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BPT 2022: Young Gun Ujjwal Narwal Gets the Monkey Off His Back; Ships ₹15K Big Bounty For ₹8.85 Lakhs

Ujjwal Narwal win BPT Big Bounty
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  • Attreyee Khasnabis March 26, 2022
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The second event at the 2022 Baazi Poker Tour, ₹15K Big Bounty, is finally in the books! Online crusher Ujjwal Narwal (cover image) topped the 486-entry field, besting the 2019 PPL MoneyMaker winner Romit Advani in a very short heads-up match that lasted just one hand. The win fetched the IIT-ian his first live MTT title and ₹8.85 Lakhs in prize money. Advani collected ₹6.14 Lakhs in second place.

A well-known online MTT pro, Narwal has many accolades to his name; however, his live poker resume was relatively lacking. His career biggest live score, before this win, was a 10th place finish in the 2020 IPC Main Event for ₹5.12 Lakhs.

In the post-match interview, Narwal informed us that he hasn’t played as much poker in the last year and was looking forward to playing the Highroller. But as they say, all’s well that ends well – he bagged the top honors and now has the option to get some overnight rest and register late for the Highroller on Saturday.

It was an eventful Friday at the Baazi Poker Tour with the ₹1 Lakh BPT Highroller and the NPS Golden Rush FT also on the schedule. Day 2 of the Big Bounty began at 2 PM sharp, with 28 players and the eliminations came pouring almost immediately.

The notable eliminations included Avneesh Munjal (11th for ₹72,500), start-of-Day 2 chip leader Shashank Shekhar (15th for ₹57,100), MPL Poker Team Pro Dhaval Mudgal (16th for ₹48,300), Aditya Kesharwani (19th for ₹40,500), Debayan Das (22nd for ₹33,900), Anant Purohit (24th for ₹33,900), Young Gun Sanat Mehrotra (25th for ₹29,300) and Vinay Rajpal (28th for ₹25,800).

Kunal Patni was among the several Day 2 qualifiers who experienced a swingy ride on Day 2! The former banker had built a stack, and just when an FT finish looked imminent, he lost all his chips to successive coolers. He ended up bubbling the FT in 10th place for ₹72,500.

You can watch the replay of the live-streamed FT below.

Final Table Chip Counts

  1. Unnikrishnan Nair – 1,280,000
  2. Romit Advani – 1,140,000
  3. Mohak Kapoor – 1,055,000
  4. Ujjwal Narwal – 970,000
  5. Akshat Sharma – 720,000
  6. Ankit Bhansali – 655,000
  7. Bharat Vasan – 665,000
  8. Ratul Steves – 465,000
  9. Gautam Sachdeva – 405,000


Final Table Recap

The 2020 BPT Main Event champion, Gautam Sachdeva, was the first to fall in ninth place. He had about 2 BBs at the start of the final table and expectedly did not last long.

Gautam Sachdeva
Gautam Sachdeva


Bharat Vasan was eliminated in eighth place and lost his stack in back-to-back hands. First, he lost a massive pot to Akshat Sharma, and on the very next hand, Mohak Kapoor grabbed what was left of his stack.

Bharat Vasan
Bharat Vasan


After giving away most of his stack to Ankit Bhansali, PokerGuru Ambassador Ratul Steves hit the rail in seventh place.

Ratul Steves
Ratul Steves


Even after eliminating Steves, within 30 minutes, Ankit Bhansali found himself to be the shortest stack on the final table. He finished in sixth place.

Soon after that, Ujjwal Narwal busted Unnikrishnan Nair in fifth place.

Finishing in fourth place was Akshat Sharma. He was the second chip lead on the table but lost it all in just two hands. Romit Advani took a big stab at his stack, bringing him down to just 5 BBs. On the very next hand, Sharma jammed with , and Narwal called off with . Narwal rivered the nut flush, sending Sharma to the rail.

The #1 ranked player on the annual TLB (points) standings, Mohak Kapoor‘s lost out to Narwal’s on the runout , bringing an end to Kapoor’s dream run in third place.

It was a starry heads-up battle between arguably the two most accomplished players on the stacked FT – Ujjwal Narwal (4.98 Million) and Romit Advani (2.30 Million), and Narwal was the dominant player with an over 2:1 chip lead at the start. A brief discussion regarding a deal took place, and numbers for an ICM chop were also run. But the players could not reach an agreement and decided to continue playing.

Romit Advani
Romit Advani


The heads-up did not last for long. In fact, it only lasted for one hand, and Narwal whisked away the title. On the final hand, Advani open-jammed with for 2.3 Million and Narwal called with . The board ran , and Narwal’s pocket pair won him his career-first live title, relegating Advani to a runner-up finish.

Ujjwal Narwal
Ujjwal Narwal


Final Table Results

  1. Ujjwal Narwal – ₹8,85,400
  2. Romit Advani – ₹6,14,400
  3. Mohak Kapoor – ₹3,95,000
  4. Akshat Sharma – ₹2,70,000
  5. Unnikrishnan Nair – ₹2,07,500
  6. Ankit Bhansali – ₹1,72,500
  7. Ratul Steves – ₹1,45,000
  8. Bharat Vasan – ₹1,11,900
  9. Gautam Sachdeva – ₹85,000


You can read our complete coverage of the event here.

Keep following PokerGuru for the latest updates from the 2022 Baazi Poker Tour!

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