹25K RE1₹1,650
May 19 @3 PMHigh Roller1₹5,500
May 20 @3 PMMain Event1₹4,400


Cash Fiesta – IPC Megastacks

Can’t wait a whole fortnight for the IPC Megastacks to roll?! You can dip your feet in the IPC mania much before by joining the cash game action on BLITZPOKER (and partner networks). The Quadnet Poker Network runs the all-new Cash Fiesta – IPC Megastacks from April 20 to May 10!

Cash game players playing NLHE & PLO cash games at stakes of ₹10/₹25 & above or OFC at ₹10 a point or more can compete in the target-based challenge to win IPC Packages worth up to ₹2.25 Lakhs! If that was not enough, players also have a shot at claiming rakeback of up to ₹1.45 Lakhs weekly.

To win the IPC Platinum Package, a player needs to accumulate 3,000 points by playing cash games on the site across three weeks. Only 2,400 points are needed for the Gold Package, and 1,500 points to win the Silver Package.

If that was not incentive enough to get you excited, the network has an irresistible rake offer, where you can mop up anywhere between ₹1,000 to ₹1.45 Lakhs in rakeback on collecting 25 to 1,800 points weekly.

PointsExtra Rakeback


> Players will be awarded 1 Point for every ₹500 contributed to rake

> This promotion will run from 5:30 AM to 5:29 AM every week from April 20 to May 10

> Rakeback will be credited to the winner’s account once the week is completed


The IPC Megastacks promises to be a roller coaster of exciting “IPC” events. With BLITZPOKER’s IPC satellites and Cash Fiesta – IPC Megastack Edition, poker enthusiasts have the perfect opportunity to win their way into the series for a bargain and get a shot at becoming a champion!

Keep following PokerGuru for all the latest updates and promotions from BLITZPOKER!

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