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Borgata Poker Open 2018: Justin Leeds Wins $600 DeepStack For $170,535

Justin Leeds
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  • PG News September 12, 2018
  • 6 Mins Read

The inaugural tournament at the 2018 Borgata Poker Open was the $600 DeepStack NLH that attracted 3,106 entries through five flights, crushing the $1.5 Million guarantee with the prize pool swelling to $1,626,932. After a four-way deal, it was Justin Leeds (cover image) from New Jersey who was crowned the champion!

Leeds banked $170,535, equivalent to the payouts of the other three finalists, Daniel Park, Jacob Naumann and Donny Maloney but he also took home the trophy following a four-way deal. Prior to winning the event, his live tournament earnings stood at a modest $5,216.

A total of 300 players took home a minimum assured $374. Eliminations sent most of the runners out to the rail on Day 2 and play halted for the day with Mike Lavenburg scoring a double knockout. He sent Chuck Bryant and Daryll Black to the rail with his pocket kings holding up against Black’s ace-queen and Bryant’s ace-nine with the board running nine-six-three-jack-three.

The 18 remaining players then bagged their stacks for Day 3, all of them in the money for at least $8,297. Anthony Garofalo held the biggest stack with 8,600,000 while Park followed closely with 7,520,000 and Douglas Shirk was third in chips with 7,400,000.

Leeds had an average stack of 2,750,000 but moved his way up on Day 3.

James McKinnon (18th for $8,297) was the first player to be eliminated when the action resumed. Mickey Ma (13th for $10,575), Gary Silverman (14th for $10,575), Anthony Garofalo (15th for $10,575) and Mike Cisco (16th for $8,297) were among the players who fell out subsequently.

The elimination of Chris Wicher (11th for $14,642) brought about a table redraw and the final table was set into motion.

Final Table Chip Counts

1. Kevin Lutz – 15,500,000

2. Donny Maloney – 12,050,000

3. Doug Shirk – 11,000,000

4. Chris Seeger – 9,175,000

5. Danny Park – 8,075,000

6. Dustin Lee – 5,100,000

7. Jacob Naumann – 5,000,000

8. Mike Lavenburg – 4,900,000

9. Pierre Deissler – 4,000,000

10. Justin Leeds – 3,700,000

Final Table Recap

Action on the 10 handed final table saw its first elimination when Chris Seeger’s three-of-a-kind was cracked by Donny Maloney’s ace-high straight.

Pierre Deissler hit the rail next in ninth place after his pair of aces were beaten by Jacob Naumann’s clubs flush.

Following Deissler to the rail in eighth place was Mike Lavenburg whose ace-jack were leading preflop against Naumann’s king-ten, but the card 3card 3card 2card 3card 3 runout gave Naumann a full house and he took down the pot.

Next, Maloney opened for 1,050,000 under the gun and Doug Shirk raised to 2,600,000. Maloney called so see the flop card 3card 3card 3, Maloney checked and Shirk jammed for his remaining 6.5 Million. After tanking for a while, Maloney eventually made the call. Shirk tabled card 3card 3 for ace-high while Maloney held pocket queens. The card 3 turn brought Shirk a flush draw but the card 1 on the river kept Maloney ahead and he collected the monster pot to reclaim the chip lead while Shirk was eliminated in seventh place.

Shortly thereafter, Dustin Lee was sent to the rail in sixth place when Kevin Lutz opened and Lee moved his last 2.6 Million from the big blind. Lutz called and tabled @10ccard 3 while Lee showed card 3card 2. Lee was ahead and improved further on the card 3card 1card 2 flop but the card 1 turn gave Lutz a straight. The card 2 river was a mere formality as Lutz scooped the pot showing Lee the door.

The five-handed play saw Leeds doubling up through Maloney first and then Naumann chipped up from Kevin Lutz. The short-stacked Lutz then moved all in for his last 3,400,000 from under the gun and Naumann called from the small blind. Leeds responded by folding from the big blind and the cards were turned over. Naumann tabled card 2card 3 against Lutz’ card 2card 3. The board ran card 3card 3card 3card 2card 3 and Naumann improved to trip jacks, eliminating Lutz in fifth place.

The chips continued to change hands for the first hour before the four finalists, Justin Leeds, Daniel Park, Jacob Naumann and Donny Maloney agreed to discuss a deal. Since Leeds held the chip lead with 28,300,000, he staked claim to the BPO title while Maloney with 19,800,000 chips, Naumann with a stack of 17,200,000 and Park, with 12,300,000 were declared runner-up, third place and fourth place finishers respectively.

Justin Leeds
Justin Leeds

Final Table Results (USD)

1. Justin Leeds – $170,535*

2. Daniel Park – $170,535*

3. Jacob Naumann – $170,535*

4. Donny Maloney – $170,535*

5. Kevin Lutz – $81,753

6. Dustin Lee – $64,263

7. Doug Shirk – $47,181

8. Mike Lavenburg – $31,725

9. Piere Deissler – $22,777

*denotes four-way deal

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